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Capricorn & Aries

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Great as a business combination — one of you in Toronto and the other in Vancouver. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aries: Finances are the biggest detriment in this connection. You can spend it as fast as the hard working Goat can make it that drives the frugal Capricorn insane. ( Source: Love Test )

For Capricorn: You are both far too independent to get along for any length of time. Although there is an attraction and mutual respect, arguments will make this union impossible. ( Source: Love Test )

Capricorn is conservative and Aries is impetuous, fiery, and impulsive. Both need to dominate. Aries is extravagant and Capricorn is more frugal. With a lot of patience, this union actually could last the long haul believe it or not. They certainly will have an interesting sex life. Aries is experimental Capricorn is conservative. Capricorn is settled and practical. Aries likes to spend and Capricorn is security minded. Aries is headstrong and impulsive Capricorn must be sure of winning before taking the chance. Both are strong willed and thinks they are right. Lots of fights but a lot of making up. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Aries Man & Capricorn Woman

This ambitious lady’s first project will be to bring Mr Aries to heel. His fire will get snuffed out rather quickly and he will soon be looking to get it relit someplace else. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is not a good match for lasting love, even though there can be a strong attraction between you. There is a basic personality clash between the Capricorn girl and the Aries boy that will lead to endless fighting. You are both headstrong and neither of you likes to compromise very much. He has very strong opinions and like to calls all the shots, and he won?t be patient when you have your own, different opinions. It is also pretty impossible to “soften” him or change his mind once he?s determined to do something or go somewhere you don?t approve of. The arguments will be there from the start, and they will just get worse as time goes on. This is not a match that will make you happy. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Capricorn girl sometimes likes a good challenge, and if ever there was one?.you’ve found it in Aries boy! You like his fire and his moxie, but you have no time for power struggles, which are likely to erupt. If you’re willing to back down and let him be right most of the time, this works. If not, move on! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Aries Woman & Capricorn Man

This match can work, but it will take a lot of hard work. You and Capricorn would seem to be complete opposites. He is practical and serious; you are spontaneous and fun-loving. He is slow to share his thoughts and feelings; you find it easy to say what you think. Even with these differences, however, a strong love can grow between an Aries girl and a Capricorn boy. It?s just that it will take a really, really long time and a lot of patience for things to get on stable ground. He?s not the easiest bet for a soulmate, but a long-term love match with this guy is not impossible to pull off. If you?re willing to work really hard, you can make it work with a Capricorn boy. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Your Capricorn bf is all about making his mark on the world, and his aspirations are pretty big.  Together, you can be a force of nature, because you have the grit to inspire him.  Just keep in mind that sometimes, he may be focused on a school project or another duty?and his lack of attention is not about blowing you off.  This combination can be pure gold if you both understand where the other person is coming from. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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13 Comments for this entry

  • L

    aries isnt such a very good sign…

  • Lilian

    again… wow~ this is definetely my parents. Moms a capricorn. dads an aries. It started and then finished.

  • KH

    I’ve been intensely attracted to two different Aries men in my life – both had the same first name! The first was very traditional and protective of women but seemed a bit controlling. First wife left him after 7 yrs of marriage. The second is 46 yrs old and never married and is easily distracted by attractive women – I find it rude. I have kept him at arms lenghth but I know he likes me but says he is shy unless he has had a couple of drinks. He was born on April 18 so might have some redeeming Taurus qualities. I am a Capricorn woman who is slightly older but apprehensive about getting involved with him. Any thoughts?

    • Jane

      KH, you are right. April 18 is the end of Aries. So he may have some Taurus personality traits. I have dated a guy born on December 18th, same as Brad Pitt. He did like to pursue women. This is typical of earth signs and air signs. So it must be because they are so close to being an earth sign that they like to pursue women as well. That may be why they never have long term relationships. It may be fun to date them. But don’t expect to have long term relationships with them.

