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Pisces & Virgo

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Only if you believe that opposites attract. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

A true yin-yang combination — historian meets actor — let the play begin. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Virgo: This is a polarity attraction. You are enamored by the Pisces empathetic ways and in turn the Fish needs your practical direction. Pisces’ sexuality can bring out the erotic side in you. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: This is an emotional connection. Extremely good in the bedroom, but difficult out of the bedroom. You both crave attention and affection yet you want to do your own thing. Exhausting but exciting. ( Source: Love Test )

Pisces extravagance, secretiveness and dreaminess frustrate Virgo. Virgo is pragmatic and orderly. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Virgo Man & Pisces Woman

This is a poor match for you. If you get into a relationship with a Virgo boy, it will probably end with you hurt and miserable. Virgo boys distrust emotions. They like to stick to practical, logical conversations and they hate expressing their feelings. However, to you, emotions are what life is all about. You don?t want a boyfriend who is practical, you want one who will care about you and show it. The Virgo boy is picky and critical, and he can see the bad side of just about any thing, person or situation… including you. He will pick apart your personality and make you feel terribly insecure. This can have bad effects on your self-confidence. This mismatch is one that you should definitely try to avoid. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Both of you possess the gift of razor-sharp repartee, and Pisces girl is the object of respect and admiration from Virgo boy.  He’ll stand by you through thick or thin, as long as you don’t fall back on feminine wiles or manipulation to get what you want.  Be straight up, and you’ll get the same in return. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Virgo Woman & Pisces Man

This is not a very good match for either one of you. You may be drawn to the Pisces boy because he shares with you an intellectual, logical way of looking at the world. However, he is also a dreamer who spends a lot of his time theorizing about the future and chasing wild ideas to see where they lead. Meanwhile, you?re stuck doing all the practical stuff. He?s the type of guy, with you, who will try to get you to do his homework so he can figure out how to reconfigure his computer. You?ll feel used, and you?ll get extremely frustrated at his head-in-the-sky behaviour, but you won?t be able to change him. A difficult match that?s better left unmade. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Opposites on the zodiac, Virgo girl has met her match with Pisces boy. Although he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, Pisces boy is just as ambitious as you are, and wants to make his mark on the world just as much as you. Conversations between the two of you will never be dull; just be careful not to hurt each other with unkind words when you’re angry!  ( FUNgirl – Astrology)

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28 Comments for this entry

  • zoe

    this is no fair! i really like this one virgo boy and if this website is true im screwed! LOL but hes not stubbern at all he’s so sweet and he doesnt find the worst in everything hes great

  • vane

    Zoe I like a virgo guy too, and he isnt like what this says either.. so give it a shot

  • Kodi

    Ya know what… this is very depressing!! And I’m not sure if I agree at all!!! My Grandparents have been together for 40 years and my Grandma is a Virgo and Grandpa is a Pisces. They are soooo very happy together! (Obviously) And then there is my boyfriend and I…. He is a Virgo and I am a Pisces…we have been together for almost 3 years and we are still going strong!! And he doesn’t bring out the worst in me or look for bad things at all….he is one of the most sweetest people in the entire world!!
    I just wanted people to know that Pisces and Virgo DO WORK really GOOD together!!! So, dont get to down about what this website says!!! 😉

  • Jasmine

    I think this is disgraceful. i am pices and my boyfriend is virgo, you are making out that virgo men are horrible people but my boyfriend is so caring and if anything he gives me confidence in myself. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and we are still going very strong so people out there virgo men and pisces women can work 🙂 x

  • Sha

    I think this is so true… I am a pisces…. & I talk to a virgo & @ 1st he was so sweet but now it seems like he is stuck up he says he really likes me & I believe him but sometimes I have to give him space…. & I want him when I want him & its not like that… so yea I think this is true cause were opposite sides so it might or might not work!

    • Tanisha

      Sha. I’m like most of the people on this site who have seen the kinder side of a Virgo men. But we must remember that there is a positive and negative side to every sign. The positive Virgo man is hard working giving, caring and protective of those he loves. The negative Virgo man is lazy, depressed and usually dependent on some type of substance whether it is drugs or alcohol. You must remember that a positive Virgo does not say what he doesn’t mean. If he told you he likes you he does. He may back off to regroup but he will reappear. I am a spoiled Pisces also and I like having my way but not at the expense of losing the one I love. A relationship is two people coming together as one so it shouldn’t be one sided. Take me out of it add we and things should be fine.

  • Mookie

    My friend is a Pieces and her boyfriend is a Virgo. I don’t think this was good at all. They are very happy and they are oppisites, but they love eachothr alot.

