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Sagittarius & Virgo

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When meticulous Virgo meets casual Sagittarius there is a meeting of the minds — NOT! ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Virgo: This is sexually not bad. The Archer’s non-committal approach to life however, drives you up a wall. This combo works better as a passing affair. ( Source: Love Test )

For Sagittarius: Virgo’s do not handle your lifestyle well. You can not put up with the Virgoan’s meticulous, detailed way of doing everything. ( Source: Love Test )

Sagittarius is too expansive and extravagant for Virgos simple, ordered, and unpretentious life. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Virgo Man & Sagittarius Woman

This relationship does not have a very good chance of lasting for long. The Virgo boy is a real introvert who doesn?t like a lot of fuss around him. Meanwhile you are a bundle of energy who feels that fun (what he calls “fuss”) is the whole point of life! He is laid-back in the extreme and his reserved personality will seriously annoy you. He has a lack of courage when it comes to new situations and unfamiliar people. This is made worse when he?s with you, because you are bold and wild and fun-loving and that kind of intimidates him. You will end up looking down on his scaredy-cat, stay-at-home attitude. You?ll definitely be bored. Not a good match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Sadge girl may feel like class clown around button-down Virgo boy.  Virgo boy is all about getting assignments done on time, and meeting the sometimes impossibly high standards of his elders. You approach the world in very different ways, but both ways are valid.  Don’t lose your spontaneity, Sadge. It’s one of your best assets and it’s the thing that drew Virgo boy to you in the first place. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Virgo Woman & Sagittarius Man

This match will not last very long. You two are so different in personality that it?s almost impossible to make this pairing work. He is wild and free; you are serious and practical. He goes flying off in all directions; you want security and peacefulness. He is extremely flirtatious with other girls; you need a faithful partner who you can trust. Plus, the more you mistrust him the more likely it is that he?ll stray. You?ll feel neglected when he goes off on adventures, and you?ll be miserable when he doesn?t show up for your birthday party because he drove to another city with a friend to catch a concert. Not a good match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Virgo girl may first take notice of Sadge boy because of all the energy around him-where there’s action, from athletics to concerts, extreme sports to trips to far off lands, you’ll find him.  However, Virgo girl is much more regimented and serious, and may grow tired of the lack of definition and responsibility. If you’re aware of these differences, and respect them, this could be a long-running match? ( FUNgirl – Astrology)

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20 Comments for this entry

  • lissy

    I am 18 and in love with a 45 year old virgo. I’m a sag by the way. Nothing else in our lives are compatible except our signs… I believe in this website and the power of the zodiac… We will be so happy when we move to Idaho, to escape the judging eyes of the non astrological believers. Love Love Love

  • ricky

    Im 49 virgo boy with 43 sagitarius wife and we are married for 23 years with 3 boy’s. And we are living together very happy.

  • kim

    I am a virgo female. I have to say that this horoscope is so true about my ex. He is a Sag. His music career took off and I felt neglected. We are no longer together. I miss him like crazy but I guess its not meant to be. I would never make him chose his career over me so I let him go. We are great friends though.

  • Angela

    i was with a boyfriend for about 2 months. I am a virgo, he is a sag and we would definetly make it as good friends. But I want a relationship. It did not work out.

  • Henry

    I’m 22 and i’m a virgo boy in love with a sag 27 year old

  • adela

    i am a 21 year old virgo and im married to a 22 year old sag. he is very adventurous and loves freedom but i have learned to accept those qualities. As lons as he keeps on respecting and listening to me i think that we will continue to be very happy. =)

  • teresa

    I’m a 18 year old sag girl falling in love with an 18 year old virgo boy and i think our relationship will last bc were good together, although we don’t see eye to eye all the time we always work things out=]

  • rimsha

    im a 18 y Old virgO nd i have a bf Of 20 yr he is a sagg.we were happy but i thnk he left me

  • ruth

    yez it so true about virgos.. im a sage..and the relationship didnt last becouse he was woo weak for love

  • Miranda

    Im a 23 year old sag woman and I was dating a 21 year old virgo boy… This relationship did not work at all.. over our 2 year relationship he left me on many occasions and communication was impossible… this is my 3rd virgo relationship.. i assure you, this was the situation every time! There are much more compatible signs for me!

