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Natalie Portman Beat the Odds

by on Mar.06, 2011, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Yearly

The odds of Natalie Portman winning the Oscar this year is the lowest if we go by horoscope because people who belong to the second trine in Chinese Zodiac have the least of luck this year. But she beat the odds and won the Oscar. This is proof that she was a very strong candidate and that she deserved the award the most.

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Is Roman Polanski guilty?

by on Sep.30, 2009, under Horoscope>Chinese>People>People in Real Life>Horoscope>Western

Depends on who you ask. What he did to Samantha Geimer when she was 13 years old is what a lot of men of fire signs would do when they want to have sex. They just think of what they want and how to get it. If it is not for fear of being punished for it, they do not care if the other party wants it or not. That is how they live their lives. People of other signs may find it difficult to accept it. But should people be punished for having the wrong personality which they were born with?

By the way, being born in a year that belongs to the second trine makes Roman Polanski more aggressive. That explains both the reason why he did things against others’ wills and the reason why he is successful in his career.

PS: I don’t think that it is a coincidence that many of those who have been accused of sexual harassment (Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger) belong to fire signs.

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How likely was it that Lyndon Johnson ordered the JFK assassination?

by on Aug.14, 2009, under People>People in History

It is rumored that Lyndon Johnson ordered the JFK assassination. But I find it hard to believe from the analysis of his and JFK’s astrological signs. It is not impossible that things can happen against horoscope predictions. But I still would like to point out that as someone born in the year of the Monkey, a sign that belongs to the first trine, it is not likely that Lyndon Johnson would want to have his way so badly that he wanted to kill JFK. People of the first trine are not like people of the second and the third trine. They are more passive compared to people of the second and the third trine.

From Western astrological point of view, it is not likely that Lyndon Johnson, a Virgo (an earth sign), would despise or hate JFK, a Gemini (an air sign), so much.

By the way, Charles Nicoletti also belonged to the first trine and might have been the one who killed Marilyn Monroe. However, I think he killed her not because he disliked her but because he took the order from someone else. People of the first trine are more likely to follow others than to take the lead. The fact that he might dislike her only made it more easy for him to take the order to kill her.

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