  • seena

    Its true.i m a pieces and my boy friend is virgo.On starting everything was smmoth.Ilove him a lot and i trust him.But he destroy me.I dont understand wht happened to him.He just avoid me.Then also again telling he love me. But i just hate his charactor.Listen all pieces girls dont trust virgo man,its a poor match for us.its true.

    • Tanisha

      Seena it is hard to reply without knowing the whole story of why your Virgo is not what you expect. Virgo are opposites but we have so many things in common. Positive Virgo men are open to communication so if you are truly not happy. It is always in your best interest to communicate this to your partner. I hope in doing so you can resolve the issues that have caused you so much pain. Good Luck.

  • Airy

    Yeah, I’ve been looking on many sites and I am getting very mixed signals. Some say they’re a perfect match, others say you’re totally screwed. I am a Virgo and my crush is a Pisces. It very difficult to get a hold of pisces men, but when you know how to work them, YOU’VE GOT THEM! They really are easily led and weak-willed, so it’s not hard to make them like you. Just do not give up and let them know you need them 😉

  • jade

    My boyfriend is a virgo and im a pisces and our relationship is amazing, its better then what i had with my scorpio ex!!!! i totally disagree with what its saying here!!!

  • Watcher

    let me help you out with this pairing it wont F**cking work… Sure there is mountains of potential here and it would be a great match but Virgos especially Virgo women are emotional cowards that tend to just turn feelings off, run for the hills dig a mile deep bunker stock it with supplies and sit and wait for the second coming before they will even thing about coming up for some fresh air. As a pisces it is frightening to think that anyone could live in such denial about their own feelings and emotions (yes a pisces just said that) but my God it goes beyond infuriating and borders maddening. Pisces if you are in love with a Virgo take my advice Turn on you superhuman piscean copping powers and swim away there is nothing but hurt here… You would almost be better off messing with a Aries… at least they where their indifference and arrogance on their sleeve so you see it coming.

    • Tanisha

      Hello Watcher: Wow sounds like you had a very bad experience with a Virgo. Your experience sounds like you got stuck with a negative Virgo who probably was hurt prior to you. Depressed and withdrawn even more than their ususal. Thank God that all Virgo men are not negative or depressed. I live by a virtue that we can’t judge everyone by the same book cover because we are all unique in some type of way. Your sun sign is only the beginning. There are so many other things that define us.

  • Parul

    well this is sumthing one shud nt believe as its not true. I m into a relationship with a virgo guy from past one year and everything is going well between us and one fact is true that virgo’s are practical and don’t know how to xpress their feelings but they do feel . So just don’t judge ur relationship on these facts….

  • Rusty

    I think there are many useful insights in the above article, but nobody can capture any individual’s total personality in one page or even ten. So much depends on the place each person is at in their life, in their own head, their age and past experiences, their emotional maturity and a myriad other factors. Plus everyone should know their moon sign as it plays a factor in personality and how one responds to another person.

    I’m a Pisces and my boyfriend is a Virgo. As is mentioned in almost every analysis of the sun signs, I am very creative and empathetic…true. I’m also highly intelligent and technically inclined in my chosen profession. I’m not an actress or drama queen, I’m not a flake who couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag and not a closet romatinc who uses feminine whiles to attract men and once with them plays helpless to keep them. I can reconstruct damage buildings then design the interiors and go on to cook a gourmet meal and pick flowers out of my garden and spend the rest of the evening reading philosophy or history.

    My significant other is in some ways a classic Virgo. He’s also extremely intelligent and technically inclined, even moreso than myself. He can design those buildings I reconstruct, then paint some simply stunning artwork to hang in them. He’s extremely shy and shuns lavish displays of public affection, but he’s by no means a prude! QUITE the opposite in fact!! He isn’t given to talking about his thoughts and emotions at a drop of a hat, but I have come to realize it’s because he feels them so very deeply they frighten him at times. Yes, he analyzes situations but is not an emotional eunich, again quite the opposite. He’s kind, steady, sweet and steadfast. He’s smart, funny, loyal, trustworthy and honest. How many guys are there like that?!

    He remembers things I say to him in passing and will take me to places that pique my interest such as an antique book and map fair because I mentioned I collect them. Or a classic car ralley because I like cars. He won’t give me flowers, but he’ll give me first bite of his ice cream cone (and he’ll order one he knows I like). He’ll show up with lunch if he knows I’ve been down, or will be over immediately if my car is acting up.

    There’s a difference between romance and passion. I’ll forgo the grand gesture of romance every single time for the guy who will sit at his computer when he’s supposed to be working and download a book he doesn’t care for just because he remembered I do…simply to make me happy (he’ll wait for the movie thank you very much). It’s the little gestures with these guys that’s telling. Actions speak a thousand words….

