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Pisces & Cancer

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Mushy, sexy, spiritual, raunchy, drug-drenched, sensual, hallucinatory and wildly bewitching. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: You and the Fish are probably the two most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Although you can comprehend one another you can also play emotional games and hurt each other. This connection can work if you communicate openly and honestly. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: You belong together. You are both sensitive, weepy and love to dwell in self-pity. This is a great match, certainly lasting, however someone negative and moody. ( Source: Love Test )

Together they can make their dreams a reality. Both are emotional and sensitive to each others needs. A harmonious match. An affectionate, sensitive couple. The two can make their dreams a reality. Pisces provides the love and Cancer provides the protection and together they feel secure. Both are responsive sexually. Cancer must take the lead but Pisces will willingly follow. A wonderful match. Cancer devotes itself exclusively to insecure Pisces, and , in turn, Pisces idolized Cancer. A very compatible pair. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Pisces Woman

The Pisces lady will melt in his warmth and he will drown himself in her considerable charms. One of the very best combinations. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is tied with Scorpio as the number-one soulmate match for you. Together, a Pisces girl and a Cancer boy add up to a deeply romantic pair. The love, passion and tenderness that can happen in this relationship are so incredibly, wonderfully romantic that it?s almost unreal. You will be very attracted to each other physically, so the kissing will be sweet and sparkling. He will also see all of your hidden, special qualities and he will idolize you and make you feel like the most special girl on earth. Together, you can tune out the world and create a dreamy love nest for two. This is a perfect emotional and romantic match for you. A soulmate love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

There’s comfort in having someone in your life who shares the same worries and concerns, and that’s exactly the case when Pisces girl joins up with Cancer guy. The only potential problem? You both have a tendency to dwell on the negative when things aren’t perfect, and someone needs to lighten the mood. As long as you can do that, this relationship can be smooth and wonderful. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Cancer Woman & Pisces Man

This is tied with Scorpio as the number one soulmate match for you. A Pisces boy can be your true soulmate in every way. He is an strongly passionate person who lives in a world of feelings, much like you. A Pisces boy will provide you with the lavish emotional warmth that you are looking for in a partnership. His affection and passion for you will make you feel completely special and adored. This is a perfect fit between two very deep-feeling signs. A real soulmate love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Together, Cancer girl and Pisces boy ooze with mutual love and devotion.  You both understand each other in ways that would perplex an outsider, and somehow, you always know the right thing to say when the chips are down.  Nurture and honor this dating combo, because it could be a keeper. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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28 Comments for this entry

  • toky

    I’m Pisces, and my ex- is Cancerian.
    After breaking up more than 6 years ago, we still talk on the phone for endless hours. She’s in Canada, and i’m in the uk.
    I certainly believe in compatibility.

  • Neorose

    I’am a piesces, and my partner is cancer. I think we are very compatible W/

  • Neorose

    ” Being a piesces it is to hard to deal up the mood of cancer. but sometimes its llike good to encounter him. Coz i can know a lot about, I fell safe w/ cancer, but better to knoe his attitude.

  • britt

    My ex- boyfriend is a Cancer & i am a Pisces, the love we share is so full of bliss. At one point we couldn’t get enough of each other. We are still very much involved now. This is definitely a compatible match.

  • nichol


  • nic

    wow i am a cancer and my bf of almost 4 months are perfect together and hardly ever fight he is like the most sensative and caring guy i have ever met and we are gonna be together for awhile i hope anyway 🙂 Nic luvs brandon 4ever.

  • jeannie

    im a cancer girl and i was dating a piscec man at first sight i thought i would be with him for 4ever we had good sex everything was right but 2 years later i figured he wasnt the one for me he is a cheater , lier and i regret ever meeting him

  • Mr. Pisces

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After reading these comments, I am grateful that I am not alone. My ex-girlfriend is a crab, and I am a fish.

    Here is our story:

    January 2005: Crabina and Fishy start talking (Columbia, SC).

