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Aquarius & Cancer

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Cancerians cling and Aquarians need space — this combo needs lots of understanding. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: You are far too sensitive for the Water-bearers aloofness. Aquarians cannot tolerate your need to cling to them. ( Source: Love Test )

For Aquarius: You are far too aloof for the insecure Crab. Not a likely encounter, highly dangerous for Cancer and somewhat binding for you. ( Source: Love Test )

Aquarius is a lone wolf and Cancer needs to feel secure. Not much going for them. Aquarius is cool and self possessed. Cancer is warm and responsive so Cancer?s clinging would annoy Aquarius. Cancer is hesitant while Aquarius is impatient and unpredictable. Aquarius is too detached for Cancer. Aquarius is a lone wolf and Cancer need to feel secure and protected. Not a good pairing. Aquarius makes sensitive Cancer feel neglected and rejected. Aquarius hates Cancers clinging, destructiveness, and complaining. Aquarius needs a flexible living arrangement and Cancer needs security. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Aquarius Woman

The most personal sign meets the most impersonal. The Cancerian will be devastated by her refusal to melt. Aquarians can understand almost anything, but they will never empathise at the depth needed by Cancer. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match doesn?t have much chance of lasting very long or being very enjoyable. Cancers boys are really mushy- they want to cuddle and snuggle all the time and they?re not as interested in connecting on a friendship or intellectual level. This will bore you to tears, because you need a love partner who can keep you interested and stimulated mentally. He is also way too needy for you. In a relationship with an Aquarius girl, a Cancer boys will complain constantly that he?s not getting enough affection, attention and love. You will think you?ve giving him lots of attention and you won?t get what his problem is. In fact, he will seem very self-absorbed to you because practically all he?ll talk about after a while is how you are neglecting him. This will drive you nuts, and it will drive you away. Avoid this match- it will not do anything for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Aquarius girl will be drawn to the depth of emotion that Cancer boy can give off with as little as a glance.  It’s an attraction that sometimes defies words, so enjoy it while it lasts. In the long haul, as sweet as he is, Cancer boy might be a little too morose for Aquarius girl’s taste. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Cancer Woman & Aquarius Man

The most personal sign meets the most impersonal. Aquarius may be the water-bearer, but drowning in it is not his style. She will grow on him like a barnacle and be devastated when he tries to assert his independence by coming up for a gulp of air. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match has basically no hopes of turning into real or long-term love. You two are complete opposites when it comes to what you need from relationships. You are a warm, friendly and open-minded person; he is cool and not very open to new people or experiences. You are highly emotional; he is highly intellectual. You get loud and cry when you fight; he just sneers and leaves the room. He is a detached person; you want to be connected to the world through emotion. This is a case of opposites colliding, in the worst way possible. A bad love match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Off the bat, Cancer girl and Aquarius boy will have to agree to disagree. You’ve both got thoughts and ideas of your own, and rarely will the two sides meet.  You want pizza. He wants pasta. You want to see a Julia Roberts movie; he wants to rent Starship Troopers. However, you will manage to broaden each other’s horizons in wonderful ways, and if respect is your underlying code of honor, you’ve got a winner on your hands. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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16 Comments for this entry

  • Diane

    aw the aquarius and cancer love…it is magic, but always ends. I wonder if it would ever work? I’m an aquarius and never very worried about that crazy little thing called love, until a crab man came into my life. He wasn’t suppose to happen. The first person i felt i could open up to, I really really love him so much, and our break up destroyed me. I suppose it’s for the better right…I dont know. I’m not scared of being alone, or without him, I’m scared I’m losing myself, my love for the world because of him. Cold and aloof, but passionate and strong i always was, like my true sign, but…it’s been more than 13 months and I’m a wreck., a true train wreck. Beware! Aquaruians are guarded for a reason, maybe we really are to never fully give our inner most self to just one

  • Jude@ny-yankees.net

    Hey Diane, I wanted to respond to your comment on Aquarius and Cancer love. I dated a cancer woman & it was quite the experience.

    I hope that where ever you are that you find yourself happy, & well, 13mos at the time that you posted that comment seems an awful long time to be broken. .

    You are right about us aquarius’s I dont think we were meant to give our hearts to any ONE person. Its funny that you said that cuz thats what it seems that WE WANT TO DO… but maybe are supposed to. I always believed that giving my all entirely to that one person was a dream come true… best to keep in… on a certain level anyways until our true TRUE SOUL MATE came…..

  • regina

    i m really scared after your all comments ,of aquarian and cancer ,i m going to get married to cancerian but sometime i really feel that he is not a perfect person for me ….he tease me alot ,,,he makes piss me off really now almost 2 ,months ..we are together ,,sometime i think that once times goes more we can understand each other but he always says he love me a lot ,,he will never ever leave me wat ever happen …i really scared ….if something problem happens after ma marriage ..how to avoid it for ma long time relation ship .

