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  • Jane

    peace, from Chinese horoscope perspective, Rabbits and Boars (or Pigs) make very good matches. You will love each other very much. From Western horoscope perspective, Sagittarius is drawn to Virgo. Fire signs like Sagittarius and Earth signs like Virgo seem to be able to work out quite well. So you two should be quite a good match.

  • sheryl kate nicdao.

    are we compatible?september 30as libra i thing and me as capricorn by january 14

  • Jane

    sheryl kate nicdao, you may not be a perfect match in Western astrology. But your relationship can work out better than some others. At least you as a Capricorn, are attracted to a Libra.

  • Kristin 7780

    I’m so confused with the Chinese Zodiac Signs. According to the Western Astrology, I’m a good match with this guy though. So, I was born September 10, 1987 and the guy I really like was born January 9, 1987. I know that I’m a Rabbit, but is he a Rabbit or a Tiger? It’s too confusing! And is this a compatible match?

  • Jane

    Kristin 7780, he is a Tiger. But you may be attracted to him because of that. And you are a perfect match in Western astrology. So it can work out for some time if not forever.

  • jaszmynn

    I am Aries/Dragon (11-04-1988) but i love this Guy who is so happen Libra/Dragon (03-10-1988) will it happen…??

    and Libra / Dragon having some feelings towards Capricorn /Rabbit!!!

    Can you help me……….

  • Jane

    jaszmynn, in terms of personality Libra/Dragon and Capricorn/Rabbit make a much better match than Libra/Dragon and Aries/Dragon.

    Libra/Dragon and Aries/Dragon may love each other because you belong to the same Chinese sign. But two Dragons will have a lot of fights. And Aries and Libra will probably hate each other.

    Dragon may be attracted to Rabbit, and Capricorn may be attracted to Libra. So Libra/Dragon and Capricorn/Rabbit may be attracted to each other.

  • Jaszmynn


    Thanks a lot…… I will accept it as it come and it goes. Though i love libra a lot. This Libra is more like a soul mate to me then any others i dated……

    I am the Aries and all i want is Libra to be happy in his life….. getting him the libra by my side is never my first priority. I just hope may turn out to be true someday but Its seem it won’t i guest……

    Jane thanks lot for the help!!!

  • Cassandra

    I am a aquarius and the person i have been seeing off and on for the last 6 years is a Libra. I feel we are meant to be and he is my soul mate. We were just living together the last 8 months. He recently left and started staying with another woman. He says that he still loves me with all his heart, we were just having problems and I admit it was bad alot of arguing. I love him dearly and I cannot get him off my mind I am so crazy about him. Should I wait until he is ready or move on even though I feel in my heart he is my soul mate.

  • Jane

    Cassandra, if he really still loves you, he will not be staying with another woman. It is silly to believe that a man can love one woman and live with another woman at the same time.

    However, I don’t think you can have much control over who you love. And as long as you still love him, you won’t be able to fall in love with anyone else. And only when you fall in love with someone else can you forget him.

    What you should do is to connect with other people more. The more you communicate with others, the more open-minded you will become. With a more open mind, you will find more people who are admirable and you will fall in love with someone else more quickly.

    It is important to be in love. It will be sad and even self-destructive to love a person who does not love you.

  • Liz

    I am a 48 yr old Gemini/Rat and I fell in love with a 48 yr old Pisces/Rat. He says he loves me but he is scared that with my Gemini traits I wouldnt be able to commit so he doesnt want to do anything with me. I have read about the compatibility of our signs and I know it would have been a volatile relationship but it would have survived. My heart is broken. Do you see me with any other zodiac signs where I would have such an intense feeling about and make a commitment with? Thanks

  • Saira

    Hey i am a pisces gurl and i am really confused on wh oi should pick for a lifetime partner i want to be happy with him have an easy goin life and get along with him easily can someone please tell me what i should do i really need help!

  • jackie wiliams

    there are many thing in life but when something good come along do we take it man i just hadsome thing good come to me last night do i take it. my man was sleeping with someone why i was out of town. & i was not. but then some one hd came to me & he was like . just talk to me he was there. for me & he told me i don’t need him & we like each other but he is a sagitiarius & iam a leo so wat should i do wit that but ido like him a lot.

    • Jane

      jackie wiliams, Sagittarius and Leo are a match. So it is easy for you to get intimate. But if you can resist it for a while, do not rush into this relationship. Jumping from one relationship to another is not good for you. You will keep getting yourself hurt if you are not strong enough to be alone for a while. Make sure you get into a relationship for love, not for anything else.

