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Scorpio & Taurus

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The two sex signs are a true yin-yang combination — sexy and intensely dramatic. Heavy! ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Taurus: Polarity attraction, sexually dynamic, however you are both fixed signs that can cause difficulties. Your stubbornness and the Scorpions jealousy will result in a no win situation. ( Source: Love Test )

For Scorpio: Polar opposites that actually do quite well together. The Bull is stable and loyal enough to satisfy your intense nature. You both value long-term unions and are willing to work at them together. ( Source: Love Test )

Opposites of the Zodiac who have much in common. Both are determined and ambitious and neither is much of a rover. Both are strong willed. Sexually they are super compatible but Scorpio is too overbearing and possessive for Taurus. Takes too much tolerance for this to last. Both are very jealous and stubborn. Scorpio is thrifty and spurns laziness and Taurus likes to spend on creature comforts. Scorpio is willful and Taurus is obstinate. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Taurus Man & Scorpio Woman

This match would make a great short-term fling, but it doesn’t have much hope of deepending or lasting long-term. You and the Taurus boy have an excellent physical chemistry together that makes this pairing perfect for a summer romance or a one-date adventure. Unfortunately, your similar personalities make you clash mightily when it comes to anything else. You both are very stubborn and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get him to see things from your point of view, or consider your opinions. This will drive you nuts. You are both also very jealous and there are likely to be explosions when one or both of you becomes suspicious over some innocent (or imagined) flirtation. You’ll both be so busy arguing about who’s in charge of this relationship, that you won’t notice it’s falling apart all around you. A volatile match that doesn’t last long. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Scorpio girl, Taurus boy is as willful as you, so as long as you both can respect each other’s need for individuality, you’re a power pairing.   He’s attracted to your strength and gusto, and you love to have an equal partner in that department. Wonderful! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Taurus Woman & Scorpio Man

This is a poor love match for a Taurus girl. If you get involved with a Scorpio, you can expect a roller-coaster ride of a relationship. You may be attracted to each other and that might be enough to hold it together for a short while. But your arguments and jealousies are likely to greatly outweigh any happy times you have together. Scorpio boys are suspicious and moody, and sometimes they?ll make up any excuse to fight. You?ll get tired of the constant fighting and worrying about where he is. Not a good match for love. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

You and your Scorpio man are both powerfully strong-willed; the trick in making your relationship rock is to respect each other’s boundaries and need for privacy and retreat.  If you can appreciate your differences rather than engaging in extended cell phone-fighting marathons, chances are this could be more than just a second semester crush. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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17 Comments for this entry

  • scorpio1118

    My boyfriend is a Taurus and i’m a scorpio and when every me and him get together it’s nothing but much happines and laughs between us two he is the love of my life

  • Scorpsnic23

    I am a scorpio woman & my boyfriend is a Taurus. When we arent together it kills us. & we have many great & wonderful times together.
    I am very much in love with him & we have been for a very long time.
    He is the love of my life<3

  • ScorpioWoman

    I am in love with a Taurus man. He and I laugh together and have some powerful sex and for the most part we really enjoy each others company. We both have very strong point of views, and we always, respectfully, agree to disagree.

  • TaurusGirl

    This makes sense. I would have to agree.

  • Yan

    my boyfriend is taurus and i’m scorpio..i wud agree dat wen we are together and were talking we laugh at the least laughable stuff..i love my vincent alcantar

  • Scorpio24

    I am a female scorpio and my bf is Taurus and we have been together for six years. It is true i have problems with my jealousy sometimes and he is a stubborn guy at times but we really love eachother so much and we love everything else about eachother…He makes me laugh and he loves my affection lol I want to be with him forever and i know he feels the same.

  • mandy

    I ( Tauras woman) have had a strong connection with a( Scorpio man) for 18 yrs. Life circumstances have not allowed us to be together for many years. We where childhood love. To this day we admire one another so very much, we have a lot in common and are each others first love and care so much for one another. The magnetic connection is the neatest thing I have ever known.

  • Jess

    That is bull crap above. Im a bull, and my guy is a scorpio. We dissagree, but it’s never anything serious. Him and I have been friends for a while, and I’ve always been attracted to him… crazyness and all. I feel weird when he’s not around, and when we get together, we touch… alot. we love each other! Period!.

  • Misty

    I’m in a relationship where my boyfriend is scorpio and i’m Taurus and yes the fighting and the moodiness of his is extreme but he is also demanding and stubborn but i’m kinda the same we fight uncontrollable but we have a connection thats stronger than anything as if we obsessed with each other the love we have is magical and our fights are usually cause of jealousy issues but thats ok cause it simply means we love each other and wouldnt wanna lose each other, taurus women are quiet patient and with scorpio’s we need that so after all the dark tunnels there is a light at the end of the road that truely brings me happiness i love my boyfriend more than anything else in the world and life without him is unbearable. . . I know he feels the same we broke up lots of times but the break up only last around 10mins lol

  • scorpio22

    i am scorpio women, and my boyfriend of 5years is a taurus. i cant deal with being with him anymore, and only am because of our child, at 1st it was great but now, he is just stubborn, lazy, miserable and boring, and i am lively, happy (or was) and am more senstive, we dont suit atall, and would never recommend taurus man and scorpio woman, complete opposites and it has kinda ruined my life. oh and btw we never had amazing sex (like itsaid above) it was always just ok

  • Cookie

    So, I am married to a Taurean and I think that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I am a scorpio so you know it has to be heavy for me to say that. The passion that i have with him is unparamount. We have issues, yes. He is incredibly stubborn and he is also possessive but I am the worse out of the relationship. I am a scorpio to the core and nothing about me is easy. I’m honestly thankful that he loves the dark as well as the light sides of my character. He loves family like I do and I can comfortably say that he loves me. Before him I could never say with complete honesty that whatever man I was dealing with loved me. I recommend a Taurus and Scorpio relationship for those that want fire and passion, but that also want the steadiness of companionship and security.

