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Capricorn & Libra

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Start a world-wide cosmetics corporation — it takes money to glue these two together. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance)

For Libra: It’s difficult for the Goat to accept your inactivity. Physically there is a powerful attraction between you, unfortunately it is seldom lasting. ( Source: Love Test)

For Capricorn: You will be mesmerized by the sophisticated Libran, but that is about as far as this amalgamation will go. You will also tire of the lazy Libran’s ways. ( Source: Love Test)

Capricorn doesn’t show his affections and Libra need the attention and flattery. Capricorn is realistic, materialistic, and a hard worker. Libra is lazy at times and too easygoing for Capricorn. Libra like to socialize and Capricorn is a loner. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Libra Man & Capricorn Woman

This match does not have much hope of making it. In fact, it could turn out to be a disaster! Libra boys are often attracted to Capricorn girls because you have a classy way of acting that he really admires. Librans love elegance and you will fit his idea of a sophisticated person. Unfortunately, he is so wrapped up in himself that that’s probably the first and last compliment you’ll hear from him! He needs the attention of lots of girls to boost his ego. He won’t run around, necessarily, but he’s a huge flirt and you’ll take this as disrespect to you. He is also a very go-with-the-flow, unorganized kind of guy, and you’ll find this incredibly frustrating. This can only end in a big mess. Not a good match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide)

Capricorn girl loves the fact that Libra boy always seems to be at the center of the social circuit, but this pairing may only have fleeting value.  When all is said and done,  Libra boy may just be too flaky for Capricorn girl’s steady and refined nature. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology)

Libra Woman & Capricorn Man

This is a very unlikely match that has not much chance of lasting past the first date. You may be drawn to a Capricorn boy’s physical charms, but you will hate his stick-in-the-mud personality. Anything fun you can think of to do, he can think of five reasons why you shouldn’t do it. It’s like having a third parent to deal with! You love to goof off and have a great time, while he wants to do homework and work on his pet projects, like building his own computer from scratch. He won’t approve of your spending sprees or your less-than-serious approach to life. You’ll find him dull, dull, dull. This relationship won’t last long. A poor match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide)

Libra girl loves Capricorn’s attraction to quality.  Not just the girl he’s with (you) but his love of the finer things in life.  The only not so great thing? Librans love to socialize, and sometimes your Capricorn boy will see your pursuits as a waste of time and money. ( FUNgirl – Astrology)

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21 Comments for this entry

  • Ms. J

    I am a capricorn woman and the man I care alot about is a Libra. I am truly crazy about him, however he really is all over the place at times. He’s solid and very determine, but he is not at all affectionate and I find that hard to believe due to all the descriptions I have read about Libra is that they are affectionate. I truly thinks he is afraid or no nothing about love. I want him in my life and as he has said so does he. I’ve decided for my protection to back away, because he is the first man I truly want to give my all to, but I’m cautious about whether I will receive the same.

    Sign: In love with a Libra

  • Nicol

    Dear Libra Lover,

    Although I am a woman Libra, I still feel I can contribute to your woes. As a Libra, I am full of love and passion, however for some reason continuously scared to show my partner; I have a hard time with public affection too. Not that I’m always on the fence about the men that I am dating, but currently involved with 5 men and I think I like them all equally. Libras are just confused – but if you commit, we always come around to those who are loyal to us.

  • ladycapricorn

    I find this extremely odd. im a capricorn girl and the guy that I date and care about a lot is a libra. He’s very romantic and affectionate. We get along very well. And its been 1 yr strong. And we are unseperatable.


  • Izzybell

    I am a Libra, and I am completely in love with this Capricorn! He is exciting, and an out there person! He is only 13 and he is far from a virgin? I don’t know if that’s the dull, dull person you were talking about cuz he is far from dull. Everything I hear about Libras says that Libra and Capricorn are a match of hell! But this guys likes me too, we both have feelings for each other. He is a complete sweet heart, oh but he’s taken. But he said when, or if she dumps him, I am the girl he will go for! So its all good, I need help because I disagree with everything people say about Libras and Capricorns! Help?

  • devotedlove to a once infatuated man

    I am a capricorn female madly in love with a libra male and were together for so long and had a falling out. He told me to leave our house…so I did…and he asked me to come back….I said no I need time because I was still hurt….now a week goes by and I am ready again…he is over it. He still wants me in his life and “maybe” we might have a good chance one day if we can remain friends but I care for him so much that it hurts I feel like he won’t ever come around for me like that again. But when we do spend time together everything still seems so natural. I am just not the same girl he once met I guess. so our romantic relationship is no more. Not to say he wouldn’t fool around but I am not at the point to mess with fire. I have too much love in my heart and the few times we have been intimate since this happened it was just a “romp” to him and to me well I had to realise that oh that was it….we aren’t getting back together again

  • ryan

    im a libra girl, ive been with a capricorn boy for a month now and i never been happier, he not such a smooth talker but he makes me laugh so much and is very affectionate with me, sometimes i feel im the one not expressing my love enough, i get butterflies in my stomach each time he holds my hand. just about every site i went to said we cant have a good relationship but my question is, do decans change that unlikelyhood because my decan is the 3rd of libra and his is the 2nd of capricorn.