  • jose

    Taurus Woman & Cancer Man

    Hi, ive read that these two,should have almost perfect Compatibility. So does this only apply to when you are at an older age,say above 30? Because although things were perfect at the beginning,now i can see no way in retrieveing what she once felt for me. So how best could her loss of feelings be explained?

    • Jane

      jose, it is hard to explain it from horoscope perspective. Feelings have more to do with how much respect she has for you. She might have expected you to be something different before.

  • cait

    Okay so I’m a Scorpio and the person I’m madly in love with is a Cancer. We are total opposite but I love that we could equal eachother out. I’ve read so many things and they all say that we’d be perfect for eachother. He barley ever talks to me and I think he might think I’m a little too out there for him, but I honestly can be really calm. If I tried to talk to him in person I’m pretty sure he would have a heart attack and whenever I talk to him on the computer he seems really nice but it doesn’t seem like he wants to open up. I want to be able to be really good friends, at least. How would I go about getting to know him more without seeming too pushy or like a freak?

    • Jane

      cait, if he is not open to you, he may not be so much into this relationship. Don’t assume that it will work when it is not working yet. Give it some more time to find out what he thinks of you and if he is looking for something that you don’t have. If you do not know someone very well, do not think that you are in a serious relationship with him. Guys are not so much into relationships as girls are.

  • monishka

    i m a 22 year old girl born on 3rd july 1986 will my marriage be successful if i marry a boy of 22 years born on 21st august 1986???? will i be happy after my marriage???? plz reply on my email

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Hi Jane

    I am a Sagittarius and I think I have started falling in love with a girl who is Libran. Her name is Ramita Sharma. We both are very very good friends. The story is bit twisted. She loves a guy who doesn’t even care about her and she is still trying and trying for him. This time she is staying in UK and I am staying in Italy but we both studied together in UK one year ago. That time I had my own girl friend but now we broke up. I recently visited her (Ramita) in UK over Christmas, but every time, I just could not say that I am in love with her. Though, I can easily say but I know the Libran girls, my very first girl friend was a libran so I know how they behave and what they want in their life so after knowing all these things, I just postponed the idea of proposing her for love affair even.

    Jane, could you please just show me a way, how can I win her heart, she also loves me very much (but as a true friend) and she trusts me a lot. The only problem is that she is still trying for that guy. I have tried couple of times but the way she loves me is totally different from the way I want to love her. May be, apart from my own experiences, your guide can help me how to attract her towards me and that as a life partner.


    Rajeev sharma

  • Kera

    I am seeing an aries/snake man – I am cancer/ox. I am confused. The aries/cancer thing indicates a non starter while the snake/ox thing indicates the total opposite. We also have the 4 years age gap and 4 months apart in month of birth which I have read indicates something.

    I really like this guy. I haven’t felt this way for many years about someone. He seems to be getting closer to me and then pulling away which I find hurtful, then coming closer again and I wonder why I worried. Is this relationship doomed or does it have a chance.

    • Jane

      Kera, snakes and oxen are good matches. Cancer is drawn to Aries. That explains why you likes him so much. If your birthdays are about four months apart, that is the best. You can not ask for more. There should be a good chance that it can work. But since he is Aries, he may be drawn to an earth sign, which could hurt the relationship. But give it a try anyway.

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Hi Jane

    I would like to correct something in my previous post.

    I am a Sagittarius and I think I have started falling in love with a girl who is Scorpion. Her name is Ramita Sharma. We both are very very good friends. The story is bit twisted. She loves a guy who doesn’t even care about her and she is still trying and trying for him. This time she is staying in UK and I am staying in Italy but we both studied together in UK one year ago. That time I had my own girl friend but now we broke up. I recently visited her (Ramita) in UK over Christmas, but every time, I just could not say that I am in love with her. Though, I can easily say but I stopped myself from saying it every time. I know how she behaves and what she wants in her life so after knowing all these things, I just postponed the idea of proposing her for love affair even. Though I wanted it from the core of my heart.

    Jane, could you please just show me a way, how can I win her heart, she also loves me very much (but as a true friend) and she trusts me a lot. The only problem is that she is still trying for that guy. I have tried couple of times but the way she loves me is totally different from the way I want to love her. May be, apart from my own experiences, your guide can help me how to attract her towards me and that as a life partner.


    Rajeev sharma

    • Jane

      Rajeev Sharma, a Sagittarius should not have a problem dating a Scorpio or a Libra. If there is a problem, it could be because of your Chinese zodiac signs. I can not tell what the problem is without knowing your Chinese zodiac signs.

