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Pisces & Pisces

by on Feb.20, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western>Pisces

Together they will wander our planet, spinning dreams, weaving spells and always healing. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is an emotional connection. Extremely good in the bedroom, but difficult out of the bedroom. You both crave attention and affection yet you want to do your own thing. Exhausting but exciting. ( Source: Love Test )

You might think that two Pisces together would be a good combination, but you’d probably be wrong. Relationships between a Pisces boy and girl hardly ever work out, and they usually end badly. You each need a love partner who is strong and will take the lead in things. Together, you may have things in common but you will both feel like something important is missing. Also, you both have the same tendency to feel sorry for yourselves when things aren’t going well. This will lead to a lot of negativity and gloom that will sap your energy and make a mess of your emotions. You are both very nice and special people, but together you add up to one dull and dreary relationship. Not a good match for either one of you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

If Pisces girl and Pisces boy ruled the world, nothing would get done . . . but then again, nothing would need to, because the universe would be a place of peace and perfection.  Revel in each others’ love of all things good and right; you both have a vision that isn’t shared by anyone else, and your relationship is ruled by ideals.   Just remember to come back to earth once and a while. Homework awaits! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Both need what the other doesn’t have. Each is weak willed dependent and drains the other emotionally. Both sink into self pity and negativity, and they accentuate each others confusion, self-indulgence, and muddled thinking. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Natasha

    I read the Pisces and Pisces compatibility and i think some is kinda right and kinda wrong. My boyfriend i have now is the same sign as me, and really i dont feel sorry for myself neither do he. I think we make a good couple, we talk out our problems instead or arguing. i think me and him are actually gonna make it threw with this relationship.

  • Kisha

    Natasha, I agree with you. I just recently met a guy who is also a Pisces and I think we mesh well together. In all honesty we connect on a level that I think only we understand; it’s much deeper than sex! It’s much easier to talk to a person that understands why you feel the way you do. I believe things will work out and we’re not even in a relationship!

  • Tonya

    I agree with both ladies….my husband and I are both pisces. I feel like he totally completes me…..he is very…very understanding….compassionate…loyal…and ladies the sex is hellova….lmao…but seriously….i think two piscec make a great match….

  • Francesca

    This makes me feel tons better about the guy I’m talking to. We are both Pisces and I was wondering why, so far, this guy was way too good to be true! I figured, heck-why not, let me check our zodiac compatibility! And there you have it. Supposed ‘too’ perfect of a match, but if you all are having a great time together and one of you is MARRIED to the other… then this gives me hope and I can totally relax and not worry so much and be happy. Thanks! 🙂

  • L

    these two couples are the jealousy of the whole horoscopes! they get along so well its envy. ;D

  • Karina

    This is so true! my bf & I are both Pisces & the realtionship in & out of the bedrrom is fantastic! We love each other so much & can easily fight as well as be totally happy with one another.

  • cancer

    Its going to be easier with two pisces because obviously pisces likes to mesh well with their partners they dont like quarrels no drama none of that stuff they are love sacrifices anything for the person u love . so its just fitting two pisces would get on well they will try to please the other it would be crazy . it can work but some difference will be required sooner or later

  • Wendy

    This is good news because I’m talking to a guy now who seems to be great but after reading this compatibility page I had second thoughts. I scrolled down and read what everyone had to say and I thank you all. I’m not so worried now to move forward.

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