  • nishi

    I am a taurus girl involved with scorpio man sometimes it is realy hard to understand him…but we never had jealousy problems as such till now,,,he is quite moody but still we love each other…

  • RavensDream

    I am a super agressive, super strong, independent scorpio woman, who is dating a the same kind of taurus man. From the first night we met each other-we were like magnets to one another. And the sex is off the charts! Neither of us has ever come close before to reaching these heights-and it just gets better, and more intense all the time. We have yet to find our limits.
    We have that connection that is so profound-a oneness when we are together that is to die for.
    Yet we have our disagreements which can be furiating for both of us….neither wanting to give in to the other-they can last for hours. But the making up is soooo worth it.
    I dont know if we will make it….he is worried we will kill each other one of these days, but I know that with him-he has patience, with me tolerance, and we can meet in the middle if we try harder.
    Still I wont give him my heart until he shows me he can give me his. And him being hurt so badly before in the past-that may not ever happen. That would be a shame to let something so strong slip through our hands. The trust factor is awesome…he’s got my back, and I got his!
    We recent had a conversation about how amazing it was for each of us…..like looking into a mirror with our personalities which we both love about each other.
    I always win the arguments though-sadly it is like this psychological game we play called the battle of wills, and I am relentless and ferocious…i’ll give him credit for stamina though. He is a worth opponent-LOL….he has earned my respect for sure.
    SSSShhh.don’t tell him, but…..I do think I am falling in love with him.
    When we hold each other….we mean it…from very core of our being, and we know we would make the best team ever.
    One good thing, once were done fighting, he does not hold a grudge….which is why they go on for so long….once concluded-it’s a wrap. I admire that about him too.
    We never argue about the same thing twice…so eventually we will run out of stuff to argue about-LOL.
    When we are having fun and get excited over something-it always happens at the exact same time-that is way too cool.
    I am learning that if I say something he takes wrong, I had better rephrase it quick and make sure he knows what my intent is for what I am trying to say….this almost always prevents stupid arguments.
    And he is learning to read my eyes in the same respect. We have a tougher time on the phone-but he is learning to pick up on when I am taking something wrong that he said.
    Loves my self confidence, but hates it when I have any mention of it or my knowledge-claim I am bragging-which I am not, only trying to make a point about something.
    Right now we are in a fight….he claims I am trying to foce him into giving his heart to me-frankly I dont want it if it does not come naturally-I dont think he understands that yet. He just takes my agressiveness as pushing him. I have not talked to him in a day and a half, and I wonder this time who will give in first….will it be me?….or him?
    I am thinking it is time for me to give in to him and call first. Maybe I am pushing him and not really realizing I am doing it.
    I have to think about that one a bit.
    Wish me luck.

  • taurus_wife

    I’m a Taurus woman and I’ve been married twice, my first husband was a Scorpio, it was sheer disaster, i am simple, open and naive, and he was barbarian, violent, abusive, and a cheater, and he was an angry man with a foul hole for a mouth. we barely lasted two years, i left him even though we have a son together. he’s broken so much in me. and my second and current husband is a Scorpio too (yes i was stupid enough to marry yet another Scorpio) we’ve been together now for 3 years, it’s been a roller coaster all along, the only reason I’m sticking around is because i’m afraid of loneliness, i’d rather be unhappily married than a happy loner, i think my chances would be slim on the love market, mostly because I’ve become fat.
    my current husband is a much milder version of my first, but he is moody, pessimistic, negative, short-tempered, and childish. we are so different from each other and there are times i wish i divorced him because it can become unbearable with the nasty arguments and all. and he so can be capable of becoming mean.
    as for jealousy, I’m the guilty one, and as for the sex, it was never fun, it’s always either okay or below average because my husband is not adventurous sexually, he’s a huge bore.
    all in all, we got nothing in common, and even though it seems i attract Scorpios, but we could never be a happy couple, based on personal experience.

  • lisa

    I agree this is not bull crap Jess, sorry to say I have been w/ my man for six miserable yrs. now 2 children he is taurus and i the women scorp and I did see it but because of loneliness I stayed w/him i don’t regret i just from here on would like to fix my self love me for once and don’t tolerate anything less. I feel it is true everything i saw up here typed some taurus men and scorp women don’t belong I have been w/ two taurus men so far and they are terribly LAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  • lisa


  • TaurusWoman421

    i am now pursueing a relationship with a man who is a scorpio. i’m already starting to catch feelings for him.. but sometimes he seems as though he’s being distant towards me.. but when we’re together it’s amazing.. we laugh ALL the time.. and the sex is great.. we spontaneously have sex whenever we are in the mood.. lol.. he seems like a great guy and we’ve already discussed how we feel about each other.. he’s always on my mind and he says he thinks about me all the time.. i hope this lasts because i like how he makes me feel when we’re together..

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