  • Fernan

    I am a Snake/Aquarius and she is a Rat/Aquarius. We were born on the same month, me on the 28th and she on the 29th. Is there a chance for this relationship to succeed?

  • Fernan

    We were born on the same month. but I was born on the 28th day and she on the 29th day. Is there a chance for this relationship to succeed?

    • Jane

      Fernan, two Aquarius that are only two days apart should work. But Snake and Rat will not be easy. On the whole, this is not a good match in horoscope. There will have to be other things that keep you together.

  • uma

    I’m an arien dating a cancereon and v are having alot of trouble, exacty like the stuff mentioned here.
    now there is this taurean who likes me and i am pretty confused on what i should do?its really driving me mad… coz i love my crab but somehow i dont think it will really last. 🙁

    • Jane

      uma, let me know your Chinese zodiac signs and I may have a better answer for you. From what you told me, you may be drawn to the new friend, but it will be easier for you to keep a relationship with the old one than with the new one. This is because the old one is drawn to you while the new one may not be drawn to you in the long run. Things don’t always happen the same way though. There are so many factors that can have an impact on a relationship.

  • Parimal

    I m a 2nd year stuent mbbs. I love a girl named kamini. I really love her & she also loves me. But she regularly hurted me saying hard words . Without any reason. She never try to understand me. She only wants that i have to do what she says. She never listening me. I dont know why this happen.so pls. Rep. Me. What should i do?is this possible to marry with such a type girl. Because she is gemini. I m virgo. Gemini&virgo possible?

  • Jillian

    We were born in the same month, but he’s a Cancer and I’m a Leo. We do get along and sometimes we don’t. He get very very moody and I’m there for him. I love him alot, but our emotions keep going on up and down. Is there any chance that we well have a succesful relationship?

    • Jane

      Jillian, I am not sure. From horoscope perspective, you should give it a chance. But there are other things that you need to take into consideration, not just horoscope compatibility.

  • liya

    hello… i am Scorpio n my husband is Virgo. we got married last month. i am 20 and my husband is 23 years old. we love each other very much. but i am afraid of our relationship i don’t want to loose him at any cost. i want to keep our relationship till my death. so do u think that we “ll b able to keep our married life happy? by the way he is now in abroad n i am in my country living with my parents. so can u please tell me what actually going to happen in future life? and about our future.. our status.. and babies.. i mean can u tell me about our children..how many babies we gonna have.. and what “ll b our first baby? is it a boy or a girl..
    thank you so much

    • Jane

      liya, Scorpio and Virgo are not the best match. And, if I am correct, you are a Dragon and he is an Ox. An Ox man and a Dragon woman will have a hard time too. But since you are not even living together and you are both still so young, there is no need to worry about horoscope compatibility yet. You will have plenty of time to have children before problems show up in your marriage. But after you have children, things will change and you will be more likely to be able to overcome problems in your marriage.

  • hanna long

    i am just wondering, i am a cancer , he is gemini. we only met but we really like each other , we like the same things, and he seems so affectionate but all those readings of horoscope is starting to worry me…………………and i really really like him. should i finish it?

    • Jane

      hanna long, if you have feelings for him, I don’t know if you can just walk away. If you do not have feelings for him, there is no point of dating him. So it depends on whether you have feelings for him or not.

  • falon

    I can somewhat agree with my cancer(woman) and irgo(man) horoscope, except for the part about family and friends as a magnet to our good aura. Instead as a woman my virgo and I constantly bicker. He’s so icy it tears apart from the person I am to warm him up. I am a very emotional and sensitive cancer, I love to cuddle and show MUCH affection. But on the other hand, my virgo seems opposite, very kept to himself unless he wants to kid around. He takes my caring for “clinginess” and says it draws him away from me. I feel like our bickering, stubbornness, and never being ablet o come to an agreement is whats tearing us apart. We have been together for 2 years and it seems to get worse. I am usually dominant in my relationships, but with us it seems like we are both fighting for the same role and the same respect. I am wondering if our zodiac characteristics are clashing. Can our relationship last?
    Falon Renee

    • Jane

      falon, whether your relationship will last depends on how much both of you want it to work. But when a relationship hurts without getting repaired by the person who causes the hurt, it is a sign that that person is not so much into it. It may be his mistake not to cherish the relationship and it may be a result of his personality and a mismatch of the personalities of the two of you. But it is a reality. And you have to deal with it by quitting it. If he still wants you, he will change. If he does not change and does not want you back, you should just move on.

