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Pisces & Leo

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Leo may be king of the jungle but Pisces is the master of illusion. Poor beguiled Leo. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Leo: This is a detrimental relationship for the shy Pisces and a most unlikely attraction for you. Not compatible and very hurtful for the Fish that is attracted to you. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: You are doomed in this alliance. The Lion is too outgoing and you are far too sensitive. A hurtful relationship with little substance. ( Source: Love Test )

Leo needs public acclaim and Pisces needs a sheltered life. Both take more than they give. Forget this one. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Leo Man & Pisces Woman

Pisces ladies love to poke fun & giggle at human foibles, but Leo has enough of them to keep her in stitches. She will lead this lion around by his collar, pull his strings, push his buttons and crack the whip when necessary. This big cat will get as soppy as a puppy dog. Then, one day, he will observe her giggles and suddenly understand what they mean. Poached fish will be on the menu that night … ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match is nearly impossible to make work. You and the Leo boy are almost total opposites in temperament, emotions and your ways of dealing with other people. You feel deeply about the people you care for and you treat them with great affection and tenderness. Meanwhile, he is domineering and arrogant, and he will harass you and bully you until he gets his way. You tend to be fairly introverted, and he is extroverted and arrogant. You are emotional and vulnerable, and he is loud-mouthed and pushy. Because of his fiery nature, he is prone to major outbursts, which completely intimidate you. You?ll end up withdrawing to protect yourself after you experience this a few times. He?ll get annoyed by your sensitivity and he won?t get what the problem is. It?s a mismatch of personality that leads to explosions and bad feelings. Give this match a miss. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

You share: a love of water, music, and the finer things in life. Even if you’re only heading out for a picnic at the beach, there will be no dearth of romance.  In Leo boy, Pisces girl could have a lifelong friend and confidante-exactly the kind of relationship that fills you with bliss! ( FUNgirl – Astrology)

Leo Woman & Pisces Man

This match is just too difficult to work or even last very long. You are an extrovert who delights in everything larger than life and dramatic. Meanwhile, he?s living in his own little dream world, oblivious to what?s going on in reality. Dating the Pisces boy would mean trying to go into his cave with him and forgetting about your social life. That?s not going to happen! Plus, as generous as you are, when you two are together you both turn selfish and demanding. Someone has to be the giver, and in this relationship both of you become takers. This is a match that is pretty much doomed from the get-go. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Romance reigns supreme when Leo girl teams up with Pisces boy.  Notes in your locker, e-greetings, flowers and funny cell phone messages are all to be expected from your adoring Fish. Just be sure to return the favor once and awhile, and you’ll be beyond happy! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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22 Comments for this entry

  • Eliana

    So, I met this Leo back in May, and he and I feel this amazing physical attraction toward each other, but we both realized that we’re too different to make a relationship work. I’m so glad i read the Leo/Pisces compatibility test thingy because it hit on all the points we felt we couldn’t deal with in each other. We do realize, however, that not having each other in our lives would be horrible for both of us, and that its better for us to remain life-long friends. He’s like my older brother now, and i couldn’t ask for more!

    I love you Phil!!!

  • Chestnut R

    How wierd!

    Me and my boyfriend have awesome chemistry! He’s a Leo and I’m a PIsces!
    I can’t believe that it says to ignore the match, We both have so much fun together, but I do understand when it says that the Pisces may get burned in the relationship…Leo’s have such bad tempers!!! Anyway, I do love reading about how I can get along with my Leo in anyway I can!!!

  • mary

    I’m a pisces, my man is leo- we are soulmates
    and madly in love for over 2 years now. he’s loyal, romantic, funny and
    i’m a bit moody and cold sometimes but his sense of humor always gets me
    in a good mood. this is a great match.

  • abigail

    Wow. That is so true! I’m a pisces and my ex of 4 years is a Leo… We were so attracted to eachother physcially… Tried to make the relationship work but we were just too different! He was bad tempered and arrogant. I was sweet and loving and compassionate…. We just never clicked. Now I see…. It makes perfect sense. I guess cats just can’t handle the water lol!

  • crystal c

    me and my leo husband just got married last month. We do argue alot because of our differences but try 2 work on it all the time. We both agreed that the arguing aint gonna stop but we both love way 2 strong 2 leave each other. We accept the fact that we argue alot but we both know that in the end we gone end up right with each other.