    May 2005: We officially start dating (Columbia, SC)

    September 2005: Her father makes it clear that he does not like my
    religion (I am Catholic, they are Protestant) and this makes things
    awkward for me since I have intentions to marry this girl later on.

    January 2006: I am forced to move (New Orleans, LA), and we stay in
    touch over the months (several visits and lots of phone calls)

    August 2006- May 2007: She moves down to New Orleans to attend graduate
    school, and we can continue to be together, while loving and supporting each other. She goes home for holidays and visits like that.

    May-August 2007 (summer break 1): She goes back to Columbia to stay with
    her parents; maintain daily calls on the phone, visit when I can, etc…

    August 2007 (fall): She returns to grad school in New Orleans so that
    we can be together again.

    December 2007: I discover that her parents are suffering from Empty
    Nest Syndrome, which is a psychological condition where parents try to
    control the lives of their “children” even though they are grown adults
    capable of making decisions on their own. I tell her about ENS, and she
    becomes very angry and defensive. I tell her that I love her very much,
    but I cannot deal with this controlling behavior from her parents. I
    wish that they would lighten up, and let us lead our lives as a couple.
    We were not living together or anything like that, nor did we ever live
    together. I just don’t like the fact that her parents have to talk to
    her every single day, and also have a major influence on even the
    smallest decisions that she makes.

    May-August 2008 (summer break 2): She goes back to Columbia. We have some fights on the phone. My friend (a Scorpio male) was suffering from alcoholism and separation anxiety disorder, and I spent time with him trying to help him defeat his demons by going hunting and fishing, and I attend his AA meetings
    with him as his friend. I do this because his wife ditched him, and he
    didn’t have anyone else to help him. Girlfriend gets jealous of my friendship because I have less time to talk on the phone, and she starts secretly dating another guy.

    August 2008: Crabby returns to my arms in New Orleans, and tells me that
    she was not proud of her decision to end our relationship. Further, she
    feels as though it was wrong and a mistake to end our loving relationship. She comes back to me, and we are together again mentally and emotionally. There is a very strong mental-emotional bond between us again, and she tells me that
    rebound boy is a thing of her past. She is even lying to her parents
    about the survival of our special relationship as they are convinced she is
    single again, even though she is with me in a very intimate and loving
    way. Yes, I still loved my crabby then, and I love her even now as I write this to you.

    November 2008: Crabby and I have a fight about where to spend
    Thanksgiving (her parents house or mine), and it just gets worse to
    December. Angry feelings persist through the holiday break from both
    her and me, even though I make an effort to try to get things right

    December 2008: Crabby has returned to New Orleans for final exams, and we
    are together again, but on rocky circumstances. Crabby finishes exams,
    returns to Columbia and secretly resumes relationship with summer rebound boy. I make an effort to visit her and her parents in Columbia, but her father
    is against this idea. She later confesses to me that rebound boy has
    resurfaced in her home in Columbia for visits, and they are in fact
    kissing and spending time together. I am devastated because I thought
    we were working through our problems.

    January-May 2009: Very little contact between us. Occasional talks and
    emails, but nothing serious. This is due to her basically cutting me out of her life.

    May 2009: She graduates with her degree, and secretly gets engaged to
    rebound boy.

    Now, all of that said, I am devastated right now.

    Completely and totally devastated.

    Even if we were having fights on the phone, was there ever a need to destroy the
    relationship completely? She tells me that she has “moved on” and has
    cut all communication with me entirely, but what I cannot figure out is
    why a human being would return to me for a very intimate relationship
    only to get engaged to a rebound boy several months later?

    I have zero interest in jumping into a relationship with a new woman
    right now because I miss my crabby so much, but I cannot figure out why she
    would dive into a rebound engagement in less than 12 months after ending
    a 4 year relationship.

    PS… Rebound boy is very much like me. Looks like me, has my same
    name and even is Catholic (only he is renouncing his religion to be with
    her). He is also former military just like me. In fact, I call him
    “Bizarro” simply because of the strong and bizarre similarities.

    Is my ex-girlfriend’s behavior psychologically unhealthy, or is this
    normal behavior?