    These guys are like still waters…deep, deep, deep. They’re calm on the surface but have many hidden depths and currents of passion that someone who offers then trust, genuine admiration for exactly who and what they are, support and a comfort zone will eventually stumble upon.

    I’m his biggest fan, and he’s mine. Sure we argue. He thinks I’m nuts when I see fanciful shapes in the clouds and won’t hesitate to say so. I think he’s an absolute pain when he nags, (ok my mom’s a Virgo too so maybe I had a leg up on the nagging) or tells me I need to work on my gravy (it’s good, but apparently not as good as grandma’s) and won’t give up on a point of contention but when I ask if he’s got to belabor the point to death, he laughs and says he plans on belaboring it for YEARS…then asks if he can help me make cookies later. He never means to hurt my feelings and is instantly contrite, if confused, when he does. He was simply pointing out an observation, nothing personal.

    I’d rather forgo being adorned with diamonds when I can kiss one (albeit a diamond in the rough) goodnight every single night, and know he’s going to be there tomorrow….

  • jojo

    virgo boyfriends are really good for a pisces gal!! I’m talking from experience. If you want a loyal, sweet, dependable guy go for a virgo guy!!! Rusty is right, even though the may not be the most romantic guys in the world, they are passionate!!! They also like stable long term relationships and thats exactly what a pisces gal wants!!! you know that tommorrow and the next day and the next, hes gona be there for you!!! i love my virgo guy!!!! he mixes well with my pisces nature.

  • apple

    virgo-woman, pisces-man
    i think this match could work very well but virgo has to be VERY patient my pisces is very emotional. We were together once but i moved away and the time we were together it was very easy to control him, since then i’m attempting to rekindle the flame and he is emotional once more–however, i decided not to take advantage this time and to sit back and let him sort out his own feelings and such–bad move. i think this guy is great, loving, loyal, and creative, but i see that i just have to let him know what’s best for him, a bit difficult once you’ve given pisces the upper-hand, but not impossible, because what was given can be taken away. But virgo’s do no mistreat a pisces they fall for you and generally don’t deserve it, if you want an easy going fun and loving relationship this is the one for you. And don’t be pushy all the time only and ONLY when it’s necessary, not every other day.

  • bella

    i just read Rusty’s blog… you made me cry. I had a virgo man, we broke up few months ago. And I’m still loe with him very much and miss him more each day. Your blog reminded me on how he use to true him. I would give up anything to have him back.

  • vir

    i am a virgo i dont care what the fuck are talking about . but i’ll tall you something. why all of you just go out there and grab a book to read it or do somthing useful better than you sit here on your asses talking about this bullshit all day . ok so fuck you all ha

    • Tanisha

      Vir Why are you so bitter? I’m curious to know. The hate jumps off the page and your vulgarness is unbecoming of a Pisces woman. So who are you? I hope whatever has you so bitter gets resolved. Life is too short to waste on hate.

  • virgo femme

    Ok. I am a female Virgo and was with a Pisces male (on and off) for almost six years. This relationship ended really bad. We really loved each other – I think…well I let my guard down and fell in love with him – but we both had a hand in destroying our relationship and he just took it wayyyyy tooo far. He is also not the only Pisces I dated. Now, I am not going to bash/embellish Pisces or Virgo.

    Firstly, Virgo men and Virgo women are different as well as Pisces men and Pisces women. This post had some good points but it’s not a cookie cutter: one sign/sex does not fit all relationships. Perhaps Pisces women and Virgo men work out better than the reverse. Again, they can be compatible and lasting but that you can’t take back words or stones…

    This can be a great match if both people know what they are doing and they don’t make the following mistakes. Pisces cannot have the upperhand (sorry); a Pisces male will run with it and if this Pisces has ill intentions they will crush Virgo (hint: don’t let children run with scissors).

    Virgo cannot ever let Pisces now/feel they are not needed. Both need to learn the art of agreeing to disagree: this can turn into a verbal massacre – literally! This is where Virgo must learn that talking it out is not the best thing to do until 48 hours have passed.

    With Virgo’s keen insight and Pisces’s broad observation an argument can easily and literally lead to a future of insecurities, resentment, topics (aka gasoline) for the next argument (aka fire). Both signs harp on past discussions, remarks, or actions and both will take it personally.

