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Hugh Thompson and William Calley

by on Aug.23, 2009, under People>People in History

I have always had the impression that people of fire signs are more into self-protection and less into altruism, while people of air signs are more into altruism and less into self-protection. But Hugh Thompson and William Calley seemed to have proven the opposite in the My Lai Massacre. Did it happen because William Calley considered all villagers, regardless of their age and gender, as the enemies, while Hugh Thompson considered the villagers as friends? In fact, people of fire signs (and water signs) care a lot for people who they consider as their friends. How much of altruism a person has depends on who are considered as friends by that person. People of air signs tend to consider more people as their friends than people of fire signs. But in the My Lai Massacre, William Calley did not consider the villagers as his friends while Hugh Thompson did.

Also, people of air signs are not supposed to be the kind of people who would just follow orders. They tend to be quite independent. So I am not sure if William Calley was just following orders. But people of air signs are supposed to tell the truth as they know it. So William Calley could have told the truth as he knew it when he made the claim that he was just following orders. The truth is probably that he thought he was ordered to kill all the villagers and he himself also thought that all the villagers should be killed.

This brings me to another question. Why did William Calley think that all the villagers should be killed? I think people of air signs like William Calley killed because they thought of their victims as some kind of criminals and wanted justice against them. Another example of people of an air sign committing serial killings is the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway.

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