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Scorpio & Cancer

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A very emotional and committed pairing — Scorpio controls and Cancer toils. Ideal for the S & M set …. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: You are both too possessive that can and usually does lead to problems at some time. As long as you deal with these issues promptly you can have a happy, satisfying and loving union. ( Source: Love Test )

For Scorpio: This is one of your best connections. The Crab is a loyal mate who is usually willing to stand behind you. Cancers are attracted to your strong, demanding ways. ( Source: Love Test )

Cancer makes Scorpio feel secure. This relationship has great intimacy, intensity, and depth. Great pair. Cancer is loyal which is good for Scorpio?s jealous streak. Cancer?s possessiveness will make Scorpio feel secure. Both are intuitive and sense what will please each other. Together they will feel safe and loved. This pairing has great intimacy, and depth. Long lasting relationship. Both are jealous but the heat in the bedroom will cool the disputes. Cancer is clinging and insecure and Scorpio offers the strength and protectiveness Cancer is looking for. In turn Cancer is loving generous, devoted—all that Scorpio wants. Perfect match. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Scorpio Woman

He will give her everything she wants in a husband and she will give him everything he has always wanted in a wife, plus a few things he hadn’t thought about yet…. 🙂 ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is tied with Pisces as your number-one soulmate match. First of all, the physical chemistry between you could power enough light bulbs to brighten an entire city. Your kissing sessions will be amazing! The chemistry will also last and get even better the longer you are together. The Cancer boy also has staying power emotionally. He will stick by you and devote himself to making you feel special. This will satisfy your need for security and you will find yourself relaxing with him and really enjoying being taken care of. It’s a match that will make both of you feel really treasured. A perfect soulmate match! ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Electric attraction and deep emotions are what initially draw Scorpio girl to Cancer boy. Mood is the order of the day when these two signs team up, and there will be no dearth of emotion. You can inspire each other to wonderful heights, as long as you don’t allow negativity or possessiveness to enter the picture. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Cancer Woman & Scorpio Man

This is tied with Pisces as the number one soulmate match for you. A relationship with a Scorpio boy will be wonderful in every way for you. His passionate nature will draw out the sexy girl who?s hiding inside your good-girl exterior. You can also trust a Scorpio boy not to have a wandering eye for other girls. Once he makes up his mind to love you, he?ll stick to his decision! You also make him feel very secure because of your loving and loyal nature. This pairing can spark an intense and intimate relationship. A perfect love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

No doubt about it, Cancer girl and Scorpio boy will be over-the-moon for each other. The only problem that could crop up is possessiveness-a relationship is meant to be something you have with someone else, and one party shouldn’t try to ‘own’ or dominate the other. Get this lesson down and you’ve got plenty of good times ahead? ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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26 Comments for this entry

  • me

    im nov 8 cool but just dont get married yet your too young go out and have fun then get married you have a long life a head of you and let me mention im born 1992

  • jenny

    me && my boyfrend started going out on october3 of 2008. and this friday will be our 6 month anniversary. i love him with all my heart. he is a scorpio and im a cancer. and this is all true. i love my baby forever.

  • cassie

    That is so true… My boyfriend is a cancer and I’m a scorpio and we’ve been together for three months. We are perfect together and our relationship follows thiz horoscope exactly. I love this man and i can see us being together for the long haul.

  • lindsay

    this is very true i guess? i love talking to him…sometimes too much!!

  • Gerta

    I’m dumb struck how amazing the first time we met the attraction was so intense the people with us in the room felt it its 2months later and its just getting better emotional spiritual and physical i know we are ment to be together we both have walked through hell i’m (scorpio) a widow and he’s (cancer) divorced and now we appreciate each other so much more we could not have asked for better we are truly blessed ps the big day is in november

  • Lian

    This is so true! My bf is a Cancerian and I’m a Scorpion. Together for 3 years plus. The initial attraction was great. Hmmm… The only thing I dun really like is – Cancerians are too dependent on Scorpions. (-.-)” But I still feel very secure with him.

  • me2

    I’m a Cancer woman and I met a Scorpio man…we smiled at each other and that was it. Pure chemistry…but the only thing is that I slept with him only six hours after I met him. And we met again a second time, and the sex was getting better and better. The passion, the libido, and chemistry was in sync
    Now it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t heard or seen him 🙁
    I love this man and I can see myself spending my life with him forever…but he’s so good, that I’m afraid that he has other girlfriend(s)..how could he not?
    I hope I see him again, to tell him how I truly feel, from reading other comments, it looks like it’s worth it.