  • Candace

    I’m a Leo and I was married to a pisces man for 7 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship. We had the best time. We got divorced though, because he was unfaithful. It was my decision, he wanted to stay together. I am currently dating another pisces and it is working out just as well. But I do find him to be extremely sensitive and he has helped me see how demanding for attention I am. I need to work on that. I think the relationship will work. As with any relatinship, you have to compromise and work with each other….not expect everything to be handed to you on a platter. IE: I once dated an Aries (supposed to be a perfect match for leo) and it was awful. I definitely believe that I am a textbook leo, but beyond that with astrology it is merely a guess. Try the relationship, and you should know if it will work or not. Don’t judge someone on their sign. It’s quite rude. (Even though I HIGHLY doubt I’ll date an aries again) HAHAHAHA

  • amanda

    i was really dissapointed when i read the review, as i have just started dating a lovely woman who i can already feel myself falling for! I have recognised the differences between us an have often doubted whether it was a good idea to carry on- but nonetheless we have an at the moment its great, although im starting to worry my shyness could make me lose her as she is so outgoing an is a musician so is always out there centre stage – literally! anyway i hope it will work out – we will see!! fingers crossed for me! xx

  • Seth

    well i’m a Leo and my gf is a Pisces and we get along really well! there’s no outbursts or not understanding her sensitivity. We both have the same likes and dislikes, i’d say we’re a perfect match.

  • Tihara

    I never wanted to date a Leo… until I met this Leo… and he was charming and I was physically and personality wise very much attracted to him… He is the first guy that I can let my imagination go and we have so much fun together, he does know that I am very sensitive.. and he can say things that really hurt me as a pisces but I care far too much for others, and only let out emotional side when I feel its not going quite right… We have to make comprimises and do have to think about how far we are we willing to go to be with one another, it has been 4 months… and aside from the sharp words.. I hope we can get through this… and I will keep you up to date if we are still together from now 🙂

  • Tiffany

    I’m a pisces and my boyfriend is a leo. We have been dating for six months now and it have been a long road. But we both really wanted to make it work no matter what. So we have taken time to learn and understand what we can do to ensure a healthy relationship. He is very demanding of my time and attention so I have learned how to give him what he wants with getting what I want also. We have a lot of fun together, the physical attraction is unbelieveabe,are sense of humor matches very well,we both are very loyal,and honest with one another. I believe he is my soul mate and I have a connection with him that I never had before. It don’t matter what one’s sign is because love is very powerful.

  • fahad

    This is wrong Bcoz my star is leo and my love have star pisces And we Made $ each other we are perfect 4 each other

  • Monica

    Me and this leo guy were madly in love. we met eachother when we were 14. He seemed completely in love with me, and nothing else in the world mattered to me than seein him, and no one has ever made me feel the same way he did. We ran away together, broke the law together because we were both going through a tough time. I will never ever forget my leo man! It really saddens me to think that he might not have felt the same way for me as I felt for him, wich was deep passionate warm and hot and electric all together, he filled my entire heart. We went our seperate ways when we were caught by the police. But I was told he asked about me at the places he went to, we never seemed to be able to see eachother, although I was always searching for my one true love.

  • Jill

    This is baloney. My bf is a pisces and I am a leo- and I have never experienced such a good relationship. He’s sweet and sensitive and responsive and caring- and yes, a little reserved, but everyone has the right to that. I like to talk a lot- and I’m always concerned that I talk too much. Of all the people I’ve met, he most enjoys listening to my stories. He’s laughs every time- the perfect audience! I’m shocked he isn’t sick of me yet! But he says he loves listening. And I love his quiet intelligence. All I want to do is make him happy. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt his feelings. And speaking of chemistry- our, um… physical compatibility… is unbelievable. So… i wouldn’t set such a store by astrology. Anyone out there who is worried about it- just take it as it comes, and work with what you have. Don’t both with what it’s ‘supposed’ to be.

  • Wendy

    You know I give some merit to the astrology thing but it also depends on the person and how they were raised. This comes from his mamma girls. If he’s good to his mother and sisters he is usually good to his woman. I don’t know if a Leo is good for me but I do have one who is pursuing me so I may jus tgo out with him and see for myself.

