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Capricorn & Scorpio

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They both understand power and control and how to use it — this pair is dynamite. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Scorpio: This is a wonderful partnership. You both have the same values and cherish your home environment. Mentally and physically you match up well, easily satisfying one anothers needs. ( Source: Love Test )

For Capricorn: Not bad at all. You both understand one another perfectly and can appreciate the same values and directions. Sexually you can dance superbly together. ( Source: Love Test )

Clear sailing. They are ambitious, determined, serious about responsibility and have a good head for financial success. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Scorpio Man & Capricorn Woman

This is tied with Taurus as the number-one soulmate love match for you. You can truly find a forever love with a Scorpio boy. You have a strong physical chemistry together, and he has a passionate and intense side that brings out the feelings you so often keep hidden. You become more romantic and open with him, and it makes you feel great. He will also feel wonderful with you, because your loyal and trustworthy nature will make him feel secure enough to really open up to you. You often have conflicts with other signs because of your strong-willed personality, but he has a will to equal yours and this will actually prevent tempers from flaring out of control. You balance each other beautifully. A soulmate match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Capricorn girl respects and admires Scorpio boy’s ability to remain tight lipped and keep a secret; neither of you are show-offs. Scorpio boy is no fool, and he loves the fact that Capricorn girl is always on the ball. A worthy match! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Scorpio Woman & Capricorn Man

This is a good match that can really develop into a long-lasting love relationship. You are person will a deep well of intense emotions, and that can really bring a Capricorn boy out of his quiet shell. With you, he will open up emotionally in a way he won?t with most other signs. He is very loyal to those he cares about, and his steady nature and confidence in you will give you the emotional security you need. Capricorn boys are known for sticking with those they care about through thick and thin. You will always be able to depend on him to support you, be there for you and stick up for you. You also share a warm physical chemistry that will grow even more affectionate and romantic as time goes on. A very good love match for both of you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Capricorn boy thinks that Scorpio girl is a worthy companion on every front-a person that understands the value of quality and ambition.  Best of all, he likes that you can go toe-to-toe in any debate.  It’s a mutual admiration fest on every level! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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7 Comments for this entry

  • Josh

    This is so true. my Gf is a Capri and im a Scorp. I just love her so much. I can’t let go of her. We’ve been going out for 4 years. It’s been so awesome.

  • Tina

    Indeed, it is so true! My Bf is Scorpio I feel very comfortable with him and we balance each other beautifully. He brings out the best of me and most of all my hidden feelings. We have been going out for a few months.It has been quite an experience.

  • Capricorn08

    What should a Capricorn girl do if she’s interested in a Scorpio guy and the 2 share the same feelings for one another and feel the chemistry…but both of them are too afraid to admit it? The Capricorn girl can be overbearing at times…and too forceful, which could push away the Scorpio. What is a girl to do!?

  • karen

    capricorn.. i am in the same boat as you.. this guy is fantastic and is showing me things that no other guy has ever shared with me, well atleast not for a long time… and i am scared of getting hurt and he is scared of being cheated on and getting hurt.. we have decided to take it slow and just enjoy what we both are feeling and letting destiny takes it course.. and so far i am not regretting the decision and things are going great.. and even though i am scared to death i think i am truly falling in love with him.. so just enjoy it.. you may be surprised how quickly the fear factor goes away

  • paromita

    my boyfriend is a capricorn 15th jan born and me a scorpio(20th jan).everything was going fine but nowadays the relation is not going well.every time misunderstanding taking place.pls do suggest me a way round.

  • saranya

    Yeah Its true… Our relationship is gud aswell… But we both want our parents to accept for marriage.. and i think its difficult.. what to do??:(

  • Jess

    So, so true! I’m a Capricorn (born 22nd Dec) and my boyfriend of one year is a Scorpio (5th Nov). He’s very intense and passionate, and we feel so comfortable together. In fact I’ve felt comfortable with him from the beginning.

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