    I still love her, and I believe she may still have feelings for me but
    chooses to block them out and seek rebound boy simply because he lives
    in Columbia and has the approval of her father.

    I wish that I had asked her to marry me first, but I heard that you can
    never marry a woman if her father doesn’t like you.

    What’s the deal?

    Thanks for your time and support.

    • jo

      Us cancerian girls put up with a lot for love. But disrespecting our folks, regardless of whether they are in the wrong or not, is the ultimate No-No. As we see it, family is EVERYTHING.

      She probably loved you more than life itself, and will still have you in her heart. But when the ultimatum was laid down…the day you talked about ENS…she fought hard for the choice to be you. Unfortunately, for you…her Family Bond was too strong.

      Continue to love the memory of your sweet Crabby, she will be doing the same x

      • Moon

        Cancer male here. I agree with Jo. ‘ENS’ became that quicksand/ blackhole that sucked you both in.

        1. She’s not in love with you anymore, but can’t let go. When she finally does it will be abrupt and total.

        2. You don’t miss her as much as you miss the “idealized” version of her you formed in your head in the beginning of the relationship (when the possibilities were endless). The possibilities for YOUR separate lives are still endless. It will be ok.

        3. Without a doubt, as soon as you meet the next girl–you will find it silly to even think about your ex (I thought that was love…This is Love!!!!)

        Best wishes in Love my friend. Whooooooah!

  • The Cancerian

    I am a Cancer, and I absolutely fell in love with a Pisces. I find these Zodiacal readings very accurate. He is sweet, and sensitive, and is very emotional and loves to love. I am also very sensitive, though snappy at times (Also exremely emotional) we have hurt eachother a couple times, but then we get depressed and realized we were meant for eachother. It’s great.

  • cancer giirl

    ive been liking this piscean guy for 5-6yrs now and now i can honestly say I LOVE HIM. the only problem is we started out playing games and now we cant find a way to escape it weve only talked a few times yet somehow its like i know him more than anyone else in my life hes my neighbor and we go to the same skool so hes always around.idk what it is about him its like i know what hes feeling and i can feel when hes around its kindof freaky actually i can honestly say this is THE MOST INTRUIGING MAN in the world were like magnents.the only problem is sometimes he puts up this front that he doesnt like me as much as i think he does & hell act like a jerk and im like pissed at him and the games weve played have hurt me so much and if ur a cancer like me u know once someone hurts u ull never let that protective wall down to that person again…but with him when he hurts me i want to stop loving him bc the pain is other worldly but i CANT ive never shut him out of my life but its hard tonot get caught up in all the fantasies wt him remember weve only talked a few times in 5-6 yrs but idk how to explain how we communicate we just know.my advice to any piscean/cancerian couples is DONT PLAY GAMES itll put u in the biggest most confusing rut of ur life unless one of you is big enough to speak up and say how they feel….

  • fuck dat i just wanted 2 share dat pies of info

    my freind has a cancer girl n he is head ovaer hills for dis wonman so really i do think dis is a great a nd terifice match.

  • Cancer #1

    Ima cancer girl, and i am ABSOLUTLY head over heels, in love with a pisces boy. Hes EVERYTHING i eva wanted and yet so much more

  • The Cancer Girl

    I have an ex fiance who’s a pisces. I recently have been dating a pisces who is 7 years younger than I am, but almost instantly the chemistry was there. Problem comes in where he reminds me of my ex fiance, faults and all. And don’t forget the chinese zodiac compatibity, goat and tiger has a not good to average compatibility. And all the other moon/rising other signs. All in all, we have an above average percent of making it, but being a cancer girl, being cautious in getting hurt is so strong in me sometimes I can’t get past it to make the relationship worthwhile. Thoughts?

