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People’s Desire for Romance vs. Intimacy and Their Sun Signs

by on Jul.23, 2009, under Horoscope>Western

Believe it or not, people who love to romance and people who love intimacy and are more likely to have children are not the same people. People of earth signs and air signs love to romance more. People of water signs and fire signs love intimacy more and are more likely to have children. People who love to romance may be dating their whole life without ever settling down to have a family.

Also, a lot of men of earth signs, men of fire signs who are close to earth signs, and men of air signs who are not close to water signs, like to pursue younger women, the younger the better for them. It may be due to the fact that they like to be challenged and they enjoy the thrills of winning. This kind of men only enjoy getting women to fall in love with them. They do not enjoy the companionship of the women they conquer.

On the other hand, a lot of men of water signs, especially Pisces, prefer older women. I am not sure why.

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People’s Tendency to Lie or Cover Up to Protect Themselves and their Sun Signs

by on Jul.16, 2009, under Horoscope>Western

This is not always true. But I have the feeling that people of water signs and fire signs are more likely to conceal the truth to protect their self interests. For example, O.J. Simpson was more likely to have covered up to avoid punishment while Michael Jackson was more likely to have told the truth as he knew it when faced with accusations.

This is not because people of water signs and fire signs are less moral. Rather, it is because they are more afraid of being confronted and having to provide an explanation, which they do not have as much courage for as people of earth signs and air signs do. Avoiding confrontations does help them reach their goals faster. That is why they are more likely to succeed in business and politics which often require speedy executions.

Another reason for people of water signs and fire signs to cover up more may be that they are more into self-protection and less into altruism as compared to people of earth signs and air signs.

With that said, there are plenty of exceptions. Conclusions in horoscope are never absolute. For example, I have said that people of water signs tend to have more respect for the powerful. But there are people of water signs who dare to speak truth to power too. I just read an article on the Gates Arrest on time.com by Lawrence O’Donnell, who is a Scorpio, and I see that he did not look down on professor Gates or try to defend the police. Jim Garrison, Democratic District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, who is also a Scorpio, is the most daring I have ever seen. He dared to tell the truth and were not afraid of the most powerful people in this country. I did not expect such personality traits in a Scorpio. To explain this, I will have to say that Lawrence O’Donnell and Jim Garrison saw that the Presidents of the United States deserved the most respect. But still, it is undeniable that those who were against the Presidents were the most powerful people in the United States.

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What do Joe Biden and George Bush have in common?

by on Aug.25, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

They both belong to the third trine, which is ideology-driven and adventurous. And they are both Water signs, who are more driven by their passion than their wisdom. If Obama is going to listen to Joe Biden in foreign policy, we will get into similar troubles in international affairs as what George Bush has got us into. Basically, by choosing Joe Biden as VP for his experience in international affairs, Obama has chosen to continue down the wrong path that George Bush has taken us to. This is not change.

The only good thing is that in the Bush-Cheney relationship, Bush is the one who has been in control both because of his position as the president and his Western sign, while in Obama-Biden relationship, Obama will be the one who is in control, also both because of his position as the president and his Western sign.

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Dissecting Ralph Nader using Astrology

by on Feb.27, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

Nader was born in the year of the Dog, same as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. People born in the year of the Dog dislike people born in the year of the Ox, such as Obama and Saddam Hussein.

From Western astrological point of view, Nader is the same type as Hillary and Bush in terms of how to do things. You may find it ridiculous, but I have noticed that Hillary and Bush have similar approach in who to hire, how to run things, etc.

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