    If this relationship is going to work, it would only be because Virgo sets and maintains the tone while allowing Pisces to contribute – and it has to be ok for both. Unfortunately, once someone KNOWS you aren’t going anywhere they tend to take it for granted and they will exploit it if they are on their own agenda (re: Pisces will try to get you to do his homework while…). Some people are ok with bearing all of the responsibility of the practical stuff but sometimes it wears thin and people feel used…this can happen in this kind of relationship because most Pisces hate the practical details/tasks, fine print, and responsibility. Virgos usually don’t mind but I guess they would also like to have that kind of “free pass” every now and again…

    Personally, Pisces/Virgo are probably better off as friends but if both are sincere, have good intentions, avoid competition and verbal assaults it can work. It just seems like a lot of work…

  • Mary

    Im a pisces girl my boyfriend of 1 year is a virgo, overall we are very happy & have grown in love throughout 10000 arguments! but speaking from my expereince Virgos are oblivious to the small things in life that make pisces happiest, for example: We would love for them to come home with a bunch of flowers, a cooked dinner and for them to ask how our day was and how we are feeling about this/that ect …but in their mind they would be thinking it wouldnt be necassary (not because they dont want to show their love & effection but because the news is on and mayby they should just wait and for the piceas to start cooking because mayby they think we wont like what they cook and why talk throughout the news! You will find they arnt very spontaneous or like to make plans/discuss future ideas because they are infact procrastanators and want to appear ‘in order’ when deep down they are just as insecure as pisces (but you will never hear them admit this)If you try to pick at what they do or say they will just walk out of the room, sulk and in 20mins act as if the argument never happended. Another thing i have notcied is that I struggle with knowing im no. 1 in his eyes as Virgo’s are known to be very loyal to their family, freinds & culture. I find my virgo will be more effectionate with his little neice then me, and this can make me feel not so loved as pisces like to be.In saying this Virgo men are the most loyal, trustworthy and honest guys out there, i know my vigo guy will never cheat or speak badly of me, they cannot stand bitching or foul takk so you find they keep to themselves. In conclusion you will need to decide if you would prefer these qualties over the smaller things in life…

    • Tanisha

      Mary, It’s funny that you should say that Virgo men don’t ask about your day because this was the turning point for me with my Virgo. We were friends for 4 years and he never really asked about my day. But in our 4th year of friendship I became very ill and wound up in ICU. Every since he thought he was going to lose me he has been attentive, calls me everyday, definitely inquires about how my day was. He has been the only man in my life to love me without loving me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. As far as cooking I’m very old fashion I love cooking and never expect my man to cook for me. My rule is no men in the kitchen. Virgo’s are loyal to their family but even more so with their woman. You might want to do some research on you Virgo learn his Moon, rising and other where his others signs lie.

  • jaim

    I’m a pisces girl married to a virgo male for 6 years and it’s been hell on earth. Opposites in every way. Virgos don’t even know how to feel in an almost pyschopathic way. Pisces gets no sympathy or affection from them unless Virgo wants sex. Virgo is arragant and negative and critical of everything. They are also THE BIGGEST SLOBS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND ARE MALE CHAUVANISTIC PIGS! Apart from Pisces woman with a fire sign, this is the worst pairing ever.
    Oh, and everyone says that picse woman and cancer man are good but it’s not true. Cancer men are horrible. In fact, I think that cancer men and virgo men would make a perfect match. And my Libra woman friend hates her Virgo man.
    I have wished every day that I ran away screaming from Virgo.

    • virgo star

      Sorry, but you sound bitter and stuck up. Can you get along with anyone? Did you stop to think you were the issue in the relationship? And maybe you need to change. Just saying.

    • Tanisha

      If your Virgo man is a slob. He is definitely a negative Virgo. Because a Positive Virgo man is very meticulous and could not live with being a slob. Ladies remember do your homework before you claim your Virgo or any other sign. Most negative signs show their true colors within a couple of weeks of dating. Don’t overlook or try to fix what you didn’t break.

  • Find renting computers

    let me help you out with this pairing it wont F**cking work… Sure there is mountains of potential here and it would be a great match but Virgos especially Virgo women are emotional cowards that tend to just turn feelings off, run for the hills dig a mile deep bunker stock it with supplies and sit and wait for the second coming before they will even thing about coming up for some fresh air. As a pisces it is frightening to think that anyone could live in such denial about their own feelings and emotions (yes a pisces just said that) but my God it goes beyond infuriating and borders maddening. Pisces if you are in love with a Virgo take my advice Turn on you superhuman piscean copping powers and swim away there is nothing but hurt here… You would almost be better off messing with a Aries… at least they where their indifference and arrogance on their sleeve so you see it coming.

    • Tanisha

      OMG!!!! ARIES ARE DEFINITELY OFF LIMITS FOR THE SANE PISCES. You would be better off being single. Too much work and effort to keep from screaming with an Aries. Virgo’s are not that bad.

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