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Aquarius & Taurus

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Plenty of fascination between these two at least for a while but Taurus is too possessive. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Taurus: You are both fixed signs with a totally different concept of life. The water-bearer is too much of a loner and you always want to own or possess your partner. ( Source: Love Test )

For Aquarius: The stubborn Bull will have difficulties understanding the unpredictable side of you. Concessions will be necessary on the part of both of you if success is to follow. ( Source: Love Test )

Taurus is closemouthed and conservative. Aquarius is unconventional and vivacious. Taurus is lusty and passionate. Aquarius operates on a mental plane. Taurus likes to be home and Aquarius likes to roam. Taurus needs security and Aquarius is a fancy free loner. Not good for the long term. Aquarius has a careless attitude toward love that will enrage the highly passionate Taurus. Taurus is too possessive and jealous for Aquarius. Taurus loves home and Aquarius loves to wander. Both are stubborn in different ways. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Taurus Man & Aquarius Woman

This is not a good match for you. If you pair up with a Taurus guy, the relationship is bound to end in a big mess. You are both interesting, unconventional types of people who may at first seem to have a lot in common. However, you are also both incredibly stubborn, and the battles of will between you will be intense. You can?t both get your way all the time, and neither one of you is willing to sit back and let the other take the lead. He is also a really traditional, conservative person who is not really open to new ideas or opinions. He is very set in his ideas, and you will also be driven crazy by his habit of clinging to his attitudes and opinions even when you have totally proven that he is wrong. You will be so busy fighting with each other that the relationship won?t have a chance to get off the ground. Say no to this mismatch. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Aquarius girl, Taurus boy is absolutely fascinated-and even sometimes afraid of you!  You think and act outside of the box where others only dare to dream, and while you might at first love the steadiness of Taurus, his rigid ways might be too much for your creative self to handle in the long run. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Taurus Woman & Aquarius Man

This is a match that is better left unmade. You and Aquarius are like oil and water. You know what you think about things and you are very set in your ways and habits. Meanwhile, Aquarius has his own set of habits, and he thinks they?re the only ones that count! (Meaning he?ll ignore what you want if it?s different from what he wants to do). Even though you can be physically attracted to an Aquarius boy at first, there?s no chemistry between you, so kissing will be blah. You should both say “no thanks” to this mismatch. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Wow! Spending time with your Aquarius boy can be more exciting that front row seats at a Moby concert in Paris.  Aquarians are true visionaries, and keeping that in mind, sometimes people with vision don’t approach life on a schedule.  If you can reconcile your need for stability with his need for instability, you may just have a keeper on the line. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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12 Comments for this entry

  • yvette

    i dont necessarily believe this is true. unless you believe in this. i believe you can think outside the box with this. make you own destiny. dont follow the stars



  • Dionne

    This is soooo on point it’s almost scary. Me and my Taurus broke up but we are still friends. We would argue for hours and even though I proved him wrong he would still refuse to admit it. And the stupid thing was if the subject came up again it would be the same argument all over again. He is still very possessive of me. But it doesn’t bother me because that’s just how he is.

  • April

    My taurus boyfriend and i do drive eachother crazy at times because he does argue his point to the last detail, we are both stubborn, and he is a home body and i do like to go out more than him, but we work. We have been going strong we have a great friendship which out weighs our short comings.

  • Jennifer

    I’m a Taurus female, and i been with an Aquarius Male.
    This is somewhat true, it is a bad connection lol. However the Aquarius man, wants to feel he is king, he wants to be heard, even if it means hurting the feelings of his loved one, Aquarius’s are stuck on themselves and only wants whats best for them in the relationship, I find most Aquarius men has had several sex partners in theyre life,they do love a good sex life, but there are down falls to that, and thats when they get possessive of theyre sex drive.

