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Sagittarius & Scorpio

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A Hallowe’en delight and over in one night. Too bad ’cause it sure was a lot of fun. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Scorpio: This alliance is a waste of time for both parties. You are a homebody and the Archer is a travel nut. This is not a likely attraction. ( Source: Love Test )

For Sagittarius: The Scorpion cannot live with your freedom loving wandering spirit. When the jealousy sets in you’ll be off to greener pastures. ( Source: Love Test )

Sagittarius is flighty and longs for fun and new adventure. Scorpio wants security and constant loving. Sagittarius is open, talkative, and Scorpio is secretive, and very jealous in love. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman

This is not a good match for love. The combination of a Sagittarius girl and a Scorpio boy can lead to fireworks, but not of the kissing kind. In other words, you will probably be too busy fighting with each other to actually build a relationship! You are playful and humorous. You?re all about keeping things light and fun. Meanwhile, he is intense and heavy, and he?ll get even more so when he?s with you. You will go nuts when he tries to get you to stop going out and just stay in his cave with him. He wants to keep you all to himself, but you?ve got a need for socializing and friends and you won?t be able to stand the isolation for long. He?s just way too demanding and mistrustful for you. You need someone more fun and more secure! This is an ill-advised match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Sadge girl can’t get enough intrigue, and spending time with Scorpio boy is like figuring out a complicated puzzle.  In turn, Scorpio boy can’t get enough of your bubbly self, which frequently lights up a room and is always ready for adventure. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Scorpio Woman & Sagittarius Man

This match is pretty much doomed to failure from the start. You two are complete and total opposites when it comes to relationships and life. He is a wild and free adventurer who loves to constantly be hopping from one experience to the next. You like to have a routine and stick to the things you know you already enjoy. He also hops from girl to girl, which will make you insane with jealousy. The Sagittarius boy does not want to settle down, especially in his teens. To him, committing to one girl is the same as giving up on life. He will take off at the first sign of real love, and he’ll flee from responsibility. Meanwhile, you need someone who can give you security, loyalty and faithfulness. You won’t find it in this guy. And he’ll get annoyed that you’re trying to “push him” into something more serious that he wants. A poor match for the both of you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Scorpio girl loves Sadge boy’s wide-eyed wonder with the world.  Just remember that not everyone is as low profile as you, and Mr. Sadge will almost be your polar opposite in the secrecy department.  He doesn’t mean to kiss and tell?.it’s just him! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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23 Comments for this entry

  • Delilah

    this is so untrue. im a scorp n my bf is a sag n its like total opposites, hes the jealous one and im the one who is “flighty.”

  • Wendy

    Delilah I agree totally – I am a scorpio and my bf is a Sag, I am flighty and he is the homely quiet one. Also he’s the one who wants to settle down!!

  • Tiffany

    I must also agree that this is untrue. I’m a Sagittarius woman and my guy is a Scorpio and neither of us fit the descriptions for our signs. I’m not outgoing and I don’t love being around new people or a lot of people period so that need for socializing and going out that is associated with Sagittarius is so untrue and my guy fits that description more so than I do. He is not demanding, has never tried to stop me from going out and rarely ever just wants me all to himself because he loves being around people more than I do. Very untrue about this union.

  • ron

    it’s true im a sagi. and my wife is a scorpion. i’m an outgoing person and she is not. she likes to be home and right now i’m going through a divorce. and it’s true about: A Hallowe’en delight and over in one night. Too bad ’cause it sure was a lot of fun. GOOD LUCK.


    My ex is a Sag & I’m a Scorpio. I’m not a homely person at all but I’m shy & quiet; I love to try new things. Repetition bcms boring to me. It’s true Sag run when it comes down to commitment. Sags men are such flirts & have wondering eyes & we can’t stand that…. Lol!

    Anyway, good luck to those who are still in that relationship.

  • tia

    my ex was a scorpio, mistrustful, controlling – I’m a sag and it was always doomed…shame, he seemed so down to earth and passionate to start….friendship means everything to a sag

  • Ayumi

    I will disagree with this. I’m a Scorp and my bf is a Sag. We get along really well. There are no problems to our relationship. This does not decribe us at all. And might not for others too.

  • Miranda

    this is not true. my current boyfriend is a Sag and i’m happy with him. it is true about the travelling though. it drives me insane! i cant stand it! he always seems to be on a trip or something and sometimes it just gets on my nerves…but i’ll learn to deal with it eventually. he does not run from commitment, he dives into it, and he is the first to take responsibility.

  • t

    i’m a sag female n my boyfriend is a scorpio. we both fit our signs almost perfectly n i find most of the above very true.. however it doesnt mean the relationship is doomed to fail. trust me there are ways to make it work.. yu just have to find them inside the relationship. the clues are all in each others signs.

