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What do Lou Dobbs, Joe Arpaio, William Calley have in common?

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Hot Topics>Politics

They all belong to an air sign – Lou Dobbs (September 24), Joe Arpaio (June 14), William Calley (June 8). And all of them are or were once very mean to those who they considered as the enemies of their own people.

People of air signs do not consider all people as their friends, only those who share their identity. Their interests in humanity is limited. For them, only those who share their identity deserve to be treated humanely.

Frank Lautenberg (January 23), Maria Cantwell (October 13), and Dick Cheney (January 30) are other examples. They are harsh on people of different identities and hard at work in defending their own people against people of different identities.

So what about John Lennon(October 9)? I guess he considered people of other races as human beings like himself. His perception of what kind of people share his identity is different from others. He had a broader sense of identity. So is Ronald Reagan (February 6).

By the way, there have also been many men of air signs who were very mean to women: Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) (February 18), Philip Markoff (February 12), and Robert Chambers (September 25). I guess they killed women because they considered women as people of a different identity and hated them. That may also be the reason why many people of air signs are homosexual. [*Ted Bundy (November 24), who belongs to a fire sign, not an air sign, also killed a lot of women. But I think he killed them because he was very selfish and coward, not because he hated them.]

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