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How likely was it that Lyndon Johnson ordered the JFK assassination?

by on Aug.14, 2009, under People>People in History

It is rumored that Lyndon Johnson ordered the JFK assassination. But I find it hard to believe from the analysis of his and JFK’s astrological signs. It is not impossible that things can happen against horoscope predictions. But I still would like to point out that as someone born in the year of the Monkey, a sign that belongs to the first trine, it is not likely that Lyndon Johnson would want to have his way so badly that he wanted to kill JFK. People of the first trine are not like people of the second and the third trine. They are more passive compared to people of the second and the third trine.

From Western astrological point of view, it is not likely that Lyndon Johnson, a Virgo (an earth sign), would despise or hate JFK, a Gemini (an air sign), so much.

By the way, Charles Nicoletti also belonged to the first trine and might have been the one who killed Marilyn Monroe. However, I think he killed her not because he disliked her but because he took the order from someone else. People of the first trine are more likely to follow others than to take the lead. The fact that he might dislike her only made it more easy for him to take the order to kill her.

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