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Sagittarius & Aries

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Here is a fellow adventurer who will take you all over the world & keep you smiling. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aries: This can be a good and a lasting relationship. You are both fun-loving and quite oblivious to the faults that might drive most people crazy. This is an exciting and adventurous union. ( Source: Love Test )

For Sagittarius: This is not a bad match while it lasts. Fun-loving, adventuresome, certainly compatible. Both you and the Ram like to do your own thing, therefore you often part on friendly terms as you go off in your own directions. ( Source: Love Test )

Perfect temperamental match for Aries. Both enjoy the good life. Both are impulsive and brutally frank. They each have a wonderful sense of humor would enjoy each others company. Their only problem could be in the bedroom. Both like to socialize and have extravagant tastes. Both are brutally frank and arguments could be like World War Three. Aries sexual aggressiveness doesn?t sit well with Sagittarius. Both love the outdoors and love to talk about their interests. A perfect match. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Aries Man & Sagittarius Woman

This is tied with Leo and Aquarius as the number-one soulmate love match for you. You can have a wonderfully exciting time with an Aries boy, and this match often leads to true and lasting love. You are both intelligent, creative thinkers and you will adore each other?s ideas and thoughts. You will have excellent conversations together. You also share a love of variety, and you can have a great time going new places and meeting new people together. You?ll love his hilarious sense of humor, which he?s well-known for, and he?ll find you charming and funny too. The physical chemistry between you and the Aries boy is awesome, and your kisses will send sparks flying! An exciting and true soulmate match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Sadge girl,  few can keep up with your level of energy or enthusiasm, and in Aries boy you’ll find a willing partner for concerts, outdoor activities and all around adventure. Keep in mind,  however, that Aries boy may possess a level of self-rapture that could eventually grate on your nerves.  When that happens, you’re gone. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Aries Woman & Sagittarius Man

This is tied with Leo as the number-one best match for Aries. Sagittarius can truly be your soulmate. You are both adventurous types with a creative, open attitude to life. On matters of the heart and mind, an Aries and a Sagittarius will be completely in tune. You will satisfy his need for an exciting partner who can be spontaneous about things. He will satisfy your need to laugh ( Sagittarians have great senses of humor) and to have interesting, challenging conversations (they are also very intelligent). One warning: Sagittarian boys are known for their complete and utter honesty- they don?t usually bother to consider other people?s feelings when speaking. That can sometimes be a little rough (like when he tells you what he really thinks of your new haircut). But if you can put up with that one flaw, a Sagittarius can be your soulmate. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

It’s all about fun when you and Mr. Sadge are together, and everyone knows it. So popular are you as a pair, that you might want to consider opening an extra e-mail account for all the party invites that you’ll receive.  The only downside to this pairing as that you both may spend a little too much time with your head in the clouds when it might be smart to hook up when hitting the books or participating in family events. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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7 Comments for this entry

  • bree

    hey my names bree and i am a Sagittarius and one of my best friends is a aries i was just hanging out with him a couple days ago when he poped the question do you like me as a bf and honestly i have liked this guy since the day we met and i told him yes that i do and now we are going out and we have been unseperable since that night. i love his personality so much and he loves mine, we can laugh about the stupidest stuff together. when we are walking it doesnt matter whos around or anything he will bend down and kiss me. oh did i mentchon that he is like 6’2 and i am like 5’2, when people see us walking around together they all stair like we are freaks and people think that we dont match because of how tall we are but i think its perfect i love tall guys and he loves short girls so it works :D. i havent told my dad that we are dating yet and last night we went to a movie and my dad picked us up and out of habbet we were holding hands in the back seat and you should have seen my dads face it was scary haha and when we droped him off i walked up to his door and gave him a big kiss and once i got into the truck my dad started asking questions “acward” lol i just really hope that we work out and all thanks for all the tips
    byebye xoxo

  • mastermind

    I have found my soul mate, he is sagitarius, I am a aries, I was so surprised about out compatibility although when we met I had no idea about it at the time, we are mentally, spiritually emotionally connected, physically oh wow! thats all I can say

  • Danielle

    I too have found my soulmate. He’s Sag and I’m Aries. He’s 32 and I’m 31 and we talk on the phone for countless hours like teenagers. He’s my equal, my friend, and my lover. I’m so taken by him that I’ve truly surrendered my all this time because I know he has my best interest @ heart. We are simply wonderful together. I’ve never been so willing to work through issues and seek compromise as much as I’m willing to with him. We’re soooooooo lucky!

  • ariengal

    We had on-off encounters for years. Sparks flew and yes, he never failed to make me happy. We almost got together a few years ago but i broke away and left him because our quarrels were so intense I had to nurse my broken heart. I thought we finally had a chance again but alas after that day, I could feel the detachment from him. I backed off and said goodbye.

  • miss gyn

    i am an aries who has been in love with a sag for 2 years . the sex was great, the laughs, the times, and the kisses. the arguements were the worse. we both were kinda blunt when we argued but he never really cared about what i had to say in the arguements. he was unfaithful which really hurts because i love him so much. for some odd reason i cant find that connection with anyone else.

  • Broken

    i dated an Aries man and I am a Sag woman, we went to high school and middle school together but barely spoke, we reconnected through facebook 5yrs after we graduated high school we instantly clicked and fell in love he was the love of my life, its been pretty hard for a man to lock me down and get me to fall the way he did. We both loved the most retarded things and we had little arguments we learned to curb our tongues so we wouldn’t hurt eachother. He wasn’t over his ex like he thought he was and it was interferring with our relationship so he left me, we argued over it and nothing I said or did could change his mind. He told me he wasn’t ready to be with anyone and now he his in a new relationship. We remain good friends and I love him no matter what, its been 6 months since we split and I can’t get over him, I feel like he wasn’t meant for me. I have never loved someone like I loved him

  • your boy E

    I would check the chinese horoscope too. Im a sag dude, she was a aries gal.
    it looked good on paper, we lasted 2 years. Of hell. Both characters cannot be the alpha. It wont work , me as a mutable sign was bent like a contortionist, trying to find reason behind maniacal cardinal sing. I simply don’t like arguements or gealousy so when I had my share, I bounced. So….. watch out for butthurt drama, vindictive hate encarnate, revenge and harrasment well past a year of broken up.

    Sorry, get over it.

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