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A Deadly Union – On Queen Anne’s Tragic Life

by on Oct.28, 2007, under People>People in History

As I read the story of Queen Anne’ tragic life, I thought of a lot of women who had been murdered by their husbands when their husbands were having affairs with other women. Most women are not unlucky enough to end up being killed by their husbands. But the lives of a lot of women and their children have been made much more miserable because of their husbands’ affairs. So I would like to share my opinions on what kind of women are more likely to run into this kind of problems and how they can avoid it.

They are women who are more intelligent, follow their wisdom more than their passion, and more likely to impose their wills on their men. If their men are of the emotionally controlling type, they are likely to get into a lot of conflicts with their men, and their men are likely to look for other women. This is because their men do not feel being loved by them but feel being restricted by them. Some of these men would go to the extreme of committing murder if they could not get what they desire.

If a woman wants to avoid getting into this kind of trouble and even getting killed, she should be very sensitive to the state of her relationship with her man. If there are quite a lot of conflicts between her and her man, she should leave him. She should not think too much of what she is going to lose and should try to avoid getting into a fight at all cost. Most people are likely to make the mistake of trying to win to feel getting even. But there is no way both sides can win.

Men who are emotionally controlling prefer women who follow their passion more than their wisdom and less likely to impose their wills on others. If a woman is the intelligent, logical type, she should stay away from those men. By the way, just to help those who are more likely to get into this kind of trouble, I would like to let you know my observation that older women, women with darker hair color, and women of air signs (libra, gemini, and aquarius) and earth signs (virgo, taurus, and capricorn) tend to follow their wisdom more than their passion, and are more likely to impose their wills on others. They are less entertaining to this kind of men compared to other women. So they should stay away from this kind of men. Also, I have noticed that men who succeed in the kind of careers that require routine dealing with large number of people, such as business and politics, are more likely to be of the emotionally controlling type. And I have found that they are more likely to be of the water signs (scorpio, cancer, and pisces) and the fire signs (sagittarius, leo, and aries).

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Jane

    In fact, the powerful are always afraid of the intellectuals. Throughout history, there have been countless attempts by the powerful to suppress the intellectuals which resulted in large scale atrocities within individual societies.

    The ones who are in power hate their power to be challenged. And the intellectuals are always the strongest threat to their power. The Culture Revolution in China and the genocide in Cambodia are two examples of such atrocities in modern history.

  • Jane

    I have found several cases in which people of water signs killed people of earth signs: Scott Peterson against Laci Peterson, Amanda Knox against Meredith Kercher, O.J. Simpson against Nicole Brown, George Bush against Saddam Hussein.

    I think people of water signs and people of earth signs need to learn how to understand each other.

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