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Psychology of mass killers and their astrological signs

by on Apr.16, 2009, under People>People in History>People>People in Real Life

This is a discussion brought up by an article on ABC News: “Psychology of Virginia Tech, Columbine Killers Still Baffles Experts“. It is brought up in this month of Aries because three major mass shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Binghamton) and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened in this month of Aries.

According to this article, some mass killers are psychopaths while others are psychotics. A psychopath is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse (see thefreedictionary.com). A psychotic is a  person affected by psychosis, which is a severe mental disorder characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning (see thefreedictionary.com).

Psychopaths often belong to fire signs. For example, Hitler is a psychopath, and he belongs to a fire sign. They have their own moral standard and stick to it. For them, some people just don’t deserve to be loved or respected.

Psychotics are more likely to belong to earth signs. They are honest people who work hard and expect fair treatments, which they don’t always receive because they do not manipulate other people. They kill out of a desire for fairness.

Also, some people kill because they enjoy cruelty, while others kill because they want to revenge for the cruelty that they have received. People who belong to the fourth trine in Chinese zodiac, such as Seung-Hui Cho and Jiverly Wong, are more likely to kill out of revenge because they are willing to put up with a lot of abuses before they try to push back. People who belong to the second trine in Chinese zodiac, such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, are more likely to kill out of a desire to assert their control over others.

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