  • nidhi

    hi my name is nidhi malhotra my date of birth is 16july 1990 n time is 9.20pm.my bf name is prateek nagar n his date of birth is 7 november 1988 n time is 5.32pm.
    i wana knw wether we will make a good pair or not??????
    can v a good cuple??????
    if we will get marred how will b our marriage life?????

  • Haileigh

    Over the past years Ive been reading lots of astrology, I’ve checked who I am compatible with and being a Libra; Aquaruis and Gemini, are my top two picks. However, every Gemini and Aquarius I know, are just way to good of friends for me to have a ‘ more then a friend ‘ relationship with. Then I kept reading more of astrology seeing who else I am Compatible with. Turns out the Fire signs aren’t so bad either. My question is, what sign will give the Libra (me) what they want, besides a Gemini or Aquarius. I want to be happy again, I dated a Virgo for 18 months and I was in a world of darkness for a very long time, it feel good to be out of there and be my outgoing happy self again, what sign can hep me full fill that?

    • Jane

      Haileigh, I think you need to go beyond horoscope compatibility to find a factor that can guarantee a stable relationship. You will sure have different kinds of relationships with people of different signs. But it seems meaningless to try to find someone who will be the perfect match for you from personality perspective only. Relationships between different signs are just different. What makes one relationship better than another is not the compatibility of the personalities of two people, but their shared values and interests.

  • Monica

    I find this highly intriguing~
    Is there any way to pursuit more information about compatibility between signs?
    I love astrology and I’d like to read and research more about compatibilities especially.
    What about the compatibility between their moon signs and rising signs???
    I’m pretty sure that also has an impact to the outcome of a Capricorn woman and Aquarius man.
    Thanks! I hope to get a reply~

  • Repute


    Although I have not yet read all the comments above…I was hoping if anyone can help me out of this dilema.
    I am an Indian and so my family and even I belive in matching the horoscopes before getting married…we know that we shouldn’t rely on this completely, but it’s there for our guidance. It’s something we believe in so it’s scary to go against it when it doesn’t work out in our favor.

    I recently met a guy on an indian dating website. We’re both looking to get married, I have been talking to him for a little over a month now and met him about three times. Since day one up until today, he’s had such strong feelings about us, but me not soo much.

    My parents insisted that we get our horoscopes matched to see what it says before I fall in love so we don’t end up hurting in the end in case they don’t match.

    And so we did, unfortunately, our horoscopes don’t match…we got it checked about 3 times by 3 different scholars and they all say the samething…and there is no way around it. They simply don’t match, no matter what we do…and on top of it, if him and I marry each other, we won’t have any children. Also, they say I rather stay single all my life than marry someone I shouldn’t espcially in this case in particular.

    I can’t take this risk, but he doesn’t want to give up and keeps fighting for his feelings. He says, he’s not asking me to marry him tomorrow…he just wants a chance for me to get to know him a little better. I don’t know why he puts up w/me and this situation…I know for sure if it was any other guy, he would’ve been out of my life by now.

    The only reason I’m still sticking around is because I’m in such awe of all his strong feelings…no matter how hard I try to say no to him, I just can’t seem to break away from him.

    What should I do? I am unable to make a decision and it’s tearing me apart. Whatever decision I make will either be the best or the worst decision of my life and what really sucks is that I won’t know until it’s too late and I’ll be screwed either way.

    He doesn’t make it any easier on me by telling me how he’s willing to go above and beyond for me, he says, he’ll do anything for me, all he wants is a chance.

    I’m scared. And I don’t know what to do.


    • Jane

      Repute, sometimes guys don’t give up simply because you say no to them. So there is no way to tell whether you will have a happy marriage in the future or not.

      On the other hand, horoscope compatibility is not all what will decide whether your marriage will last or not. People in the past use horoscope compatibility as a self-help guide to deal with problems in their marriage. So if you marry someone who is not a match for you, you can always deal with problems in your marriage with your knowledge in horoscope.

      To sum up, I can not tell you whether to marry this one or not.