  • Kristen

    I honestly dont believe this is true, im a cancer girl and my man is aquarius but he makes a much better cancer! Hes never acted any way that a aquarius should other then being independent and clever. But were engaged and have been dating for a year and almost 3 months. This doesnt seem to be true at all…. Thats a little disconcerting…. But yeah, my aquarius is a horrible sensitive (he cries in front of me) and very humorous, loving, fatherly man and he always has been since I first met him (4 years ago)

  • Shayn the female cancer

    I’ve been in a relationship with an Aquarius male off & on for 3 years. It has been rocky though. When we are up it’s awesome, but when we are down it’s painful. Aquarius are actually more sensitive than these profiles usually portray they only appear detached b/c of their need for independence and constant searching/drifting/need for space. (lol I still haven’t figured out for what) Being a cancer I’m quite moody so I often understand the need for space comparable to my moodiness. Yet the biggest issue has been my cancer jealous streak and the Aquarius flirtatious nature and also the difference in expressing emotions. Aquarius do not argue or express emotions until they boil over or they talk rationally when they feel the time is right, while cancers constantly want to discuss emotions and feelings rarely ever combining ration and emotion. Overall the relationship has always had good understanding, great romance and sexuality, good communication also. It just takes a great deal of effort and maturity, definitely a relationship that takes time and gets better with progression and patience.

  • miss p

    Iam A Cancer female and have been dating a Aquarius man for about 2 months he can be very cold at time but thats just him he makes me laugh I just love this man,I know he really cares for me even tho he try to play the role.I love him so much and when we are together he makes me so happy.True iam a clingy person but only when he needs me too be.I know when to back off maybe thats why he likes me so much.We have great sex OH MY!! great convo I listen to him he listens to me and in my eyes we are great for each other.But we will see its only been 2 months,I think it will work tho.

  • Rannie

    I find it intresting how I’ve Aries, Libras and Sagtiuars, which are “supposedly” who I’m mmost compatable with but I’ve always gotten hurt from. I;m and Aq ad my guy of six months is a Cancer and I find it funny that we are the compelet oppsitite of this horoscope. I’m the one who wants him to open up and be open, but crab nature, you got to prey that sucker open with a nut cracker. I like being affection, he’s not much abiut kissing and cuddling. The only thing that I do find comparing is he gives me space but he feels negilceted if I always call back or not want to do what he wants to do. He takes it with a grain of salt, but I can tell how it effects him.

  • Just Me

    I am truly in love with a man that does not understand me and he is a Cancer! We are not compatible and the only thing that is certain is mutual respect and friendship ?!?. No, we are not in a relationship b/c his hesitant and cautious ways prevent us from going any further. It is emotionally draining and after reading this I feel like its an useless efforts. I have known this guy for over four years and it was a difficult acquaintance to begin becuase of the distance. Needlessly to say, we are in the same city and no closer emotionally. ALthough, I am the biggest skeptical of zodiac signs I think the author of this might be on to something. “Aquarius girl will be drawn to the depth of emotion that Cancer boy can give off with as little as a glance. It’s an attraction that sometimes defies words, so enjoy it while it lasts. In the long haul, as sweet as he is, Cancer boy might be a little too morose for Aquarius girl’s taste.”

  • yazmin

    I have been dating a aquaruian for about 5 months and everything is been really good he understands me and we know that we can make evrything work because when we think that we have problems we talk abiut abd we work it out we really love each other and know one has been able to separate us if its true love it will work out no matter what.

  • treystrulove

    Hey- I’m an Aquarian and IN LOVE with a Crab. I feel as if I’m the clingy one and he’s aloof. Maybe the age difference has a lot to do with it. I hate to think this relationship is destined to fail even before it begins. I KNOW we are meant for each other and I am willing to wait until the time come.

  • patiently waiting

    miss.p, I tohave been talking to an aquarian man for 3 months and it’s the same with me and patience is deffiently something we need in this rtelationship,and I know when we first starting talking it was God that gave me patiently waiting cause again patience is what we cancer women need in dating aquarian male.e-mail me sometime.


    I love these man his aqua. and im a cancer…when i met him for the very first timd i felt as if i knew him for a really long time…it sucks because i met him one day before he had to fly out to oregon he travels alot and he hasnt found that someone that will wait for him that will stick to the relationship and we met and we both said that maybe it was meant for us to met one day before he flew out to really see if i can wait and stick to the relationship and not cheat on him…i love him like i never though i ever would again…we are leaving things to time see hows things turn out wish me luck

  • poison apple

    Dont you notice how all the cancers are inlove with their aquarius. And all the aquarius had enough of cancers

  • brownie

    simple! aqua only like relationship that could be bestfriend at the same time. not too serious, just like normal as healthy partnership

  • Robyn

    I’m an Aquarius girl who met and feel inlove with a cancer, it’s the only time I’ve ever been inlove and our relationship just ended because he calls me flirtatious and uncaring and aloof and how I’m never there whereas I think I’ve given everything I can possibly give. It just ended and I am still in the early stages but I think I’m beginning to be miserable because of this breakup. Usually I move on quickly but not this time… This time I think am doomed to feel every emotion.

  • moonchild

    I’m cancer lady who was with aqua man for 3 years. I admit I am clingy but he didn’t seem to always mind. I bent over backwards for this man and he knew. I had problems trying to get him to commit. He just wanted a baby, no marriage ever ! So in the end I got tired n broke it off. He tried dating my friends to tick me off. I met a beautiful Scorpio man and got engaged. When my ex aqua found out he went bezerk. He went to my house asking me back after a year saying he missed me and I was shocked. My point to this story is before u aquas complain about cancers being this or that you better be able to handle it when we are out of your life. Don’t ever try n come back cuz cancers like me won’t be there.

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