      However, being an earth sign, you do have better leverage in a relationship with someone of a fire sign. So it may work out for you better than for many other couples.

  • felicity

    hi im aries woman, and i want to find sagitarius guy or leo. just add me at ym. yoj_1428@yahoo.com. if you are one of them.

  • haneefah

    This is so so true. I dated an aries off and on because all we did was argue and disagree. He was very stubborn, but he was a good person. I missed him when he would be mad at me. As soon as we would make up, we’d be fighting again. It drove me crazy!!! I couldn’t understand him.

  • Eve

    KH, go ahead, he will make you happy but don’t get involved too much.
    I am a Capricorn woman and the attraction for Aries men is the strongest.
    My Aries man brings me joy, makes me feel more opened and careless. He’s so sweet!

  • Eve

    And you will learn a lot form each other!

  • parch

    u guys kn he is thye most romatic guy my first love everthing 2 me …ya n hes an arien am a capri ..vry true we argue ..but u kn d moment we do we speak up hey ..its d same thing d horoscope say we nt going 2 lose in our love ..n u we win always our love wins ..hv created so much understanding that we listen 2 eacother put one in eachother shoes ..and thats why we knw what d other person is thinking before sayng nything before thinking what we want we kn what d other person want …we discuss we love …n its all coz we want to live happy n dats what we life for living for eachother n be happy ….then whats this horoscope i kn but this awares us always what we shuld not do n we understands .we r diffrent n its fun when u understand n keep love above eveything both of u …ya …passion is smthing that just comes up if we fight …so it brings us more close evertime.i belevie when i hv him by my side i can be happy a ll my life coz u kn girls ariens may be nything but there heart is of a kid ..love them n they will love u bk.n i love mine d way he wants n d way he loves me .

  • Yep

    Capricorn woman are destined to be attracted to and fall for Aries men. They have the most intense passion and soul connection when they touch, it is electric, until the bratty selfish immature lil Aries get bored then he throws her away without a word and she is left broken.

    Stay away from those Aries bastards if you are a Capricorn woman, they are the one sign that can easily break down our shields, make us believe, then use us like they do everything else in their life.

    They are all about the latest *ooh shiney* and complete dumbasses with finances and wrapped up completely in their own needs and moods at all times.

    ME FIRST is the Aries motto and ME ONLY should be added on to it.

    They are the babies of the zodiac. Relationships will never last between these two signs, so don’t even try. Trust me.

  • I am Aquarians

    I did read all that about relationship with capri and aries. But I wonder I would like to know how about Capri and Aqua, because I want to know how each of them feel about aqua or carpi eithers will get along or they very interest each other love for marry in the future or what?? I just curious and I am Aqua. I really love my Carp, but what about Carpi’s feel about Aqua?? I cant stop to love her so much. That’s why I want to know about Carpi has feel or not heat for Aqua?

  • ariesf

    yeah, i dated a cap man, it was very very good the first time we dated. i had a good reason for ending our 7 month relationship cause i suspected him cheating… ALL his friends said he was. after that i still liked him and a year n 1/2 later we dated again for 3 months… some scorpio bitch was jumping all over him–again, so i told her to stop and she didnt listen, long story short… she twisted the situation around and made me look like the bad guy. he broke up with me and i was torn.

    right now, i try getting over him and it almost works– but every time i seem interested in another man, he come up to me ( out of all times ) and starts to get in between things with me and the other guy.. yet every time he gets a new date i back off. both of us haven’t had a long relationship yet. and i dont know how her feels about me, if i did then i wouldn’t be so confused on what to do. any advise??

  • aries

    Capricorn men are the worst possible match for an Aries woman. Unless of course you want to feel used and abused by the capricorn and his disappearing acts. Capricorn men are absolutely clueless what it means to be in a loving relationship with anyone. all they really care about is sex and money. They are heartless bastards that do not deserve the beautiful love of an aries. CAPRICORNS SUCK.

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