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Same Sex Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope compatibility of two signs can be applied to relationships between any two people, whether they are same sex or opposite sex, regardless of their age or age difference, whether they are in one family or total strangers. This is because horoscope compatibility is based on personalities, which are unrelated to sex, age, or blood tie.

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  • nicollo guerra

    rat sign and rabbit sign we are both guys, i would like to have a reading on our emotional and financial chemistry. thanks


  • dressking

    Please check out the horoscope compatibility of your signs Rat and Rabbit to find out. You should be able to guess what your relationship would be like from the compatibility of Rat men and Rabbit women and the compatibility of Rat women and Rabbit men.

  • daniel

    snake man and rooster gay are they really perfect match for each other? i want to know about about sanke man anr rooster man if they dynamic duo..

  • Amber

    I’m a gemini girl and she’s a virgo… any site I go to has “gemini guy and virgo girl and vice versa..” I want to see how it would be for two girls…

  • aemel

    I was born dec 30,91, i am a female capricorn and a goat she was born feb 14 92 she is an aquarious and a monkeyi

  • Alex

    When i look up compatibility, it gives a choice of whether you are male or female, this is because the males of a sign are different to the females, therefor, the compatibility would be different between two females, or two males. There arent enough sites that give information of gay and lesbian compatibility, and that is all i really care about these days.

  • Anonymous

    I am a Leo and she is a Virgo and like most all I can find are male to female compatibility sites. I just kinda want to know the compatibility for two females.

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