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Pisces & Scorpio

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High emotions and elaborate displays from one of the most sensuous combinations of all. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Scorpio: This is not bad. Probably the most erotic sexual combination. The Fish is willing to be a part of your whims and desires, and that makes for a lasting union. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: This is a highly sexual union. You love to be possessed and cared for with the deep, warm affection that the Scorpion can provide. Truly a match made in heaven. ( Source: Love Test )

A lasting mating. Scorpio?s strength compliments Pisces indecisiveness. Pisces imagination sparks Scorpio?s creativity. Great sexually. Both compliment each other. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Scorpio Man & Pisces Woman

This is tied with Cancer as your number-one soulmate love match. Pisces girls and Scorpio boys are often drawn together, because your physical chemistry is so sizzling hot! This means kissing him will be completely dreamy. The two of you will also share a very special and intimate bond. You “connect” in a way that few other combinations of signs can. It?s almost an unspoken thing where you feel what each other is feeling, and you know what the other is thinking without them having to explain. This match will make you feel romantic and passionate and his strong and loyal nature will give you the security and grounded-ness that you need. An out-of-this-world soulmate match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Some relationships are built for the long haul, and Pisces girl and Scorpio guy harbor enormous potential. You’re both water signs, and you feel at home and understood when you’re together.  On the flip side, you can both be a little possessive of each other and sometimes have unrealistic expectations. Two people can’t agree on everything. Respect each other’s differences, and you’ve got a golden opportunity. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Scorpio Woman & Pisces Man

This is tied with Cancer as the number-one best soulmate match for you. A relationship between a Scorpio girl and a Pisces boy will be intense, intimate and magical. You are drawn to each other naturally, and your intense emotional needs perfectly complement each other. You feel very deeply about things, and he understands that because he does too. He is a real dreamer, a unique person with an enchanting way of looking at the world, and this will inspire and excite you. He will be true and loyal and passionate about you in a way that makes you feel happy and “at home.” You share a special closeness that is truly rare. A perfect soulmate match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Pisces boy thinks Scorpio girl is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  He’s fascinated by your ways in a moth-to-the-flame manner, and can’t get enough of your drama and mystery.  A match made in heaven if you can deal with his occasional lack of follow through. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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31 Comments for this entry

  • monee williams

    I’m a Scorpio(scorpios rock!) and my boyfriend’s a pieces. We make an amazing couple. He may be a little too sensitive and moody sometimes, but i learned to live with it.

  • stinky_butt

    I really love Pisces women ya know, but they are soooooo indescisive it’s insane! I take my girl to the mall, and I swear it’s like waiting @ the DMV! She has to go to every single store to only leave with nothing.

    It’s a shame that Scorpios get such a bad rep. But I know a lot of the things said about us are true, we rush into things for the sake of adrenaline. Scorpios are probably the most consuming of em’ all, it’s no wonder that we have such a hard time keeping a relationship.

  • Diana

    This is an awesome match. Awesome in bed and out of bed. I’m a scorpio and i’m w/a Pisces guy. He flakes a little too much but its always for the good, ie. if he was studying. i get extremely jealous and he loves it. he doesnt tease me about it, he loves that i care so much about him. great great pair.

  • Danny Disaster

    I beleive it must be said (again) that we scorpios kick some major ass.

  • libera

    this is true, i’ve dated many girls but my current one (a Pisces) has me wondering about marriage. lol


    I’m a Scorpio woman & my son’s father is a Pisces. It seems like we are a perfect match but were no longer together. Ever since that ended, I haven’t found my “soulmate”. Oh well… Got to move on!

    Some what true what is said about us but were not that bad at all. Lol…

  • Drew

    I am a Pisces Man, and NOTHING IS BETTER than a Scorpion. One of my exes is a Scorpion Girl, and it was the best! The intimacy was great, and we bonded beautifully.

    To this day, Scorpion Women Only!!

  • L

    water signs rulz!