  • Sam

    true…im a scorpio woman and i dated a cancer man for 4 years. everything was perfect but i was just too much and to set in my ways. he was possaibly the love of my life. we have been apart for 4 years and now he is married with a baby on the way…sad…BUT…after him i met my loving capricorn boyfriend of now almost 3 years and he is better then the last 🙂

  • doug

    I’m the Cancer and my wife is the Scorpio, this is dead on the money! We’ve been married 23 years.

  • Phillyhitman

    Just met up with an old friend from Highschool, Donna. I always liked her in Highschool, although l never dated her back then. Joined Facebook and lo-and-behold, there she was. Turns out we knew some of the same ppl…one of which, afterwards had a Birthday party. Un-benounced to me, she was there. It was quite a shock to see her there to say the least. I attended yet another party, only this time, I knew she’d be there. We hit it off really well. Towards the very end of the night, we could not stop kissing. Now I cant stop thinking about her. Which made me come to this site, just to see how compatible we are. Im glad to see all the positive comments. Im a Scorpio and she’s a Cancer. Im really liking Donna, I havnt seen her in almost 30yrs, since Highschool, and she looks just as beautiful as she did then. Hey, maybe she’s the one. Cant wait to see her again, and the greatest thing is… she cant either!

  • ???

    i need help a guy in my class he is scorpio i am cancer we always stare at eachother then look away we know we both like eachother but wont admit we used to be good friends but we dont talk no more because we are shy its worse because the two lads he sits by in class say stuff two me wich is annoying and the girls i sit by are known for gossiping so if we spoke it would be like bam instant gossip EVEN WORSE WERE BOTH NOT THAT POPULAR SO THE GOSSIP IS SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE BECAUSE EVERYONE IS SICK AND FED UP OF THE SAME OLD POPULAR PEOPLE GOSSIP AND I HATE PEOPLE MAKING A SHOW OFF ME CAN SOME ONE HELP ME PLEASE ? I ALSO CANT TALK TO HIM ON MSN OR FACEBOOK BECAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE ACOUNTS !!! WICH MEANS FACE TO FACE OR NADA !

  • Heathcliff

    After forty years, I (Cancer) saw my high school sweetheart (Scorpio) again. I never knew there was so much in the zodiac for Cancer and Scorpio. I married someone else, and the only time my wife has seen me cry is when I’m thinking of her. I am going crazy with all this emotion that has been building up all these years. Heathcliff did not suffer forty years. This is Hell.

  • Scorpion queen

    Nearing the 8 year mark since he parted from me (Scorpio), he the cancer. I’ve met many after him even now married, but nothing ever came close to the bond I had with him. I’m even married now, but every single day I think of him. I felt secure and totally taken care of. I didn’t realize then he was my soulmate. The spark, chemistry, whatever you call it was like no other. Never felt a bond like that. After almost 8 years, I still long for him and cried my eyes away when I knew he got married.

  • Cancer gurl

    Im a cancer girl and when i met my awsome scorpio boy (intoduced to eachother) we connected instantly. We went on a double date to the movies with the friend who intoduced us. And we could not stop talking. We were really getting along. Soon after the dates continued, our relationship grew stonger.And now we have been together for 3 months. yeah it may not seem that long but im head over heals for him. And the connection we share is unbelievable. And the day he left to be deployed to Korea, i agreed to marry him when he comes back!

  • >Cancergirl

    I’m 13, Cancer and am about to move up a class in my high school. Doing so will mean i will be in the same class as my crush, Scorpio. I really like him but can’t get up the courage to speak to him. My friend introduced us and she is also the one who told him that I like him. (I asked her to + she really wanted to)
    I don’t know what to do, were both REALLY shy and the people he sits with at lunch are like body guards, you can’t get near him! I need help~!

  • 31 yr old cancer woman

    Everything that is said about a scorpio man is so true ive been casually seeing this scorpio man for 4 months but because of being so shy i havent worked up the courage to tell him how i really feel cuz to be honest hes not the kind of man i am used to …I feel absolutly amazing when im around him and feel a lil lost when im not knowing he needs his alone time is kinda of frustrating :-p i plan on getting the courage soon cuzz if i wait too long im afraid i will lose him for good so im just gunna be forward i guess lol

