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Capricorn & Leo

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These two get along much better than the chart geometry of the match might otherwise indicate, mostly because they are both far too thick in the head to ever perturb each other’s ego-tranquility beyond a few mere ripples. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

If Leo is the star and Capricorn is the agent, everything will work out just wonderfully for all. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Leo: You’ll get bored with the Goat’s careful and enterprising ways, which is too bad because the Goat is the one sign that can usually afford to spoil you monetarily. ( Source: Love Test )

For Capricorn: The extravagant Lion will disgust you. You hate wasteful, flamboyant individuals. Although sexually you are compatible this combination is best as a one night stand. ( Source: Love Test )

Leo likes to kick up his heals too much for Capricorn. Capricorn’s reserved nature will not go well with Leo?s desire to be admired. Capricorn cannot provide the ego boost Leo needs. Both like to dominate. Not a good match. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Leo Man & Capricorn Woman

This is a match that won?t last long. It?s practically over before it starts, because of the huge differences between you two. He requires a love partner who can put herself aside and spend most of her time worshipping him. You have too much pride and sense of self to be a flattering suck-up to him. He?s also incredibly aggressive and he?ll try to bully you when you have fights. You will feel neglected when he spends all his time trying to impress other people, and forgets about impressing you. You?ll also end up looking down on him for his need to always be the center of everyone?s attention. This match is not a recipe for love. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Capricorn girl and Leo boy both approach the world as a giant opportunity ready to be seized.  Together, you’ll never be bored, and will frequently inspire each other to reach higher, try harder, and make it happen. Few can unravel or explain the depth of your bond once it’s made.  Just be careful not to let jealousy, possessiveness or isolation become factors, and this will be a relationship to remember! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Leo Woman & Capricorn Man

This relationship is pretty much doomed before it gets going. While you are outgoing and attack life with energy, he is reserved and cold and not interested in being social. You are spontaneous and free; he is practical and loves sticking to a dull routine. He also has pretty firm ideas about how people should live their lives, and he will be disapproving of your self-indulgent side. You already have parents- you don?t need your boyfriend scolding you every time you buy a new sweater! For you, indulgence is a way of life. You?ll get tired of this relationship and his nit-picky ways very fast. A bad match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Heavy and intense, this love pairing is all about a strong dose of mutual respect and attraction.  Leo girl will accomplish anything she sets her mind to, and Capricorn boy loves her for it.  At times, this relationship might morph into a battle of the wills; just remember that no one can be right 100% of the time. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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14 Comments for this entry

  • Alex

    I’m a Capricorn and my boyfriend’s a Leo and we get along just fine! I love him alot and he loves me too, maybe even more. He’s not an attention seeker, he just tries to make me happy and it works. He’d put me before him any day and if I’m sad he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to cheer me up. A day or two apart makes our relationship stronger, ’cause we realize how much we need eachother. Because of that, I don’t believe in the whole ‘Capricorns and Leos wont work out’. For me, it’s working perfectly. <3

  • Liz

    I’m a Capricorn and married to a Leo – 35 years! We do have our differences but he’s generally loving and would do anything for me. If I am down he’ll try to cheer me up and as he spent most of his working life away from home we find that we appreciate our time together all the more. I am not sure what I would do if he wasn’t in my life because it is so lovely having him there. This Capricorn is very happy with her Leo

  • Danielle

    I’m a leo. And my boyfriend is a Capricorn. We both love each other a lot. We do have our argues, and fights. But they end all soon before it even started. I think it depends on the kind of person it is. Because our relationship works out just wonderful. ~

  • Red

    I am a Female Lion and dated a Male Capricorn for 3 months. This post captured all the reasons why we were bad for each other… and man were we bad. There were some good points — like it says, the physical connection was intense and amazing but I DID grow tired of his nitpicking, and he DID grow tired of my desire to be social.

    I agree w/ the above comemnters that there are always exceptions to the rule — and congrats on all the success!!! but as far as MY relationship w/ a capricorn — it was completely doomed from the start. I just had no idea until it was over.

  • shady

    i am a typical Capri male & dated a leo female for 4-5 months. I must say that the sexual intensity was great but that was it. We couldnt get along in any other way,,be it choice of places,people,thinking & way of life. I cant remember a day when we didnt have a clash of ego. As a capri it get’s pretty frustrating. I must admit though, we are still sexually attracted to each other even though we broke up 4-5 months ago.

  • shady

    i am a typical Capri male & dated a leo female for 4-5 months. I must say that the sexual intensity was great but that was it. We couldnt get along in any other way,,be it choice of places,people,thinking & way of life. I cant remember a day when we didnt have a clash of ego. As a capri it get’s pretty frustrating. I must admit though, we are still sexually attracted to each other even though we broke up 4-5 months ago .