  • hi

    I’m a Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man, and I had a kid from a previous relationship, but he is real good with my daughter, and treats her like his own

  • Dani

    Well, I noticed that most of you have had the relationship already, some are happy with it and some others broke up, In fact, I’m a pieces guy and I’m working on a date with a scorpio girl, I believe she’s the best no matter what, but I can’t cross to the next level, which is being with her, I’ve done everything possible and she still have her neutral answers, she likes a libra dude and he keeps telling her that it’s not gonna work out, you know scorpio is stubborn and she likes to challenge, any good advice from a scorpio woman for me?

  • Dawnie

    I’m a Scorpion Woman dating a Pisces Man and the relationship is amazing. I was married to a Libra Man for 20 years and although we had great passion we just didn’t mesh on the day to day. I think there is something to the stars. . .

  • Lil mizz shy alicia

    Im a pisces gurly..I was with this scorpio guy that got out of his relationship of 2yrs to be with me we were soo close to getting married once in vegas..but I found out secretly he was still tryn to get back with his ex, I had to end it. I still think were are soulmates 🙁
    Now theres this guy at work that reminds me alot like him and hes also a scorpio..wow!!

  • daviddrums

    im a Scorpio and recently i met a Pisces woman..I really like this girl..I hope things will work it out smoothly..Anyway, she’s great

  • 202negrita

    I am currently dating a scorpio and I am a Pisces. i love him so much and so do he we work things out at all times. We solve our problems. He is a wonderful guy. I couldn’t ask for nothing better. He turn me inside out lol. i love that. Hoping this can turn out to be more then girlfriend and boyfriend.

  • Ally

    This is so true. I am a Pisces woman, with a Scorpio man. The first time we met, I was speechless. I probably said a maximum of 6 sentences, but words didn’t matter. We spoke with our eyes. We didn’t actually get together until 6 months after that meeting, though since we have, we’ve been inseparable ever since. I love him, and he’s the only one I haven’t gotten bored with. This Scorpion is meant for me.

  • Rachael wishcard

    I’m a Pisces looking for a Scorpio man.
    Having had no luck trying many men out, it seems i haven not yet had the pleasure of a Scorpio man!
    I long for a soul mate as much as any other person or Piscean…
    Wish me luck ive been single for many years and now 36

    • Tanisha

      You know I felt the same way you did up til about a month ago. I was not having any luck bumping into Scorpio men. I kept attracting Virgo and Caoricorns very disappointing because. none of them were consistent. But I tried this new online date for the first time and took my time until I found the right one. He is a Scorpio in every sense of the word and I finally see what I was missing from all my past relationships . I wish you well because once you find your Scorpio. Man you will never want to let him go.

  • BlueLove

    I’m a Pisces woman and though I haven’t dated a Scorpio man, I’ve gotta say, this match seems unreal. I think the strength and power of a Scorpion would be an awesome complement to my Piscean gentility! But easy on the secrets Scorpion!

  • Pisces35

    I met a Scorpio guy recently..and I can say, we do not have to speak to each other. We can look at each other and know what is going on. Yes, the bedroom is out of this world and love just being around each other. Since, I am the Pisces, he understands that is okay to make the decisions when we go out. That sort of thing got resovled on the 2nd date. Only thing I am not sure is a little secretive when it comes sharing certain information.

  • pieces girl

    I’ve been married to a libra for almost 19 years, I’d like to be out of it, just not in love with anymore but there are kids involved and they have to come first. Hoping to someday find my Cancer or Scorpio guy that would be a much better match for me.

  • anonymous

    Scorpios know how to make us pisceans feel special, appreciated and Im a pisces, he treats me like a queen 😀 <3

  • Dreamy pisces

    im a Pisces gurl and i currently met a Scorpion guy.. its been only a month and it seems like i know him like forever.. we talk for hours and still im never outta words.. i agrese with the previous comments that da scorpion men are underestimated.. they are truely unique and have great sense of humore and are kind at heart.. i wish this works out!!! 😉

  • denise

    Is tryly magical. I’m a scorpio and he is my perfect match and most of the guys of piscis r just charming. We not together anymore but we talk pretty offent and even if its over it was a relationship we will never forget.