  • scorpian chik

    Omg3 dis is so tru my bf is a cancer n omg3 we been 2gether for three months which is dii longest relationship both of us ever had n he makes me feel so happy he takes care of me so well lik a gentleman(even tho I’m pretty independant) he’s dii only guy who I ever pikture myself wit bcuz I wudnt liv my life any other way wenever we talk on dii phone my heart melts n we can tell eachother anythng.it juzt pours out n wee also hav very good long convoz dat make me smile we almost never fight but der r ocasions dat its juzt not our day but dats part of life:) wenever we dance or hold hands ders a spark b/t us n we r both hipnotized when he has his arm around meh I melt away I never want him 2 let go we hav a lot incommen n we r so different at dii same time which helps us strike up topics n stuff man I don’t thnk any guy hav ever made me dis happy our relationship goes wit everythng dis horoscope says:) I kno dat my cancer will jump a cliff for me n a heartbeat n I wud do dii same he’s dii only guy I pikture gettin married wit or havin kids wit he’s my love n dat will never change no matter how big da gap b/t us is I juzt wanna say dat I love my cancer israel n dat dis horoscope tells it all n I don’t c us ever splitting no matter how big dii fight:D I wish good luk 2 anyother scorpio cancer relationships

  • Bee

    I am a particularly sensitive Cancerian woman. I’ve met a Scorpio not too long ago. I loved him… So deeply. But he met the ‘real me’… We had an argument over something silly. And he believed leaving me would be for the best.
    It tore me apart…now he’s spreading rumours about me at school. Kind of childish, actually. Although, I get this feeling it may be because I hurt him (don’t know how) and that he still has feelings for me.
    SCORPIO’S — any advice/comments/thoughts about this would be appreciated 🙂

  • misisingthatcancerboy

    i am extremely in love with a cancer man and missing him dearly. i am realizing upon frequenting this sites..that cancer and scorpio has mad compatibility with one another. im hoping that this cancer guy that i am in love with will wind up being the man that i spend the rest of my life with…

  • cancer lady

    i’m a cancer woman, and 5yrs ago there was this peticular scorpio man i had started seeing but we didnt date, undeniable chemistry between both of us. it was so bad, it weirded me out and made me act strange and straight scared the shit out of him! he came to tell me this as we had just started speaking again. and its incredible really, now that we’ve had this break to excell in life. and in his words “you’re not getting away this time, i wont let you.”

    so needless to say, we’ve both told eachother we like eachother alot more than a friend, instead of messing around throwing eachother hints and leaving the other to wonder forever…lol. i never stopped thinking of him, and i think its absolutely funny how we’re so irresistable to eachother. and yes scorpios like to dominate – and well… i enjoy every minute of it. haha. ;o)

  • scorpgrl78

    Love this Cancer ex-husband of mine, father of my two kids, we were married for 5 years, divorced over outside circumstances, but I know he is the love of my life and I am hoping maybe we can come back together again….

  • Lizzie

    Loving this scorpio man of mine. We have yet to make love but I can feel his heat already. He is so sexy and makes me want to wait for him the rest of my life, but his secret quotient is really bothersome sometimes.My possessive nature wants him all to myself and yet I feel he has interests in many directions. He says he loves me but, I just don’t trust him because of the distance and vagueness he sometimes displays. HELP!

  • Ebbb

    im a cancer woman and i have a scorpio boyfriend. he is the best boyfriend i’ve ever had. astrology is totally correct on this one!

  • Odessa Grant-Esco

    I have a cancer boyfriend and im so in love with him that it hurts to be apart from him. i never feel like there is enough time together but like it that way. i would give him my second last breath, keeping the last only so i can whisper his name goodbye. we are so much alike in the nature we are with the perfect number of differences. he keeps me from wanting to leaving the world completely and be by myself. slowly he brakes down my walls that all Scorpios have.he makes things that scare me okay, like saying i love you or letting someone know your hurt or sad. i push him away a lot because i want him to leave. he is so smart and deep that i feel so unworthy but i wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes feel so much more special that someone like him could love someone like me. he is my soul mate and at 11:11 on august 9th 2011 i wished that one day we’ll get married so i can be with him forever. he knows how to touch me, but not always when to which i love, and makes me laugh, hes shy but never afraid and i always feel safe when im with him.i don’t fear the future when i put him in it. i hate saying it but he needs to know that i only want him for the rest of my life and that i will never change my mind. it actually pains me to say that i need him because i dont like to need anyone…im a Scorpio…but i need you and ive never been so scared to say anything in my life, and that was it. i love you Daniel Cassar your are the perfect and only cancer for this Scorpio ,forever 🙂

  • Irene

    I dated a cancer sign man, I will never again. I think Cancer and Scorpio are more meant for each other. Most Scorpio’s love to feel needed and clingy is a sign from God, for any man to hop on board.

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