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06-06-08: We have developed a new technology to help manufacturers get their products promoted by their resellers in the fastest way possible. Please contact us for details.

Web Development

We offer the following web development services:

  • Fashion Catalog Builder - for creating fashion catalogs
  • Online Catalog Regenerator - for resellers to regenerate online catalogs
  • Static Pages Generator - for creating static pages, which help receive more free traffic from major search engines and reduce web pages' load time.
  • Product Search Engines - for offering consumers product searches online and logging their requests for new products
  • Virtual Fashion Shows - for displaying new products in an entertaining medium
  • Online Communities - for consumers' social networking
  • Content Syndication - for attracting traffic and adding revenue sources
  • Database Sharing - for sharing data with other web sites and/or having multiple web presents with the same data
  • Content Management Control Panels - for managing web site content
  • Web Content Copy Writing by an international award winning copywriter Christopher Elliott.


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