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Lyndon LaRouche should be careful what he wishes for

by on Jul.22, 2008, under Hot Topics>Politics

Lyndon LaRouche is supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy even more than herself. She has already given up, and he is still fighting for her chance to get nominated.

In fact, Hillary is LaRouche’s worst enemy. I can tell from their sun signs. Not only that they won’t get along, Hillary will be very bad for LaRouche.

There have been many aggressions by people of water signs against people of earth signs. One reason may be that water signs revere power and tend to look down on people with less power and demand more respect from them. Earth signs, on the other hand, tend to be very independent and do not revere power. George Bush’s aggression against Saddam Hussein is an example.

Hillary will not be easy on LaRouche if she is in power. She is not of the FDR type as LaRouche is hoping. She is drawn to power and so can not be independent. She will listen to her husband who belongs to a fire sign, same as Obama. But she will be bad for LaRouche because she will look down on him, just as she has looked down on Mike Gravel.

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