  • Missy

    I believe in this stuff…and I have been with an Aquarius before, and I am with another one now….if I was with the previous Aquarius I would agree…But with my new one he isnt ANYTHING like that. Our relationship is really passionate and amazing.
    Yea he has TONS of Aquarius qualities, and Im a true Taurus, but it works with us.
    🙁 I only seem to fall for Aquarius’ anyways…pretty lame huh?
    But if you think about it…its not just your Monthly sign that plays a part…its all the signs, what sign was each of your planets were in, your Chinese zodiac sign, weither you are a yin or yang symbol in your birth year. But also..your own personality also plays in it. you cant always follow the stars..because if you do..you may never find happiness..

  • vans

    im an aquarius woman, and i had 2 ex boyfriends who’s zodiac sign is taurus. I had suspicions that the reason of why breaking up with them is because we dont match together on the zodiac sign table. I got frustrated at the same time sad because they were one of my serious relationships compare to my other ex’s. So the reason why im writting here today is because i wanted to find a way how to mingle and to have a strong and lasting relationship with a taurus guy, please help me to find possible ways to have a lasting relationship with them.

  • vans

    its strange too, i had 2 ex boyfriend with the same sign, and the worst part of it is that they have the same lifestyle. Their mom has the same name. number of siblings are the same. both of them are in the same religion (christian) while im a roman catholic.but the difference between them is that my recent ex was too possessive and tries to invite me to have sex most of the time which i don’t really agree with him, no matter how hard i tried to explain that i cant have sex with him. He doens’t listen and he just proceeds on his own theory that’s also the reason of breaking up with him, but he also got fed up of me besides the argument we had :(. While my first ex, he was all the time busy with his basketball team and also we broke up because he got fed up too. it’s lame and at the same time weird why i always fall in love with a taurus guy. I never actually fall and usually im the one who gets over the relationship when it comes to other signs. It’d wierd why i cry over tauruses. WEIRD WHY IM THE ONE RUNNING OVER TO FIX TEH RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ME (AQUARIUS) AND THE TAURUSES. i don’t even know if i really have to follow the star signs or not. IM SEEMED LIKE AN INSANE PERSON MAKING DECISIONS, PLANS HOW TO FIX OR DEAL WITH THEM. do you think there are ways to deal with them and really forget them as much as possible?this situation is awful. i wish aquarius and taurus just MATCH OUT TOGETHER.

  • Yesenia

    After I read this article it did make me think. I am an Aqurius, BUT I am also a Capricorn, which sort of helps out. My B/F is a definite Taurus, he loves to eat and sleep and stay home as much as possible, which I sometimes HATE, but, the sex is awesome… I love that he does remember every single thing, like all of the milestones of our 4 year relationship, which I mostly forget… We do get in a lot of arguments, we disagree in a lot of things, and once that disagreement becomes a big fight he will always stand his ground, but once I give him the big silent treatment, he tries to make me smile and tries to dust off the whole mess, and he just forgets about the whole thing and he finds out “Wow, was this argument stupid or what?” Lol. Bulls are like big kids. It takes time for a Bull to fall really deeply in love with a girl in general. Bulls love for things to go their way, so just let him have his way for a bit, but then let him know “Hey, I want us to do things that I like too, let’s be fair.” and he will agree. Take baby steps with the Bull. It took 2 years for my Bull to try sushi, and I Love Sushi. So be patient. Also, to a attract a bull, be girly and also down to earth… also learn how to cook! And don’t bitch a lot. Just chill.

  • jewel

    i dated a taurus for 6 years and i married him , i love him but I am a Aquarius and he is a Taurus we have constant problems i can be stubborn , but i can compromise he can’t he always wants things his way and he is also a big manipulative person ,,, i wish at times i would have ran when i met him and not gotten married , now i have a child and i don’t want to fight or compromise anymore … i feel it could work out no matter our astrological signs BUT we both have to RESPECT , COMPROMISE with each other. I believe a somewhat in the zodiac but i beleive two different people can make it work if they want to and if they love each other… I don’t know about us though

  • sam

    I have friendship with Aquarius… But he is a difficult man to understand has hidden feelings that create problems for me….so even I spent 7 years with him I couldn’t understand him

  • sam

    I have 7 years relationship with Aquarius man…. He is very difficult man to understand…….. He has hidden feelings of love…. That create problems for me…………………

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