  • audrix

    I have been dateing my leo man for about 3 years and of course i’m a pisces. We never had a fight and he understands me. I’m so quite yet he understands how I feel like because of my expressions. He will not let anyone hurt me nor himself hurt me. We still have so much love for each other, it is outragious. Some people say that pisces sometimes can have paranormal abilities, well I think it is true cause I can read people’s futures but the odd thing is I can’t read his. I think it means something big, but what is it?

  • lain

    I am a pisces woman with a leo man, and its been a wonderful experience so far. we do have fights, so far nothing huge, but the bouts are there regardless. he gets frustrated because i refuse to share my feelings with him all the time, and i get frustrated when he gets so cocky it becomes inconsiderate, and when he gets himself into debt. but i tell him i’m worried about him, and that’s why i get upset, so he’ll know i’m not just nagging him. even when we’re fighting, i love the time, because something gets fixed, and he’s a great listener when i get in my moods of ranting. he never forgets to tell me he loves me,and i always return his affections.
    i’m also aware that i have him tied around my finger, and he admits he’d bend over backwards for me.
    we’ve been together for 10 months, and at times when i’m insecure he’s always tells me that i’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him. praising him for his strength in handling strange predicaments is something that comes in handy when he’s down, or i know he needs the uplifting. this is the best relationship i’ve been in, and this review is disappointing.
    and just so everyone knows, i’m the one that dominates the relationship, and he follows my lead without a complaint and he even says he loves it. so although my sign is the weaker one, i know pisces can take charge, even over a stronger sign, like leo.
    he’s everything i’ve always wanted, and so far he says the same about me.

  • lucy

    I’m a pisces and have been infatuated with a leo man for over two years. We are completely innapropriate for each other so there is no hope of a formal relationship but we have a connection. I give him very strange signals, sometimes I try to express that I adore him (through indirect means) and sometimes I act really distant because I don’t want to seem clingy. I am always very nervous around him but love his company. Eesh i’m in too deep. I love how he makes me feel special and loved, I also love his strength and passion and gorgeous voice and smell and bod and smile and charm and expressiveness and protectiveness and determination and cute quirks. He turns me on by being fiery and then lulls me with his gentleness. Edible!!!

  • burning pisces

    i am a pisces girl with leo man i love him madly i feel like he is love of my life and we are ready to go through anything to amke it work it is true that leo and pisces are not a match made in heaven we have hell times too but i like it when i suffer for him. no ne made me feel burning this way. i even had orgasms dreaming with him. i know we will have few moments in peace but we have it too. i experience life to to its deepest and fullest with him.

  • Debra

    I am a Pisces and my sweet man is a Leo. Yes we do lead them around by the collar. My leo always says how he likes to be kept. He is sweet charming handsome and very very sexy. We do argue, there not pretty, my leo is a marine and this just adds fire to a leo trust me. He is demanding of me, for attention, always need plenty of that, he looks to be reconized, and center of attention. I love him, he’s beautiful to me, inside and out, except when he is arrogant. I hate when he acts like that, and I don’t deal with, it me or what ever it is that I don’t like. I am good to him but its me or else.

  • Shia

    I am a Pisces female who is soo madly in LOVE with a beautiful Leo women. We have loved each other for a Year now And it seems like our worlds are a complete disaster when far-apart. We have arguements…Duh! Cause it seems I love to get in her head inside-out.
    There is definitely physical attraction and sometime’s we can’t keep our hands off each other. We seem to never stay mad at each other for too long. Just when I give her the silly cold shoulder which of course that’s just a pisces trying to get some attion from our little big leo lions. I feel this is my SoulMate. I just want to spend the rest of my life with this Leo. She’s so amazing and we have lost each other once before but it seems like that has made us even more In Love with each other. I feel Marriage in the future and I like it. 😉

    I Love You Nikki~Forever And Alwayz

  • Z

    Okay this has been a love and hate experience for me He the leo could less about most things always dreaming and i the Pisces alert All the time I wish we were the opposite. I must admit he is good at mostly everything from drawing to repairing things around the house. We share two kids after 18yrs. i think we are better off Great friends. Wonderful Experience overall.

  • Shubhra

    I completely disagree…I am a pisces woman and I am totally in love with my leo man. He never bosses me around and is enev more emotional and sensitive than me. His love is the best thing that has happened to me. People cannot be categorized so broadly on the basis of sun signs. These things are just for being read and forgotten. Don`t write off a man just because you read somewhere that his sun sign is a horrible match for you…Look at me I love my lion king..

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