  • DB9087

    Hello, I am a metal horse, libra, and my girlfriend is a fire rabbit, gemini. We get along very well when we are having a good time, sex is awesome, its everything I’ve ever thought it would be, and she always seems satisfied, and even though I’m naturally insecure abut sex, being a libra, I always see through myself, directly to her, and realize she feels it more than me, meaning I can be secure as long as I am aware that shes feeling good. It says everywhere I’ve looked that her and I according to western signs are completely compatible, our moon signs are both capricorn too, which is one of our best moon sign matches as well. And in chinese zodiac, metal is melted by fire, its a good element combination i think. When we argue though it makes no sense, we can both be very condescending when the other is mad, I’ve tried initiating conversations about it between her and I, abut comprimise not being angered by each other, and allowing each other freedom, but still fights seem to be inevitable, and they are the complete opposite of healing or soothing, we pretty much have our own point of views, and attempt to enforce them and will not bend to each other because of it. Basically our fights consist of this, when she sees a problem with me, she will fight and fight and I wont give in, claiming I have free will, for example if I drink with my friends, she will get mad I am doing that, and to me it seems she makes up mean remarks, like my friends arent that special, or I’m easily manipulated. I try to explain I am who I am, but she blocks it out. When I’m mad at her, I alays feel like shes doing something thats damaging our relationship, such as ignoring my phone calls, or hating things instead of learning to cope with things she doesn’t like. The problem is, both of our issues with each other is that we want to be each other’s teacher and mentor, guide each other to a greater awareness of the harm we do ourselves, but theres no way either of us can understand the other, is there a ay for us to evolve out of our animal signs so our western zodiac signs can take over more, because it seems like our eastern zodiac signs severly limit our ability to harmonius and I was wondering if theres ways to transcend from the eastern zodiac, and forget it exists.

    • Jane

      DB9087, you just have to learn what problems are inherit in a relationship between a horse man and a rabbit woman and tolerate their existence since there is no chance that those problems will go away. If you ever think of breaking up because of those problems, think of what other more serious problems you are going to have to deal with if you were to date other people.

  • Hannah

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I really like this boy who is a Capricorn but I am a cancer so i don’t think its going to work. We dated for two weeks around December but I broke up with him to date this other guy. I realized what I had done around the time I saw his again which was in February. He told me I really hurt him and we came to a conclusion that we he can trust me again we will date. When were together its so great but since he doesn’t have a phone anymore I have no way of getting a hold of him but he can but he wont make the try. What should I do?

    • Jane

      Hannah, forget about him. He will call you if he wants to ask you out again. But don’t wait for him. Move on. He is not really interested in you. If he really loves you, you will feel it. Being in love with someone and being infatuated with someone are different.

      Also, earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) like to chase. So unless he chases you, it is not going to work.

  • Shayn the female cancer

    (7/7/88)cancer/dragon female and (2/3/85)aquarius/rat male?
    Jane please help!!
    A lot of things say it will not work, some say its a case of opposites attracting. It’s a 3 year relationship that has been rocky. Sometimes I wonder is it really meant to be other times it is just about perfect.

    • Jane

      Shayn, first of all, dragon and rat are a perfect match in Chinese horoscope. So this relationship is more likely to last than other relationships. Secondly, Aquarius is drawn to Cancer. So you are in a better position than Aquarius in this relationship. If it does not work out, you will have to take some blame. Just keep in mind that Aquarius, like other air signs, likes to pursue. So you need to give him some space so he can feel the joy of winning you. If not, he will want to pursue someone else.

  • Kayla


    I am a scorpio and My boyfriend is a Gemini. We have been dating for almost a year. I have read several other articles telling me that our match is most likely to be disasterous. A few things have been right though like that we are complete opposites of one another. I would just like to get your insight on this and if you have any advice for me. Thanks very much


    • Jane

      Kayla, I guess your boyfriend likes you but you do not feel his love that much because you have different ways of communicating your feelings to each other. Dating is hard, no matter between who. So as long as you still have love and respect for each other, you can give it a try. The more important factor in a relationship is love and respect for each other. You should always be able to deal with the compatibility problems as long as you still love and respect each other.

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Hello Repute

    I am also from India and can understand your feelings. At moment I can’t suggest you anything but I can guide you for some specific issues. If you read my comment then contact me through email sharma.uow.uk@gmail.com

    Rajeev Sharma

  • Shayn the female cancer

    Thanks Jane! That really helped

  • grace turner

    hey i was just wondering im a gemini and well it said id go well with aquarius and aries but i know two guys with that sign and the bug me so much so what im wondering is would i get along with those im not ment to i saw a comment that a girl that is pisces acts like an aquarius so i wanna know iam i acting like a diffrent sign because i get along well with a virgo?????????

    • Jane

      grace turner, you don’t have to act like a different sign to get along with a Virgo. Air signs and earth signs can get along with each other. As to why you don’t get along with your matches, there may be reasons other than the compatibility of your signs.

