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Sagittarius & Sagittarius

by on Feb.20, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western>Sagittarius

Why is it so dark in here? Well, this is the Sagittarian couple’s home for about eleven months of the year. They land in here at Christmas time (because that’s tradition!) or whenever the knapsack with the rolls of film gets to be too heavy … ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

They can talk all night and still be ready to compete in a marathon — real true buddies. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

You will shake well with one another. This combination is somewhat unpredictable. It’s not always a lasting union due to a lack of being in the same place at the same time, but truly a hot affair. ( Source: Love Test )

This match might seem like a great idea at first, but it’s not likely to last for very long. You share the same birth sign, so you have many qualities in common, including a spontaneous nature and a need for lots of freedom, fun and friends. However, he is even more like you than you are, and it’s too much for you to take. As spontaneous as you are, he is completely unpredictable. He’ll show up for dates 3 hours late and not even understand why you think he should apologize. Life with two Sagittarians is just too chaotic and a relationship can’t form under these conditions. Be friends, but don’t expect to make this work as a love relationship. Not a great match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Sadge girl and Sadge boy are both so involved with their own activities and interests that sometimes, they can forget to stop and pay attention to each other! You share a mutual understanding of what’s important in life, but may find that you’re too busy to be a couple! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

They have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

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15 Comments for this entry

  • miri

    I am a Sag girl and I have the strongest love i ever had with a sag man i never felt like before and he says the same we keeps each other interested all the time we have tons of fun and we love travelling and we are best friends because we are so alike and we understands each other so good

  • Que

    I’m a Sag girl well I guess it all dependents to on What kid of Sag you are! you Know Nov. or Dec because I was in a relationship for 6 years with a Sag 3 days apart froom each other DID NOT WORK TO MUCH ALIKE! if you dont believe in ASTROLOGY! please do NOw ! it is so try

  • myself

    hmmmm. well, my boyfriend was born on the same day as me. Dec. 21. and yesterday was our one year anniversary. I don’t agree with this becayse he’s understanding and it’s hard to explain but we get along really well. I believe in astrology, but I see nothing wrong with a sag girl and sag boy dating!

  • Hi

    I am a sag girl and dating a sag boy. there is nothing wrong with my relationship, we will do anything for eachother and go out of our way to try and help one another.. Are love is really strong and we don’t want to loose eachother… I believe we will be together forever! So i think people should love whoever they want. Each person is different doesn’t matter what month they were born in, Its how well you can hold your relationship! I love my man!

  • Lalo

    This is true im a sag boy and i dated a sag girl and we had everything in common but she kept being to busy and we argued alot at points we would ignore each other. sag with a sag is not a good combanation.

    • Jane

      Lalo, if she is too busy for you and keeps arguing with you, she does not love you. The problem with your relationship is the lack of love and respect for each other, not the incompatibility of your personalities. If there is no love, even if you are compatible, it is still not going to work.

  • Lonia

    Bad idea. My ex and I are both sags. We were in an 8 year relationship. Started out fine but we fought all the time. We were too alike and both wanted to have our way. It is a one way street with another sag. There were days we did not talk to each other. When it was good, it was fun. When it was bad it was aweful.I am glad it is over. Now we are friends and in a much better place.

  • chat

    well me and my boyfriend has been together 4 about 5 months and im at college and he is at home and it seems like we r too much alike and fuss alot but its like when we r not arguing we are like the best couple ever…im not going to quit though because im really in love with him and who doesnt fuss

  • laura

    me and my boyfriend are both sag. and we are truly in love no problems and im l0vin every sec0nd 0f it=]

  • Missy

    Im dating a sag boy, my my are we alike.hes an NOV sag though an im a DEC sag. things are well so far.ive never met someone so much like me. its crazy! haha

  • sMiL3S

    me and this sag boy are going out and with him i feel like i dont have to try to impress him he just knows me…he’s pretty goofy but he always makes me laugh… with him evrything seems perfect…even when we argue were still happy to be together:)

  • Elly

    This is so true, I’m a 20 year old sag girl, and fell for a 21 year old sag guy. We had a blast together, the the chemistry was intense, but after two months I wanted more, and he needed freedom. Maybe a relationship would have worked if we were older and looking to settle down.

  • scotty

    We were both Sags. 16 years together! Great time coz she knew jnot to crowd me. She was just the best. Great personality, great sense of humour and great imaginative sex. She died 6 years ago. It,s such a drag going out with “normal” girls! They are much too serious. keep dating Sag’s! I intend to!

  • Mikey

    I’ve been in a crazy on and off realtionship with another Sag for about 5 years- we’re on and off because we are too busy and adventurous, one of us is usually wanting more from the other, or more adventure and independance. We’re rarely in the same state, but when we are, we are so great together. There is definitely fire, but I wonder if we could ever settle down together? He is coming home for the holidays and I’m leaving soon… But at least we keep in touch over the phone and email!

  • Sweetcheeks

    I’m in a relationship with a guy who was my friend before my lover we are both sag and love eachother so very much. Compromise and communication are two important things in a relationship once ready to settle you have yourself the perfect mate: Great personality, loving, caring, understanding, and very humorous person.

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