  • rameisha

    I have dated a scorpio female and I am a pisces female…. OMG, the sex was wonderful, I really felt chemistry between us…I’m just outta words rite now she bout to come over so ill see how this goes….. ps…scorpios are f****n crazy watch out to anything that really means something to you cause it will get damaged by the obsessive scorpio…..other than that this is a good match =)


    I am a pisces female and have been talking to a scorpio female for almost two years. The chemistry and attraction between the both of us is undeniably amazing and it’s like we have a telepathic connection with eachother. I don’t know what it is; I can’t explain it but my feelings for her have grown over time and I honestly do believe that we will be great for eachother. The only thing stopping us from taking it to the next level is the distance. She’s up north and I’ve been in the south for about a year. We both feel that time will tell and if it’s meant to be it will be.

  • strawberrrie

    im a scorpio female and i have briefly been with a pisces male and it was rememberable! he knew how to kiss & make LOVE. i could also read his mind or felt when he did something wrong & we had just meet.but the relationship ended because he wanted to move in together too soon!if i ever find another pisces i will really keep him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    i was a scorpio for alomost 2 years, he was like my soul mate…he was very secretive, sneaky, and flirty….he recently cheated on me for a gemini and they are officailly dating now

    it kills me cuz the bond was so great but i think timing was crucial, were young im 19 and hes 23, but the homewrecker is 18!!!

    but yea amazing connection until he messes it up 🙁

  • Truth

    Im a pisces grl.. dated a scorpio guy for 3 years ..yes they are flirty..and secretive..which makes the relationship edgy.. we got along perfect tho and at times things were amazing our bond,, but he did mess it up by cheating*** So i warn gurls out there ..just be carefull.. when they are not giving u the 100% affection they did in the beginning :/
    I found true love 6 months later.. and Im very HAPPY. But the scorpio did break my heart,, i did think we were soulmates @ 1 time…..

  • Jude

    I married a Capricorn over thirty years ago. I met his brother who is a Scorpio and there was always chemistry between us. Nothing happened as he was my brother in law. He married someone else. I got divorced and took up with a Taurean. He divorced and took up with someone else. Over thirty years later and we are both free agents, and the spark is still there. We are having great fun catching up….

  • Pisces

    iM a Pisces and iRecently Met a Scorpio Male . Before We Would Only Chat On FaceBook …. We Were Cool .. iLiked The Convo’s and Began To Claim Him as My Best Friend .Further into the friendship iWould Read His Wall & See The Most Passionate Quotes, Lines and Thoughts . iAm in Love with The Way He Thinks . iM In Love with the way he Feels. We Would Speak On The Phone But wouldnt have much to talk about . iJus Assumed he Wasnt a ” Phone ” Person . iMet Him Yesterday & He Lit Something in Me That iHavent Felt in almost 2yrs !! iM Not Going To Lie iAm a Little Scared To Do This but iFeel Like God is Right Beside Me Telling Me To Go ! Telling Me To Be a Friend and a Lover. iWant Him So bad .. He Has The Whole Package . He is Ver Attractive , Smart , He has a job , He is considerate and very passionate ( etc ) . He Told Me He Likes Me and He Feels Like We Met for a Reason . iFeel The Exact Same way .. but iWant To Be his Friend First because the Best Relationships Start Off as Friends . iKnow One day That We Are Going To Be Together . iKnow That He is going To Be There For Me When iNeed Him & iWill Be There For Him Evn iF He Dosent Want Me Around ( Not Tryna Say ima Stalker Or Anything ). iWant To Be His Best Friend & Wife ! iDont Know How iCan Feel This Away About Him .. We Just Met in Person yesterday . iReally Feel For Him & iHope That He Wont Leave Me . iDont Want Him To Be away From Me For Too Long .. iWanna Love Him. iHope He Wants To Love Me …

  • christaboo

    every scorpio ive dated has been horrible….my 2nd best combo??? i dont think so….every scorpio ive dated is abusive and controlling…im a pisces female…ive always looked at the horoscope compatability and seriously im starting to doubt it!!!

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