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Obama’s Rise

by on Aug.31, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

Obama’s rise has more to do with his ability to follow the rules without openly questioning them than his ability to challenge the status quo. This is typical of someone who belongs to a fire sign or a water sign. It takes someone who belongs to an earth sign or an air sign to challenge the status quo. For a lot of people, Obama’s rise symbolizes the triumph of the unprivileged. But he got where he is now not by challenging the Democratic Party establishment, but by becoming their favorite son. The only change he will bring is the change of party. A lot of people think the change of party is what is needed most right now. So Obama is all what they need. In fact, the two major parties are not so much different on critical issues such as foreign policies and monetary policies as they are on non-critical issues such as abortion rights.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • love tarot guru

    Thank God that we got the change we needed with obama

  • Jane

    The AIG bonuses flap is an example of how the Obama administration is not able to challenge the status quo. The changes that his administration has been able to bring are the result of the change of power balance between the two major parties. But since both parties are conservative, no fundamental changes have happened. The bailouts of financial firms have not been stopped under the new administration.

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