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Pisces & Aquarius

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There is short term interest: Pisces loves to play games but Aquarius learns really fast. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aquarius: This is a pretty dicey combination. The Fish’s emotional blackmail only drives you further away. This Pisces is likely to end up hurt and confused. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: This is not the best union. The Water-bearer is far too cool and detached for you. Your tears and tantrums will soon tire the Aquarius. ( Source: Love Test )

Dependent indecisive Pisces needs someone strong to take control and Aquarius doesn’t like emotional demands. Aquarius is detached, interested in the world at large, while Pisces is interested in sensual fulfillment. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman

Aquarius thinks far too much to suit the Pisces; Pisces feels far too much to suit the Aquarian, especially when what she wants to feel is him! What Pisces is delighted to wallow in, the Aquarian would much prefer to step over. Neither sign is averse to mind-altering states of consciousness, but, in this combination, the purpose might be solely to escape their unhappiness with each other. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match is not meant to be. You and the Aquarius boy have opposite needs in a love relationship, and you are different in many other ways too. You may be drawn to each other by physical attraction, but that’s about all you will have in common. You dream of being in a cozy love nest for two. But to him, this would be like being in jail. The Aquarius boy hates it when anyone shows dependence on him. He needs a partner who doesn’t mind if he disappears on a regular basis to do his own thing alone or with his friends. He will get very testy if you question his need for freedom. You, on the other hand, will feel abandoned when he decides sometimes that he’d rather stay home and do nothing than hang out with you. You each would do better with someone else. Not a good love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Pisces girl, Aquarius boy will be an ongoing source of amusement and very real inspiration-an overall asset. Just remember that he’s more likely to tell you what’s on his mind rather than letting things fester. Sometimes, he can appear to be abrupt, but his intent is to make his point, not hurt. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Aquarius Woman & Pisces Man

This match doesn’t work very well for you. If you get into a relationship with a Pisces guy, it will seem to start off great, but unfortunately it will go downhill fast. You can achieve a very special bond of intimacy with a Pisces boy, so it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that you’ve found the romance of your dreams. However, as things go on, he will get more and more dependent and this is what will end up ruining everything. Pisces boys are enormously clingy with Aquarius girls. He’ll spend a lot of time complaining about how you desert him for your friends. The truth is, he doesn’t want you to have any other friends, or life, except for being with him. It might sound neat for a second, but you can’t live like this for long without going insane. You need more freedom and you need a partner with the confidence to let you do your own thing without them some of the time. Pisces boys are just incapable of that kind of giving. This match is a bad combination that you would do best to avoid. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

This can be a down-and-out great match, but only with dedication and desire.  Aquarius girl, you’ve got it together, and sometimes Pisces boy’s emotional reactions to your actions will get under your skin.  He also moves a little more slowly at the game of life than you do, so patience, sweet girl. Not everyone can be as quick as you! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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24 Comments for this entry

  • Parrish

    idk why they say pisces and aquaruians dont get along..it’s just something about aquaruians i like…

  • Deliveryguy

    I am dating an aquarius right now, I am a pisces. It is one of the best relationships I have ever been in. This Aquarian is teaching me so much, we actually are learning from each other!. The sex is sizzling, the match is from heaven. I guess it depends on much more than just the signs. I think you need a chart of your rising moons and so much more! Don’t base too much on this goop. You could miss a real KEEPER!

  • blueigirl

    I am pisces and he is an aquarius. He teaches me so much everyday. He opens up to me and is the most sweetest, caring person I know.

  • eevelbob

    Married 21-years to my DW. She is the Aquarius, I am the Pisces. We’ve had our moments in our first few years of marriage, but as we’ve grown older and started our family of 4-kids, we’ve also grown closer and have learned so much from each other. We still banter and bicker, and I am the one who is more inclined to suck it up and just apologize regardless of who’s at fault. She used to be very reserved and unwilling to let loose, explore and experiment, but as we’ve gotten older, she is the one who has begun to flourish and desire more love attention and affection.

  • mark

    It is the coolest site,keep so!

  • Lorezo

    well i think this stuff is a bunch of bologna lol well cuz my girl is an aquarius i think she is the most amazing thing that i have had and the other one i was with was a virgo and she was a handfuk i get along more with the aquarius we’re so in love all the time i love spendin time with her and i have never really been this close to a girl ever i mean im thinking of proposing to her because i have the feeling she might be what i’m looking for she always makes me laugh all the time we make eachother laugh we sometimes fight but we make up all the time so i think i know where i’m going to be with for my life Pisces and Aquarius is the best match i think

  • Watcher

    I Found My Aquarius Lover and in a instant i Knew … I love her still. In the first 3 days of knowing each other we grew closer that any one in my life has ever been … Period. I love her still and my life is less because she is not in it. That being said I think this is on the money… I know that soo much more depends on other factors and how life has played out but Pisces do tend to have emotional knee jerk reactions and this can in the bond as quickly as it began. Its now more that 6 months since our break up and im still in love with her but i wouldn’t have changed a thing … if your willing to take a tough emotional gamble go for it… luckily you will find out fairly quickly whether the gamble paid off or you lost your shirt.

