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Capricorn & Cancer

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For Cancer: Polar opposites. Usually there is a lot of chemistry, but the Goat does not usually have the time to show you enough affection. If you can put up with their workaholic ways you can rest assured that you will be well-taken care of financially. ( Source: Love Test )

For Capricorn: You are polar opposites that do quite well together. You feed each other exactly what’s needed. Security from you and loyalty and trust from the Crab. ( Source: Love Test )

Cancer is shy and sensitive and needs affection. Capricorn is brusque, aloof, and domineering. This pair is a polarity (opposites) in the Zodiac. If they can overcome their opposites in the temperament this paring could have a chance. Capricorn is too career oriented and Cancer is a definite homebody. Cancer is shy, sensitive and needs affection. Capricorn is brusque, aloof, and domineering. The differences may prove to be too great for a lasting relationship. Cancer?s emotional demands are too much for Capricorn and Cancer’s need for warmth will be frustrated by Capricorn?s aloof coolness. Cancer withdraws and Capricorn becomes tyrannical. Opposites. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman

Well, not even the Cancer enjoys martyrdom quite this much! ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

A yin-yang combination — kind of like MacMillan-Bloedel meets mom and apple pie. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is a terrific match for a short-term fling, but it’s a terrible match for a real, long-term relationship. Things can start very well between a Capricorn girl and a Cancer boy, because you have a powerful attraction to each other. That connection can’t be enough for a relationship, though, and other things between you won’t be so nice. He will be secretive with you, keeping his opinions and his feelings to himself. Meanwhile, you will become frustrated and demanding when he pulls this routine of crawling into his shell. He’s “soft” about things that you want him to be strong in, and when you want him to be tender he’ll be withdrawn and tentative. You won’t get what you want out of this guy, and you might end up miserable if you try. Give this match a miss. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

If Capricorn girl and Cancer boy both take time to cultivate their own interests and ideas without swallowing each other whole, this can be a great relationship.  Problems can arise when you both feel like lone wolves who are seeking refuge in each other.  Life is something to be celebrated, and you both must be careful to accentuate the positive if this relationship is to work. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Cancer Woman & Capricorn Man

A yin-yang combination, rather like mom and apple pie meets the Bank of Canada. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match will probably not lead to any kind of long-lasting love. There could definitely be a strong physical attraction between you and a Capricorn boy. You need affection, though, and he’s the type of guy who keeps all his emotions inside. You’ll get frustrated with his “loner” attitude and cold, practical way of looking at everything. You approach the world emotionally, with your heart wide open. He prefers to sit back and coolly judge the world, and he dislikes sharing his feelings. He just will not understand you. This is not a good love match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

As long as Cancer girl can retain her independence,  (and that means not keeping tabs on the object of your desire!) this can be a fantastic Astro-Match.  While you and Capricorn boy may be devoted to different interests and activities, it’s your mutual respect for each other’s effort that will ultimately make this a winning combo. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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25 Comments for this entry

  • lalalal

    hahaha this is soo true!!!
    my bf is a capricornio and i am cancer and everything that said here is soo true 😀

  • robert

    I am Capricorn Man and I like a Cancer Woman but I am take in very-small steps with her.

    Is this wise for me?

    • Jane

      robert, the key to capturing the heart of a water sign like Cancer is not in your wisdom but in your passion. You need to have the passion. Do not think so much when you are dating a water sign.

  • Ashley

    This Cancer boy and i have been best friends for a while and now we are talking. It is weird because he does keep his feelings to him self and i get frustrated when he doesnt tell me stuff. This is scary good haha

  • Fred

    absolutely not true i am a capricorn adn my gf is a cancer and we get along fine we love each other….i am not a workaholic and dont judge by what i see this horoscope match is false and totally opposite of what actually is

  • daphne

    this is bull shitttttttttttttt i love ma babi fred aka pook(d)ie

  • daphne

    this is bullshit because we hit it off really good and best believe this man dont hold anything in sometimes he tells to much

  • ms yo

    So true! I’m losing my mind with this capricorn man. He’s not expressive at all and i’m so sad and confused.

  • L

    wow… just wow. it will work out soon i dont know!!

  • Raj

    this is just bullshittttttttttt … stop putting nonsense on the net me and my girlfriend have a great understanding ,, and its going so well ..


  • Bella

    hahaha this is true in a way im a capricorn gurl n my bf is a cancer male. i can never get his feelings out .. and i get mad .. n we fight alot but when we finally get together alone we have to most amazing time ever. n i do loose his trust easly but i earn it back. n he is more of falling his heart when i follow my goals etc. we have been together for a year and we were the only lasting couple at 8th grade. at first people were saying we were gonna break up in a week but ended up being the cutest couple. i love him with all my heart. n some of this is true .. most of it is .. i mean i can fins a million things about josh that i hate but i dont care because he has my heart!

  • V

    This is so true! I didn’t understand for the longest why my cancer boy and me didn’t get along if the love was there from both our ends. We finally ended it after being on and off again for 1 year, and the whole time he had me down as a cheater even when I never even thought of doing such thing and he accused me of not loving him enough even though I loved him as much as you can love someone 🙁 I still don’t know how he was measuring our love but apparently he did, that is the hardest relationship I had ever had…

  • Andre

    Hey, this stuff is false, BS to the extreme, im a Cap and my womans a Cancer. I love her and she loves me. We love each other without sex even being involved. Ahh, that’s my dreamgirl lmao. Screw this horoscope.