  • Leah

    I am a capricorn dating a leo, man i love him. We were friends first, known him for six years, been dealing with him like this for about 3 now. We had our anniversary yesterday, and it is true about why we would not work but we are not willing to let it fail. We can make it way to far with each other and i don’t think we are willing to lose that. I know he loves me and he knows i love him, we do have this weird bond and our own language. Many people have tried to come in between us. But if you love each other you wont give up. He has become a lot more sensitive to my feelings but there are times where i want to punch him in the face 🙂 and i know same goes for him. HaHa, we love each other to much but we need each other and i wouldn’t change that. So in all aspects, its right. It depends on the individuals and how dedicated you are to make it work. <3

  • Lilly

    I’m a leo and had a past relationship with a male capricorn. I still have feelings for him but we cant be together right now due to some complications. After reading this article I became discouraged and a bit depressed, but after reading Danielle’s comment I realized it may not pertain to all of us. In my case, my ex and I hardly argued about anything and it was amazing. So don’t get discouraged after reading this either 🙂 Not every Leo is an attention seeker as much as the rest of need luxury. Same goes for Capricorns, not all are too safe and cold.

  • haneefah

    Im a capricorn and the guy I’m getting to know is a leo. To me he seems laid back. He doesn’t do much but work, and if he chills, its not for attention. I have a very strong sexual attraction towards him and vice versa. He calls me almost everyday to ask me how my day was. I kinda I like him and I can tell he feels the same about me.

  • paromita

    wel….I m in a capri n my boyfren is a leo…we hav been 2gether for d past 2 years n we get along jus gr8!!we did have our share of ego clashes and fights buh dey r jus nothin compared to d happiness we get in each other’s company…we luv each other a lot n plannin to settle down soon…so at d end of d day “leo n capri relationship cant work out”is jus a cliche….all dat u need 2 keep a relation goin is sum hot strong love,understandin and respectin each other’s decisions…

  • karen

    k………all i have to the say is im a capricorn n i ws in a relationship with a leo two yrs back.and all i have to say is that guy gave me a tough time.in the first place he wasnt a straightforward person.i don kno whether this ws his normal personality or he simply wasnt interstd!all he ever thought about was his work and money.and even i din realize that i could get as rude as i got with dis guy cos thats how badly he tested my patience and took my emotions fr granted and at the same time he wasnt willing to give up on the relationship as well.i got sick of his money minded and humourless ways.its very true that leos are self centred and trust me its very hard fr them to be devoted as well cos they do stuff behind ur back.i wouldnt categorize bt just giving my experience…………

  • Tony

    ive been researching on this relationships, here it goes, im a male capricorn 22 years of age, and i met a leo girl through myspace, shes moving down here to stay with me, and ever since i started reaserching this ive come to the terms that i am so willing to work this out, as a capricorn i do tend to keep to myself, but im more than willing to work for her love.
    i want to change and i think to do that i need to be more open minded, trusting, more social (have a good time), im even willing to let her run the relationship, i want this to work out so help me i do, im tired of being alone, i feel like im only half a person. she says she loves me, and i do love her sooo much. is there anyway to make this work i will do anything i can. if anyone has an answer please email me at spankmyelf@yahoo.com, or go to myspace and look up tony2dope or tony brennan, i also have a facebook. pleases i will listen, she’s moving here in two days to be with me, advice, anything wil do thank you.

  • honey

    I just read the article on Leo and Capricorn compatibility. I am a Leo woman in a relationship with a Capricorn. The relationship has been a battle of our wills from the very beginning . Everything regarding the personality contrast are on the mark. The father figure that is very predictable. Boring. Routine and no spontaneity.
    I personally drive him crazy with my outgoing, impulsive, optimistic, helping friends and family. He is beginning to dull the shine. Sun. Radiance in my personality. So I broke up with him tonight and I’m not looking back. Leo women beware of the Possessive ,father figure , Ocd Capricorn and who needs to give his opinion that no one wants to hear. Stay away from la vida loca

  • Brittany

    Is seems to me from reading this article and then the comments, that the successful relationships are between Capricorn females in Leo males… Which is my situation now. After reading the article I became a little discouraged but after reading the comments I’m back to my “love” high I get from him. I can tell we have our differences and we clash little bit but me and him are willing to try and make it work despite our differences. My leo guy is a complete sweetheart. He is crazy about me! We just met but our chemistry makes us feel like we’ve been knowing each other forever. I have faith that this will turn into something lasting and I can’t wait!

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