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Love and Chemistry

It is a pain to see people suffer from unsuccessful relationships. So I decide to post this page to help you understand why things happen the way they do and find some sort of relief.

After studying both Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology, I have come to the conclusion that to a considerable extend, whether love between two people grows or erodes over time depends on how good a match they are in Chinese Astrology. An explanation for this, simply put, is that people of different Chinese Zodiac Signs have different purposes and goals in life. After a long period of time together, a couple get to know each other better and their love for each other will grow or erode, depending on whether their goals are matching or not.

As to chemistry between two people, it is my conclusion that the better a match in Western Astrology, the stronger the chemistry is. An explanation for this, simply put, is that people of different Western Zodiac Signs have different approach to many things in life, including showing and perceiving love. However, chemistry also depends on physical condition. When a couple are young, the chemistry between them is always strong no matter whether they are a match in Western Astrology or not. But when a couple get older, the chemistry between them becomes weaker. Then is when being a good match in Western Astrology will help.

When both Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology are put in perspective, here is how relationships evolve under their influences. Chemistry is strong between any two people when they are young. So as long as they fall in love with each other, relationship can happen between any two young people and it can last for quite some time. But after some time, a couple are more likely to part if they are not a match in Chinese Astrology. For a couple who are a match in Chinese Astrology but not a match in Western Astrology, it is more likely for them to stay in their marriage. However, one of them (the one who is physically stronger) or both of them will have the tendency to have extra marital affairs. This is because the chemistry between them is no longer as strong as before or is weaker than the chemistry between them and their lovers outside of their marriage.

Here is one important point that I should clarify concerning the relationship between love and Chinese horoscope compatibility. Whether two people fall in love with each other or not does not have anything to do with whether they are a match in Chinese Astrology or not. Chinese horoscope compatibility only affects long term prospect of a relationship. Western Astrology, on the other hand, does decide how quickly or easily two people become intimate. The older they are, the more it becomes true to them.

Finally, I should point out that although it would be great if the person you fall in love with is a match with you in both Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology, as you can see from the horoscope compatibility charts, it does not happen often. If you wait until you find the perfect match, you may never find one. This is not because that you may never find someone who is a match with you in both Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology. It is because that you may never fall in love with one. So it is better to enjoy the love when it lasts and move on when it is over or simply do not date at all.

As to why people fall in love, it is a mystery. I have no answer to it. Maybe it is exactly because the reasons for falling in love are always mysteries that people can fall in love. So it is better not to explore them.

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  • capricorn

    ? am a capr?corn ?’m in a relat?onsh?p w?th scorp?o man ?n a long t?me, but we separated almost 7 years,and we see each other and we fall ?n love aga?n but ? dont know ?f he loves her new gf/or w?fe bcoz ?’ve been see all of the?r p?cs ?n another page and ? th?nk they are ?nlove each other.but ? love h?m so much ? wa?t for h?m almost 7 years and he was a lot of plan about us like,, we could start a new l?fe we will bu?ld our own house or a bus?ness and he wants to marry me but ?m not prepared for that but ? dont wanna lose h?m ?m scared..pls help……..?f he ?s true w?th me or someth?ng l?ke a noth?ng..

  • Aquarius Mamacita

    I am an Aquarius- who thinks she fell in love with a Sagittarius. We were perfect for each other.We laughed and got along so well. I honestly don’t know what could have happened besides the fact that this just wasn’t our time.

    When I found out a couple months after he moved on with another girl (Capricorn). I thought to myself we she must be prettier than me. Because there is no way she has a better personality than me… I actually seen a picture of her, not because I went looking for her, she came trying to find me. Crazy- she is a stalker. Never the less- I found out she wasn’t more pretty than me. The personality I already have confirmed- Why do you think he choose her to be with and not me? Also will be regret it? Do you think this relationship between sagittarius(male) and Capricorn (female) will last? Will be see my value one day?

    Also I get these weird feelings sometimes as if I can feel him thinking about me>? Or am I crazy. I have to much pride to see if it is true. I feel like he choose her, why even bother.

  • Linds :)

    Cancer (rat) woman + Scorpio (pig) man and we’re a great match on all ends 🙂 Hopefully, it’ll stay that way <3 its been a wonderful relationship thus far 🙂

  • Libra44

    This is great..
    I am a Libra/horse and he’s a libra/tiger.. we’re perfect for the chinese astro combo but I’m not so sure about western… I hope it lasts.. but at times.. it feels like he’s losing interest.. and getting distant day by day.. I dunno if it’ll last… what do u guys think???? 🙂

  • Mai

    Hi were a Leo/Snake female and Sagittarius/Ox and oh my goodness…its beautiful. Keep us in your thoughts and offer any advice to keep us strong!

  • leo

    Hello there I’m a leo women! Why can’t I never be happy in a relationship! Is it because leos want the best out of all! I had a relationship for two years with an scorpio!! I love him but I hate scorpios they are evil!! Plz help I want a good match

  • Aries

    Hey I was told several times to stop looking. But when I do meet someone they are either strange crazy or both.

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