  • brenna

    i am a cancer woman my boyfriend is a capricorn. he is a very controlling domineering man. he does not show enough affection for me. I am a lovey dovey kind of woman he an i are sexually compatible but as far as a long relationship goes i think there wont be.

  • who knew?!

    This is funny…my fiance is a capricorn and I’m a cancer. We get along pretty good, he loves to make money and I love to spend it (his of course)!! lol See…PERFECT MATCH!! I can be a bit moody but he understands 🙂

  • MooMoo

    i am a capricorn girl who has been with a cancer boy for 3 years now and i love him more than ever and he loves me so much u really wouldnt believe :S loolz he was 14 and i was 16 when we both met over the internet and became best friends…then we fell inlove and had to wait 2 years till we could meet and now i feel complete with him by my side…as he says the same with me…we are both different, but in interests, dreams and hobbies love exactly the same things…the things that are different between us help us both to complete each other, he helps me with what i am lacking and i with him…and what we have the same just keeps us happy and close together with never a dull moment…as we say our goal in life is to be happy and make everyday an adventure (oh and btw i’m 19 going on 20 now and hes 18)

  • Franki

    I just met a guy and hes a cancer. we are drawn to each other like magnets.. im not sure what it is but i really do like him. after i read the scopes i was worried then i read all the comments here. I dont ever believe 100% that these things will be right. i think theres a basis and as far as what a cap is like they are right on. i know it is about me anyways but horoscops dont decide our futures.. we do!

  • booboo bear

    Im a cancer women my man is a cap, and all I can say is it is a def struggle takes lots of patience, his fam and work comes first, I need lots of attention well not 24/7 but everyonce in a while for security purposes:) so hard to read them, sometimes I get sooo paronoid that I think he is losing interest but when I’m with him we have soo much fun and laugh and he express it then… so weird Do capps distant there self because they feel strong emotions or thats just them??

  • Jayy

    I have been dating a cancer boy for 2 and a half years. It’s very hard to get his real emotions out And he is timid and shy, plus the biggggest homebody ever haha I am a capricorn and super adventerous so the only thing we fight about is going out more and just doing things. He has been emotionally unfaithful so he’s not the most trustworthy but he makes up for it and has been good to me for a solid 7 months. He is very affectionate ax needy. He needs compliments and loads of attention.

  • Gabriella Coscia

    Capricorn and Cancers don’t get on – try Cancer and Cancer the conversation can be very pleasant and so can the sulks – you can be moody together my latest boyfriend who I chatted to for a while before meeting up and whom I am seeing next week is a real gentleman for a cancerian thoguh I am yet to understand his sense of humour

    As for Cappy men some are good some are just plain born on a rotten day

  • Ray

    Honestly me and this cancer guy have been talking and yes even though he doesnt tell me all his feelings, his passionate side has enough emotion into it that it isnt a big deal to me if he doesnt always say it; and me being cap girl and my determination and curiosity to know makes it fun sometimes to get it out of him. Your signes play alot in your life yes. but they dont totally control it.

  • veronica

    So not true. I am a Capricorn and my boy is a Cancer. We communicate so well. He is the most affectionate, sensitive, caring and loving man I have ever met and I’m not domineering at all. He is very loyal and needs loyalty, which I have no problem offering. I love the way he shows me affection and I am very expressive of my love for him too. We both need security and affection and we both provide it to each other. It is the best relationship ever !!

  • DaRadiant1

    And y’all see why I don’t date my polar opposite which is Scorpio. The point I’m tryin to make is date or go with another water sign. Yes, try a Scorpio, Pisces, or you will be butting heads with another Cancer. Capricorns needs another Earth sign like Tauruses, Virgos, or butting head with another Capricorn to understand that wall they have to express their emotions. I have a Capricorn friend and I’m a Taurus. I can actually can break his barrier down and find out how he really feel. And y’all know polar do not lastl long. I couldn’t be around my polar opposite. I can talk to them, but can’t be in a relationship with them.

  • Jill

    Im a capricorn and my boyfriend is cancer. We have been dating for 4 years. we have had alot of struggles and i do believe some things stated were very true but we are still together, strong,happy, and loving it. These two signs can work out long term. Trust me

  • Kamil

    LotsofFun / Cancer guys are extremely picky when it comes to dtniag, sometimes I think that they sneakingly check the girl’s sun sign and try to find a Pisces or another Cancer! LolfsAnyway, they will not usually fall head over heels with a Capricorn, because, although they do respect them and cherish their attention, to them they (Capricorn) seem to be too serious’, independent, controlling, materialistic and perhaps a bit too down to earth and at times even too harsh for their very sensitive, gregarious, emotional, yielding and fun-loving nature.Unless this Capricorn’ has lots of water in their chart, the chances are rather slim that they will maintain a long-term relationship with a cancer, at least in young age!Cancers are the babies of the zodiac and Capricorns are its grandparent, so go figure!

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