  • scorpion queen

    that is so not TRUE im the female n this relationship im a scorpio and my love is a sagittarious i love him..he’s great to be around kind hearted and just makes me feel comfortable and i enjoy being with him..he loves to sit at home in do the movie thing while i love to club..but also wouldnt miss a moment with cuddling up with my baby..i love him and he loves me..i really dont think we are opposite..i think we are very much compatiable!!!..thats my heart and i think the best thing that ever happen to me was meeting him..he just makes my heart smile..if thats possible..lol..we are just very much in love..they say im compatiable with cancers they say thats my love match..did 4 years with him..n turns out he’s the 1 that broke my heart..my baby would never do that to me…so i think all this horoscope shit is a bunch of B.S. cuzz i just feel like if he has a good personality he’s kind hearted treats me rite..(in to be honest he stole my heart from the start)..i feel like u should be with that person!!!..ladies you also have to realize that a man will be a man..but he knows where is pride n joy is at..even if he do cheat or what not..thats my man in im going to stand by him no matter what..how do u think u build such strong and healhty realationships???..to be honest n truthful im not goin anywhere!!!..

    but it could just be dat he’s puerto rican n black n im black..black women love them some puerto rican men…lol.. = )

    but real talk u gotta push instead of pull..u will start seeing the change in your realtionship..cuzz see im a real bytch n reagardless im goin tell u how it is not half way on the damn way..i dont suga coat..neither do i play with his ass…so maybe he’s scared..sike..but i love u genesis i look forward to spending the rest of my life with u..


  • scorpion queen



    well idk what to rite bt im a scorpio gurl n my “crush” is a sag….i waz reading these comments n wat not to see if i would make a good couple with him bt really i dont believe all the “which zodiacs go with which” n i think we’d go good together n hes a wild n yet shy sag n im more of a quiet scorpio(dont no about the wise part)bt i just wanted to say i believe noing ppl in truth then looking at the zodiac signs cuz some ppl may get good news n some not so um i say good luck to others who r like me PEACE

  • Shari

    I am a Sagittarius girl and I am very intrigued by my Scorpio man.

    He use to be so needy, then I told him to cut the s*** because I need my space, after that we have been okay.

    I’m no good at relationships. When someone asks to be in a relationship with me I have running feet, but with him, all things are different. I actually want to make this work, I want to make something different between us, no matter what things online say.

    One question though: is it true that a Scorpio can be needy but will be upset if you get a little more attached or “needy?”

    I am not a needy person, but for some strange reason, he makes me painfully needy. All eyes are on him, several girls in his past were dying to marry him and I cannot say I want to get married, well, not for a while anyway…

  • lisa

    Im scorpion and my bf is sagi. Im let him free but the problem
    he to jealous and im really cant stand. He questionaire me everything
    abot my job. Sometimes feel like crazy really make me loose my mind and

  • lisa

    yes delilah we had a same problem. My mind like crazy coz he too jealous

  • marisa

    hi there,

    i read your comms. i m just startinga realationship with a sag which i ve known for 5 yrs and i am a scorpio… when we 1st met bout 5 yrs ago he was the one that wanted to get serious and i was the one that pushed him away… now we ve benn dating again for a montha and i really like being with him… its true that scorpio is a really instense and stubborn in astrology and a sag is surronded with friends but also scoropns are STRONG and can make a realationship work with any guy they want with their charms and care.. xx at least thats how i am

  • lady scorpio

    I am a scorpio woman and my ex. was sag.
    Every WORD written above is REALLY true- at least in my case!
    I ended with him because we were/are the TOTAL opposites of each other.
    I need a guy who gives me loyalty, security, and faithfulness.
    I could never trust him and I don’t think I ever will.

  • lady scorpio

    btw- to all the others who are scopio and have sag. bfs- GOOD LUCK!
    AT first, LOVE IS BLIND!
    It is hard to really see or at least admit to yourself how your bf (love of your life) really is when you love him or are so in love with him.

  • lady scorpio

    even if they want to take responsibility or make the relashionship work- they really are NOT ready for it and will eventually screw up coz they are bieng someone else to please you but evetually they will get sick and tired of it and will go back to bieng their old self b/c thats who they really are.

  • soumya

    this is b**l SH**T
    im a scor and my gf is sag.we hav a strng rel scince 2 year n our rel get stronger and stronger day by day… so stop sayin such bull sh**t … hope u understand……….

  • lady sag

    everything here says almost everything about my relationship with my scorpio. it scares the shit outta me but i try everyday to make it work. its been 3 years with him and nothings changed with his jealousy. relationships are everything to a sag and realizing that makes a LOT of sense now. they really just want only YOU.

  • Elle

    im a Scorpio girl n my husband is the sag we been together for 6 years married 1 and is been hell!!! hes a complete liar cheater alcoholic and boring (bed)dont ever want to try anything new always the same he cheats with the ugliest woman but has a beautiful wife(dont get it)he dont ever admits hes wrong doings cuz to him cheating is ok if hes the one doing it if i ever do it to him he will sure kill me he is jealous but always acts like he dont care about me he will not talk to me about anything no communication at all he wants to hear what i have to say but he dont say sh** he lives in hes dreams but dont do sh** to fulfilled them hes disrespectful careless and really dont care about nothing he says that our problem is that were from different cultures im puertorican hes black but that is bull sh** it has nothing to do with culture is just who he is today is our 1st year anniversary and yes it be the only one im tired of his ignorant self i think 6 years of waiting for him to better himself is enough im done. scorpio n sags hells noooooooooooooooo

  • Scorpio Girl

    Well My Guy was a sag and he didn’t want only me.. He wanted the next best thing everytime. Was living a double life for the last year of our relationship. Prior to that there were a couple other women he messed around with. But everytime He kept comming back to me, and I like a fool took him back. Oh please god give me the strength to stay away and not take him back. He was pure missery.

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