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06-06-08: We have developed a new technology to help manufacturers get their products promoted by their resellers in the fastest way possible. Please contact us for details.

Smart Mustafa is a service provided by DressKing Inc. We specialize in web development and online marketing for businesses in the fashion industry. Our office is located in the Fashion District in New York City.

We provide a wide range of web development services including but not limited to Fashion Catalog Builder and Online Catalog Regenerator, etc. Our patent pending catalog builder is enabled by a fashion knowledge database that we have developed in house.

We also provide a wide range of online marketing services including pay-per-click advertisement, email marketing, banner advertisement, fashion image advertisement, etc. Traffic mainly comes from various components of and

We offer low cost web hosting and web design services to our web development and online marketing customers.

In addition to web services, we offer consultations on web development as well as business development to businesses in the fashion industry. We provide free consumer preferences reports to clients who use our online product search advertising service.

We offer on-site web services to businesses that are located in the New York City Metro Area. We also offer our services remotely through email, phone, and fax.

Mustafa is a male first name. It means "the chosen one" in Arabic.

Smart Mustafa
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