  • Confused

    I am an aquaruis woman with a pisces woman. I read it as though she was a pisces man b/c her personality is so strong. The article on Aq-Wm & Pi-Mn is DEAD on. I am so confused b/c I dont know wether to go or stay. It does seem as though it;s the love of my life – but we just cant seem to get it right at all. Everything is an ultimatium from this Pisces. i hate it. i do not think the stars ALWAYS aply – but this one pretty much hits the nail on the head! It’s weird too, my best friend in the whole world is a Pisces woman and we get along beautifully.

  • Oddly_Inspired

    Yeah, at first, this sounds like it could be spot-on. But, if you’ve ever seen me and my girl together… She is the most awesome person I have ever met in my entire life. I’m the Pisces, she’s the Aquarian. And I truly could not ask for more than what she gives me. Our time together is perfect. Our love is pure. And the sex is phenominal! Like I tell her: My heart just doesn’t beat the same when she’s not around. You’re the other half of me, baby! Love you, Audrey!

  • Lynn me

    I’m a pisces girl, In lust with an aquarious dude, he was o.k. at first,then he called a lyed, he won’t make a committment, he ignores me, it hurts I end up in a bad emotional state of mind! he called and hurt my feelings, his rudeness is beyond human recognition, he doesn’t even have a heart, a good one night stand and to say good-bye is about all. I think I will stick with a scorpio who is at least freindly with a smile on his face, Aquarious men don’t have a heart!! not at all

  • Mookiee

    well i don’t agree with this statement at all. My long-term boyfriend is an Aquarius and I’m the Pieces, he is the best thing that has ever happend to me. I mean we could sit up on the phone all night and talk about nothing, He’s really sweet and makes me feel comfortable. The sex is gentle and amazing ! I love him and for all the Aquarius and Pieces’ relationships who think they wont last based on horoscopes, Don’t. If its love , then its love.

  • In love with pisces

    I am a aquarius woman and I am in love with a pisces
    man and hes the greatest thing Ive ever had. But situations on his part are difficult, but he always shows me the love that I have never had in my life and
    hes so loving and caring, plus we can talk for hours about anything on this earth and its always great and our love making is the best in the world. And Iam not a
    young woman but in my 50’s and so is he, we are the same age. I’ve told him that the only thing I hate about our relationship is that we met so late in life,
    because he is my soulmate and I know he is for a fact. I love him with all my heart and soul. I would not give him up for anything in this world.

  • Shay

    I am an aquarian women dating a pisces male. And the signs discribe our personalities to the exact! So I search for this web site to see if their has been any long term relationships between the two signs!I voice my oppinion very strongly not knowing that I am hurting his feelings! He is so different from anyone ive ever dated. With this being so I dont know how to Make up with him.Sorry does not work. I like him alot but were just so different!

  • fred

    I’m in love with an Aquarius girl. it has been difficult to understand each other,I’ve known her for more than a year,two months ago i decided to declare my love to her and she got rebelius on me said we could only be friends i was trying so hard to understand why she had rejected me when we where such good friends i decided to give her more space, she says i was tormenting her by clinging to her like crazy. luckily things have settle now and i can see she wants me, its just that we are so different i ll have to do it her way, I’m a Pisces dude and i cant wait to swim on her skin hopefully it wont be long.i ll show her love, is what i want the most in this life.

  • aqua love

    I am an aquarius woman and I’m dating a pisces man. We have been together for 7years I am 20 and he is 22.I love him so much because he is so different from all other guys. And he loves me despite my flaws. I never have to dought his love for me I know it is just as true as mine. He is always willing to try when it comes to our relationship ans that’s what I love about him. Even when we break up every time I can’t seem to get over him and vice-versa. Most of the horoscopes are telling me its a bad match but I refuse to believe this because I never connected with any man like him. I know I am going to keep trying to make this work as much as possible.so for you aquarius’s out there remember we have to open our hearts and really trust him.he won’t judge you but that’s something that we really have to work hard on every chance we get and encourage him in anything good that he does even when he gets a new hair cut tell him how fine he is. I feel you should never give up on something u truly believe in even if all odds seem to be against you. Do what u think is best. Let him know how he plays a very important role in your life. And if you think about it y not u know he deserves it

  • Tini1

    I am a pisces girl and my boyfriend is an aquarious. Sometimes i feel like he doesnt want to be with me and sometimes I feel like he might be cheating on me. I dont kno what to do or how to talk to him….i need help!