  • red18

    my husband is a pisces and im a cancer REALLY….wer both sensitive as in…but we love each other so much everyday we have an arguments but we make it to the point that we solve it and after that we’re very sweet again that’s one thing i like in our relationship coz both of us are romantic in diff. way

  • Mandy

    I am a pisces women who thought Id found the perfect cancer man, when we were together it was magical warm and tender. The feeling of true affection filled me every time we touched. He said all the right things and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.
    This was a long distance relationship and I trusted him totally. Turns out he has had an Aquarius girl friend that he said was an on again off again relationship and that it was over because he had finally found the love of his life! Not according to her myspace page! her profile pic is of the 2 of them and her status is “in a relationship” and she has tons of pics of the 2 of them together hugging and kissing!
    I am so heart broken!!!!!

  • cancer guy

    im a cancer man and im wondering for those pisces woman is it true that you like ur feet being tended to and all that other stuff like if i had a foot fetish

  • Pisces Girl

    I met a cancer guy and he was amazing. I met him in Mia we talk for awhile until he want to stop talking so much this is a guy I don’t want to ever forget. He had some great quality he was everything that I ever wanted in a guy. His kiss was great that was in July I have not kiss another guy yet I have to get that same feel that I felt with him. I hope it happen sometime soon.

  • ale cancer girl.

    Hey well my name is alejandra im 17 yrs old ima a cancer girl & my ex was a pisces guy omg I feell head over heeels he’s eveything I want in a guy. We still love each other so much but his ex gf had a baby by him =( soo yeahh u can image we were heart broken I misss him I haven’t talk 2 him since 4 ever. But I trutly can say a cancer & pisces r meant to be. (:

  • bubbly

    i m a cancerian girl and i am in love with pisces boy…..the care, affection, love, emotions and of course respect i recieved from him is v. difficult to explain………. and i just want to spend my whole life with him…. i really feel that the pisces boys pretend to be practical but indeed they are v.emotional n very loving…… n they simply dont believe in unjustice…. i am looking forward to marry him… pray for me :):) 🙂

  • pearl

    wow!this is soo amazing! i m a cancerian gal….i was getting bored @ night….surfing d net and i just realised dat pisces is d best match 4 me…u know guys…90% of ur happiness in life depends upon d person u marry…i will surely marry a piscean guy…

  • cancer1466

    im a cancer and ive dated four pisces, definately way too dramatic, depressing, and over emotional.. in my opinion a horrible couple

  • cancer lady

    Very made for each other soulmate made in heaven experience. However the pises man has to be more practical and cancer more easyer on them.

  • cancer girl

    my best relationship ive been in very happy and feel alive 2gether. love each other and feel each other 24 hours a day. he proposed to move in on the 2nd date but i said its too fast and we have to take it slowly but seriously.

  • Lady Pisces

    my first love is a cancer, I felt a bond with him I had never felt with anyone else, and have yet to feel again. it was and still is kind of telepathic in a way, even though were not together, he’s always going to be in my heart and dreams. emotionally it was very satisfying, but we both, are young, and don’t know just how to deal with the things going on in life right now..thought it would be better for both of us to go our separate ways. we tried to hold on for so long, because our love was unique, and strong enough for us to let each-other go. Wrong time in life is all I can say. Things were always pretty Dramatic, and in the end tragic, which is why I think I loved it so..but that’s just me. there were misunderstandings alot of the time, and times where you’re trying to be there but, youre just as emotional so its hard to forget your own pain. But as long as youre mature and mentally stable enough in life, and are open and honest, pisces and cancer are still a perfect pair in my eyes.

  • Jimbo


    that mught be due to u not being a cancer at all but rather a gemini

    check out sidereal astrology

    western astrology is off by about 23.85 degrees

    the west didn’t keep up with the actual constelation movments (thanks to the dark ages)

    sidereal strology is astronomicaly correct with the sun and planets in their actual constelations

    also U’r other planets play a big role moon (emotions) mercury (mind and communication) venus (love) mars (action) etc

    • jo

      I think it has more to do with moon cycle when she responded. I could just hear two of cancer bfs saying that 2 days before the full moon. However, my moon timetable means when they are at their most moody, i am at my most amorous. I love being cancerian and how we can have.different opinions about the same.subject dependant on what the moon is doing 🙂 x

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