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Aquarius & Leo

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A true yin-yang combination that plays like a good game of Truth and Consequences. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Leo: The polarities usually attract passionately, nevertheless the Water-bearer’s expansive interests and higher mind leave you feeling somewhat neglected and unimportant. ( Source: Love Test )

For Aquarius: You are polar opposites. The is plenty of chemistry, however the Lion is more physical in nature then you are. You on the other hand are concerned with the intellectual aspect of the relationship that is often lacking. ( Source: Love Test )

Aquarius?s tendency to criticize will deflate Leo?s ego and that is one thing Leo can?t stand. Aquarius is too independent to become Leo?s devoted subject. No go. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Leo Man & Aquarius Woman

This match is great for a short-term fling, but don?t count on it lasting very long or leading to true romance. A Leo boy and Aquarius girl will have very strong physical chemistry, so you could be drawn together by that. Unfortunately, you are opposites in practically every other way and you will dislike each other?s personalities when you get close. You are interested in the world- you like to get involved in things, you like to philosophize about things and you?re interested in justice and social causes. Meanwhile, he is completely into himself. He?d rather look at himself in a mirror than look at what?s going on outside his own self, and he has not interest whatsoever in making the world a better place to live in. You will not be able to put up with this for very long and things will end in a big fight. Not a good love match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Aquarius girl and Leo boy have unique talents and attributes to share with each other—and a great gift for creating an atmosphere of joy when together.  Respect is the key to success with this astro combo-know that you may come from two totally different worlds (and have different friends and interests) but this makes things exciting and widens both of your worlds. ( FUNgirl – Astrology)

Leo Woman & Aquarius Man

Marriage looks like bondage to the Aquarian, but what the Leo woman has in mind for him is closer to servitude. She will have to learn to take care of herself and to be happy with canned applause from a soundtrack because she will never get it from him. He has better things to do than to worship at her altar. Nix. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match is not good for either one of you. Aquarius has a very cold and sarcastic side to his personality when he?s around some people. This is brought out in a relationship between you two, and his words of criticism can really hurt your confidence. You love to bring great energy to the living of your life and you do things on a grand scale. The Aquarius boy would rather sit back observing life and making intelligent comments and theories about it. Your personalities are just too different for this match to work out- you may not even be able to stand being near him after a while! There isn?t much physical chemistry between you either. A bad match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Leo girl loves the quirkiness of Aquarius boy, and he, in turn, loves her powerful attitude.  You’re dating an original, Miss Leo, and that means that you’ll never quite be sure of what Aquarius boy will say or do next.  If anything, this relationship won’t be boring! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Dena DeRose

    i’m aquarian and the woman i started seeing recently is a leo. wondering??


  • Flo

    I am a leo and tried the whole aquarius thing. At first you will think everything is good since you guys are very similar .. (you’re oppisite signs) you will never fully understand eachother though. Leos are too pridefull and love to do things without explaining themselfs which wont ever workout for you since you like to know it all. I dont know we are very warm hearted people. Depending on where the planets were when he was born, will you truly know if you guys are compatible.

  • Aquarius Man

    Ive been with my girlfriend (Leo) for nearly 10 years now. Its been on/off most of the time. Ive also found our long distance is what has kept us very strong and always fresh. It feels like the first time everytime Im with her. My peculiar treasure..

    As fixed signs, they dig into their chosen fields, and can feel anchored together in their respective pursuits. As a polarity on the Zodiacal wheel, they prove that opposites attract, with huge growth potential for the effort. Leo’s soul purpose is to celebrate the Self, and express its uniqueness through creativity. Aquarius, on the other hand, has a persona woven into the collective, and always sees through the vision of “all of us.” They offer each other the view from the other side — Leo sees its part in the whole, and Aquarius sees its uniqueness as an individual.

    The struggles from experiencing life in a way that’s almost inverted, can lead to a lifetime of growth. They’re both full of compassion, and as a pair, have a big impact on those around them. They thrive together when each feels part of something committed and out-of-the-ordinary, but also feel the freedom to fulfill their dreams.

    This is so true but I did hear we should never move in together :S


  • trish

    i met my aquarius man while on holiday! i am a leo woman an we hit it off straight away 🙂 6 months later he moved over to my country and here we are living together, planning out wedding and expectating our first baby 3 years later! don’t rely on signs if you truly love each other it will work… good luck xxx

  • aquarius woman

    ive met this incredible dream man and he’s a leo. he thinks im goofy and play too much when i think he’s too serious and needs to loosen up a bit

  • Jude

    I am an Aquarian boy and I am in love with a Leo girl. She is full of energy. The more I am getting to know her the more I am loving her. She is like an angel with ambitions of touching the sky and on the other hand I am more of a laid back person.She has a smile which can light up the day and make my heart smile.I have dated women of other sunshines but I wasn’t crazy about anyone else more than her.She has all the traits in her which I have dreamed of having.Everyday has something new to do and I plan ways of keeping her happy.She completes me!
    Who says that Aquarians cannnot love Leos?I love her more than anything else in this world and would do anything to keep her smiling. Some Aquarians may be sarcastic but many aren’t infact I do encourage her in her work and try and help her to be calm and do her stuff nicely.She also plans some things for me to keep me on my toes as far as my job is concerned.Aquarians may not be cold too.If we truely love somebody we can heap them up with praises and make them feel cherished.
    In conclusion I would say I love my Leo wife more than anything else and nothing on this earth not even horoscopes can make me stop loving her.

  • guybrunswick

    I am leo man! I just started dating an Aquarius woman. Man, we were so attracted to each other and so fast. It felt like we were made for each other. She is now pregnant and we both are seeing different sides of each other. One thing I understood in this relationship is that, we both can learn from each other. I am not sure what she dislikes about me, but I sure dislike being ignored or should I say her dont care attitude bothers me and at the same time, I think I am a grown up man, why do I need so much attention all the time.

  • Najoua

    Aquarius women , my advice to you is to stay out of the leo’s league ! trust me there is a looooooooot of attraction but huuuuuuuuuuuuuge complexion ( it’s frensh I know ) !

    Leo men think he’s the world to you and want you to think the same …
    Aquarius women are already in their own unique yet, beautiful world …

    And the the two worlds will never be one !

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