  • Naomie

    I am a 19 Year Old Girl (Sag.) & Im Very In Love With A 20 Year Old Guy (Virgo). DEFiNiTELY NoT WORKING!!!!


  • misspapaya

    I’m the fiery sag woman..he’s the virgo…I abuse him with my words and hell I slapped him today…its a crazy relationship..very volatile mixture..every one warns us to stay away from each other but we just can’t stop..as mad as I am right now..I want to have makeup sex..help us :/

  • Lauren

    Im a sag girl 17 and really happy with my virgo bf whos 17 <3 Never felt so happy in my whole life :D,, We both bring the best out off each other only problem we have is our jelousy ,, I do belive in signs But i think my virgo bf has other traits off signs !! xx

  • the color of grapes

    im a fiery sag (22) gurl and i dated a virgo (21) in high school for 2yrs. we were very much in-love but he didnt have a back bone, i found him to b weak and strong at the wrong times…virgo and sag can work but its tough, i prefer not to try again..if i can help it. my sister is a cancer n my mom a libra, virgo men dont work in my family :p

  • Whitney

    Im a Sag Girl and My Boy friend is a Virgo … We Are Very Much In Love But I Tend To Worry About little Things. He is bull headed just like me but in some situations he is just a lil scardy cat… but most of the time is is the one that waers the pants in the relationship… i love him

  • Danielle

    I am a 23 sag girl that’s with a 24 virgo boy. We are complete opposites in every aspect, yet no matter how many arguments or differences we have we some how always come back to each other… Although our fights are always over jealousy… If it wasn’t in the picture, we’d be a perfect match.

  • Donald Hudson

    While I agree with some of this I find it to be far off the path me being a Sagittarius male specifically regarding relationships. I love being with the woman I am with. I find that being with one woman out shines the ability of any other woman being with me because who I am with is who I am with. I am extremely flirtatious with the woman I am with. Adventure is my middle name I agree but only with her, I am not into the man thing nor do I waste my time with things that sperates me from the woman I am with. I have always had long term relationships that only ended due to my not falling in love fast enough as if I have no decision making for the feelings that I might have. I not only take on my responabilities but the responabilities of the woman that I am with. I guess all Sagittarius men are not alike. Take time to get to know us, understand that we love life and we have no problem loving you, we are blunt and carefree, sexually needy ALL THE TIME yet understand that sex and making love are different from one another. I have met virgo women that I won’t give the time of day but I only know that I would. So for all of us Sagittarius males I say take the time to get too know us and you will realize that we are exactly what you are looking for.

  • Daniela

    my goodness, the part about Virgo Woman dating a Sagittarius man is so true. Let me tell you, I am a Virgo girl who has been in a relationship with a Sagittarius guy for a year. I love him because he is very mature, sexy, and very smart. There is a big problem though: we were fighting so many times over me being possessive and him needing the space. I gave him all the space he needs and he is happy, but i am miserable. I feel lonely and sad, he barely shows me any affection and it is only when i fuss that he does. Our sex was great in the begining and now it is getting worst and worst, I need to be emotionally satisfied first in order for me to feel comfortable in bed. It feels like I am having sex with a stranger. 🙁 Ladies be aware if you are like me and need constant affection, Sagittarius doesn’t fit the bill. It is not that he is unemotional, it is just that they are too preoccupied running after something new. I cannot see myself spending the rest of my life with this guy. He is a good , respectful guy and i will not go cheating on him but eventually it has to end. 🙁 I hope my story will open eyes not to make the same mistake I did. Good Luck!

  • autumnrain

    i am a virgo female and have had a relationship in writing with a sagittarius male for almost three years. he and i used to talk for hours. i felt an initial chemistry through conversation but i eventually expressed this to him and scared him. i guess he is the type of guy that wants to take the chase. my advise to anyone that talks to a sagittarius guy. do not pursue him. he will run.

  • Bobby

    I’m a Virgo guy dated a sag girl must say the hardest relationship I have ever had nothing but a cheater and game playing after 11 years knowing eachother and 6 years together it’s over sad to say love her a lot but her mental and failure to own up to her wrong doings is a buzz kill

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