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Pisces & Gemini

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Love and Hate at first sight — they can read each other’s minds and it’s just too much. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Gemini: Insecurity usually ruins this relationship. This can be an extremely emotional union. Unique, destructive, yet passionate and lustful resulting in hurt and anxiety. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: Your emotional blackmail will usually hold a Gemini, however sorrow almost always prevails. A very destructive union for both parties involved. ( Source: Love Test )

Pisces is emotional and Gemini is thoughtless at times. Gemini dissembles, Pisces won?t deal with reality. Gemini needs freedom Pisces needs adoration. Not good union. Gemini is too playful for sensitive Pisces. Each practices deception in their own way. As Pisces tries to tighten the strings on roving Gemini, Gemini will be looking for a way out. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Gemini Man & Pisces Woman

This match is not a good one. A Gemini boy and a Pisces girl make an unstable combination, because of basic differences in what you need in relationships. He changes his mind from minute to minute, and something he was excited about yesterday might bore him to tears today. You can?t stand this unpredictable side of him and you will be hurt when he loses interest in the things he seemed to like about you before. You are also a very emotional, deep-feeling person and you need to be with someone who is the same. The Gemini boy is intellectual, rather than emotional, and your attempts to get him to express his feelings will freak him out. He?ll run from you when you demand more attention. Overall, it?s a bad match for you.. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Even though Gemini boy will be hard pressed to admit it, you’re on to him, and as clever as he is in every respect.  Pisces girl has enormous powers of persuasion over her Gemini guy, and such power should be used wisely.  You have a lot to teach him about heart and soul, and he can show you how to become a better communicator. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Gemini Woman & Pisces Man

This match is just too challenging to make it work. You might be attracted to the Pisces boy?s dreamy looks and passionate nature. Unfortunately, for some reason your two signs bring out the worst qualities in each other. You can be a bit of a trickster sometimes, omitting the truth when it serves your purpose. Pisces just brings that out in you. And Pisces, who often lives in a dream world, with you begins to “forget” the truth if it means he?ll lose a fight or get in trouble from you. Together, it will become too tiring to keep track of what?s really going on between you. It’s a bad news match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Still waters run deep with Pisces boy, Gemini.  While you’re inclined to get out there and let the world know what you want (and when you want it!) your beloved may be a little more tentative about showing his feelings. But once he feels safe and decides to show you the extent of his affection, this is a blissful match. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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11 Comments for this entry

  • Adam

    wow… this is a little different. my gf is a pisces, but she acts more of an aquarius… and she loves my unpredictable side… and she dosent get me to tell her my feelings… which I would be a little creeped out by… I dunno.

    I really expect me & her to last

  • louise

    Yep, love AND bain of my life was more or less how it played out for me. It hurt and it made me very happy often at the same time and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  • lupe

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything buh this is completely wrong. I mean not realy u should juz try to work it out.

    maibee ul be the happiest.

    ima c wat happens

  • Feb.27.09

    WOW, like this stuff is really crucial[!] My Boyfriend is a pisces && ii’m a Gemini [!] Everythinq is soOo true [?] Like, who came up with this stuff [?] but anyways, ii love my boyfriend soOo much && we’re always qoinq to be toqether [!] FOREVER N EVER [!]

  • liz

    this is a little harsh. personally, my boyfriend and i get along just fine, and hes a gemini and im a pisces. i think a major component to our success is that we communicate with one another and find a resolution to our difference. we are both very different people, but i think thats what makes us so attracted to one another. the point is this makes it seem impossible for a pisces and a gemini to be together, when in reality it can work just fine.

  • Marta

    Hi, I’m a gemini girl and my friend Diana is a pisces. Everything that article said was TRUE!!!
    How did they know!!!!!!!?? It’s like if they’re stalking my life and posting it here. Diana is such a stick in the mud. She’s so negative!!!!!!! She thinks I’m too positive!!?? Is that true about gemini? Am I really a positive sign??
    All I know is that were not that much of great friends.
    I’m her only friend. I have a bunch of friends but she also gets jealous whenever I talk to someone else besides her. I didn’t tell her that I have a lot of friends anyways. She gets mad at me for no reason, and she says that I’m too talkative!! Help me please?

  • Jessica Johnson

    This is a little inaccurate. I am a female Gemini and my fiance, Eldon, is a Pisces. He is very sensitive and dreams a lot, yes. He also has empathy that is very nature. He doesn’t like to fight, but can get angry. I’m more silver-tongued and very intelligent. I use my wits and way with words against him all the time. We are both very open-minded, so it’s not hard to get over fights and such. Being together brings out the qualities I hadn’t even discovered about myself. I had never really cared for someone so much. I acually love him more than my own family members (do to certain circumstances) and he’s always been there for me. We have our arguments, but there’s nothing we haven’t been able to compromise on. So, I really don’t agree with all of these reports. There is a more accurate compatibility of the signs in a different place.
    Awaiting a fulfilling life, and happy ending,
    a female Gemini.

  • Margaret

    This is very true, I am a pisces he was a gemini, we were together for 10 years, thought all was fine, then one day something else caught his attention and all the personality traits that attracted him to me in the first place, where then the things he now claimed to dislike.

    We still remain friends, but as partners does not work.

  • Anna

    soooo true…i’m a gemini…husband is pisces….found him to be toooo controling and i felt like i was in a cage…married 30 years….cause he always made me feel guilt if i were to leave….my life was hard but sweet he was always sweet when i wanted to leave..

  • dhaval

    im gemini and my girlfriend is pisces. Like Liz said, me and my girlfriend are just two opposite poeple. Nature, Likings/dislikings, hobbies…everything is just differnet. Nothing matches between us. But still we share a great emotional bonding within eachother. And i must say that, we get lost in eachother whenever we start making love eachother..Its just like heaven – Like two bodies, two souls merge in one. This relation only works well, if u communicate nicely, act maturely, understand eachother, give freedom & trust each other. Anger Is big No-No – as it will just ruin this relationship. And at last….Astrology is just not only one aspect to determine a relation between two people. atmosphere , environment in which we grow, family, friends, culture – These things also play a huge role in making a relationship healthy.

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