  • Sarah

    JANE! how nice to be able to come to a site and not pay for one question:) so, i’m a sagittarius/ox. my ex was a cancer/rat. the love was unbelievable but i had all the jealous traits! i’m always jealous & possessive but usually secretive about it. i become obsessive. i have a lot of suitors but very picky so when i find one i like, i hold tight! like now, i don’t want to make the same mistake..the new guy is taurus/rooster. supposedly sag & taurus are terrible but ox & rooster are good. tell me what i need to do if its gonna work. the chemistry is amazing but he just got out of a longterm thing so its going to be a long and slow process to win his heart completely. also, do you think rising signs are important in love? i’m scorpio rising so maybe thats where my obsessing comes from. thanks so much!!

    • Jane

      Sarah, Ox and Rooster are a good match. And this will decide if the relationship will work for the long term. In terms of your compatibility in Western astrology, fire signs are usually drawn to earth signs. So there is a chance that you may be drawn to him more than he is to you, I am not too sure about this. But it can work for the long term for a Sagittarius and a Taurus. I have seen that. The strength of a relationship may also depend on some other factors such as your level of energy and the intensity of your emotions – things that has to do with your physics, as well as social factors such as influences from people around the two of you, and your own perceptions of what is good and bad, etc.

      As to rising signs, I am very sorry that I do not have any knowledge in that. So I am not able to tell what differences that will make.

      Being obsessed may not have as much to do with your personality as it does with your ability to control yourself and your level of self-respect. People who have more respect for themselves and have more self-control will be less obsessed with things or other people. So what you need is to demand more from yourself so that you can have more independence and thus more self-respect. It is your will power that matters here.

  • Stephanie

    Hello, I was wondering if it will work out well for me and a Taurus. (me= July 13, 1991, time= 10:59 a.m./ him= May 15, 1991.) I’ve known him for a decade and I love him as my friend but as more as well. He sees it more so as a friend; however, sometimes he sees me as more but it’s usually during bad timing.(I or he can’t due to relationships, etc.) I’m just wondering if it will ever work. Thank you..

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Dear Jane

    Could you suggest on career perspective as well? I am a Sagittarius and born on November 25, 1979. I am struggling to find a good job. Could you give me some idea on till when I would be able to solve my career problem.


  • Jane

    Rajeev Sharma, I think you may succeed as an independent consultant or salesperson. People of your Chinese sign like to take their own time to do things. So unless you are self-motivated, you are not likely to keep up with the demand from others. Set a long term goal for yourself and work to achieve it. You are good at taking up long fights. A lot of successful business owners and CEOs belong to your sign. So you are not hopeless.

    The reason why I think you should be in the consulting business or in sales is that Sagittarius are good at sales. You are likely to get people to pay for your work. So give it a try.

  • kassandra jones

    hi, my name is kassandra,i’m a leo, and i’m 16. my boyfriend is a gemini and he’s 15. we love each other so much! here lately, we have been talking about out future(college, marriage, kids, dream house, e.t.c.) now im willing to marry him and make this lifelong commitment, and he says he is too. Do you know how all this will work out?

  • Joe

    Can I buy a detailed horoscopic compatibility report for me and my gf?

  • dressking

    Joe, sorry we do not believe that there can be detailed horoscope compatibility reports that are accurate. So we do not offer them for sale. This is because too many factors other than horoscope compatibility have impacts on people’s life. We can not say for sure what your relationship and your life will be like based on horoscope alone.

  • Shureka

    i am a scropio female. im currenly dating a pisces male. he has two kids by a capicorn female. he’s trying to hide me from her because she crazy but if she finds out he says she just do. she tries to focus herself to make him take her back. but, he wants to move on because because she is trying to make him midserable. we plan on getting married. he only a lttle protective her because of his kids. what can i do to keep the respect between the two but be happy too?

  • unknown

    im in love with a 21 yrs old boy (virgo). v always fight… jz want to known y this happen

  • libra00


    i’m 19yr old libra. i have the chance to be with 25 yr old scorpio man or 28 yr old Sagittarius man but i don’t know who to chose. I’m drawn to scorpion but Sagittarius is very nice. i get intensed and start thinking things excessively. which one should i relax with romantically ?

  • NaRani

    Im a Sagittarius|Pig, He’s a Pisces|Rooster. Will that work out? There is also another man I would like to be with, he’s a Libra|Rooster. Would he be a better choice?

  • dawn

    could you please jane tell me whats going to happen on march22 for cancer thank you

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