  • OHHO

    I am a libra girl and my man is a capricorn. we have been together for 5 months now and don’t find each other boring or dull. sure, capricorn is a workaholics at time but since libra is easy going, we can tolerate. Don’t trust too much about the horoscope, best is you and your partner’s value and personality match.

  • capricorn baby

    Well idk what to say really my girl is a libra n ima cap and ilove her n she love me we are planning our future so i thank that it will work out the only thang wrong is dat im 16 n shes 29?

  • joey

    Hi all
    I have been seeing this libra girl for over 3 yrs now
    we get along very well I am a cap
    I have realized she is the one
    what would u suggest so that i CAN DO to propose
    please advice

  • Ms.C

    I am a capricorn girl , and he is a Libra . He is quite man and like staying at home at weekends . He told me that he will marry me , but we are not so close as other lovers . He nearly not call me or send message to me , only take me home for for dinner with his family twice a month . So I was very confused , and have no confident to go with him .

  • princy

    hey m libran and my bf is capricon….its been 9 months v r together v love each other a lot….but v dnt spend time together as he is into his business and he works for 16-17 hrs a day…v often talk on the phone…i read on sum website tht they dnt make a gud couple and even they do it wont last long..bcoz i dnt wnt this to happn…m lil scared abt dis…

  • Alexandra

    i am a capricorn girl. The libra boy i like right now is also my neighbor. It was last year when he took the first move and started to flirt with me however i did not respond eventhough i was head over heals in love with him. Eventhough i did not respond and told him to leave me alone(dont ask me why i told that to him because i dont no myself)he kept coming back which made me wanting him to chase after me. But after a while he stopped which made me very anxious. Since then he hasn’t come back and is acting quite rude.I cant stop thinking about him!!!!

  • Danish

    i am a capricorn, i love a libra girl. we both love each other madly. i do not belive in astrologers after meeting her. if we do not get along i will kill myself.

  • C chick

    Hi I’m a Capricorn girl and my bf is a libra we’ve been together for 10 months and now having a baby.. This does kinda sound like how our relationship is.. Everytime we brake up we get back together 3 days later and I am very happy I have him 🙂

  • shaahn

    Wow! I’m a Libra woman who dated a Cap man and this is Exactly why our relationship ended. I was BORed and tired of him saying no all the time. It was definitely like being with my dad or something. I was always tryna get him to live a little. After our breakup he became obsessed with fixing things. I just want him to go away!

  • Brittany J

    I am a Capricorn female dating a Libran male… & I’m sorry, but this assessment couldn’t be more true. Even though I’m trying my hardest to keep his attention, I feel that I am just to boring for him. He likes to go out to clubs and bars and is very out-going. But as far as me, I am the complete opposite. I like to stay in the house most of the time, maybe go out every blue moon. He also flirts with any and every female he finds attractive to him and it really pisses me off. We can talk about anything, and I see the potential in a relationship. Because we have a good bond, but I’m not going to say its ever lasting. Even though I’m crazy about him. I don’t know, Hope you guys find happiness though!!!

  • angel heart

    Well im a librian & guy i like is a capricorn
    He is very dull & boring guy but my try is to make his life colourfull
    I like the way he is & i will happily compromise with him
    Because for me most important thing is that he cares & understands me very well
    I dont wana loose a guy like this by believing in this astrologies n all ..
    Im Happy With Him Its Enough For Me 🙂

  • tew

    Iamacapp girl and i can def relate to feeling like im
    am to quiet and calm for libra males they seem to also be very cocky which is a huge turnoff for us we love though the class and sweetness of the libra now if only theu knew we exsisted .lmao!


    I’m very attracted to a Libra. He tells me he’s a homebody, but when I’m out with him I can also tell that everyone admires him and he enjoys his self. I’m a homebody as well, but only if I’m in a relationship. We have hit it off, but I’m not looking for a relationship…so this makes it more safe =)

  • zico

    capricorn hide their emotion from loved one and show it strangers, just to prove to them selves that they have no problem. they will accept advice from a stranger towards loved one even it’s misleading advice..what kind of human sense is this………..???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eo

    I have researched the signs for years, and this is probably the worst description of the Cap and the Libra. My best relationships have been with capricorn men for starters, and I am moving in with yet another Cap within a month or so..If anything, I always look out for his money etc. My ex cap said that he was lucky to have me because I always tried to save him money. Spending sprees?? My Cap has more debt that I do by a looooong shot, so that is BS as well..

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