  • Alex

    I am frustrated I am an Aquarius in love with a Pisces. We had a fall out as friends a while ago and stopped talking, I tried to forget about her, but I can’t. I was probably inconsiderate but I didn’t mean it and now that I lost her I want her back but as a lover not a friend, Something inside tells me she felt the same and could feel the same again (One of her friends gave me hint that she wanted me, and that was part of the reason why she was frustrated with me). We are back in contact but I feel like she takes long to get back in contact with me for games. I can’t do the same mistake I did before this time I will play her games and go along with, whether is a yes or no, I wish she was just straightforward.

  • Kandigirl

    It’s weird to read the horoscopes about pieces and aquariums not working. I am a pieces female dating an aquarius male for about 3 months now and it has been wonderful! He is kind, thoughtful, caring,
    considerate, romantic, and fun fun fun and funny! We can talk for hours about anything, and when we go out we have so much fun! We debate, play games, tickle one another, and laugh together alot! Although I do agree with Astrology that talks about the aquarium detachment and extended need for freedom, but that does not bother me because I now realize I have a need for freedom too. Also, I love the way aquariums aren’t much into jelousy. I’ve always dated jealous men so the aquarium freedom that my male friend needs and gives comes as quite a pleasant relief. Also, my best girlfriend is aquarius and I find her to be quite fun and intriging also! Overall, The aquarius/pieces relationship is the bomb! I would recommend this love affair to anyone!!!!!

  • Norie

    I am a Piscean madly in love with an Aquarian.
    She always used to say she would need several million minutes to decide on our relationship. I am a little bit faster than her , proposed to her.

    She did not say no but she said her parents are looking for her to get married. She stopped talking to me , but she always receives my text message with no replies.

    I am writing many love poems on her and texting it to her , which she shows it to her friend.

    I am intuitive by nature have a strong feeling that she is hiding her love for me , can any Aquarian girl tell me what can I do to get her acceptance.

  • Bonnie

    Howdy folks…first how do you register on here?

    @Alex or any other aquarian male. I need some advice. But, I will give you some advice before I go into mine…if you are still interested in this Pisces or need it by now. I am assuming things might not have changed…I am basing this off the horrible pisces aquarius communication skills that I have experienced. The best advice I can give you is to tell her that you like her and tell her you want to start by being friends. Don’t just jump right in becuz she has got her guard up big time by now. So, ask her to hang out…maybe go to the park or to go hiking or rock climbing. It doesnt have to be a movie or dinner thing it can be casual. If you want a physical relationship then you are gonna have to romance her just a tiny bit at least.

  • Bonnie

    Next thing….@ any aquarian males. I am in love with an aquarian boy. We started off hooking up, then basically I got too emotional for him. So, he said he doesnt think it’s a good idea to hook up anymore. So, right now I am trying to give him space. I saw him the other day and when he saw me he looked like he saw a ghost so I quickly said hey wassup to lighten the mood to which he responded hey. But, it was awkward and I got in my car and left since I was on my way to work. Please tell me if my strategy to leave him alone is a good one. Never had a man turn me down for sex…especially when the last time we had it…he said it was “fantastic.” Clearly emotions are fatal to an aquarius. So, anyways I have not been all emotional lately just giving him space especially after he told me he didnt think it was a good idea to get physical…so what do you think is the best thing for me to do if I still have feelings for him and am still interested…?

  • Clyde

    leave him alone and get over it he don’t want you anymore

  • Sweet

    jus give him sum space bt nt a cold shoulder (the hey…was excellent then u left it there) if he enjoyed u he’ll come around
    it could b possible he’s trying 2 pace his emotions because u really were fantastic

  • Head in the clouds

    I both agree and disagree. I am a pisces woman in love with an aquarian man whom i recently just broke up with. I know we are in love but his detachment is just too much for me to handle. We are great together when things are good but we are bad for eachother when things are going bad. We seem to be on the same page but we still want different things. This is the second aquarius i have dated. They are amazing lovers both emotionally and sexually but they do not give me what i need. Same outcome from both aquarians. They are the nest friends i have ever had in any relationship but they can become enemies just as easily also. Im an overly sensative pisces and im just not getting what i need. Like i said… When its good ots great. When its bad its awful. Nonetheless, pisces and aquarius love is amazing… When they meet eachother half way

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