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Scorpio & Aries

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If you ever get out of the bedroom you’ll be surprised to find out that they can cook too! ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aries: You are both ruled by the catalyst Mars that makes this union hot and heavy. The possessive Scorpio will, however, does clash with your free spirited nature. ( Source: Love Test )

For Scorpio: You make a hot combination in bed. Highly aggressive sex that could be described as implied violence. Lustful but not lasting due to your jealous nature. ( Source: Love Test )

Perfect sexually but not emotionally. Both are energetic, and passionate. Each is forceful and wants to control. Scorpio is jealous and Aries outside interests could cause friction between them. Aries won?t take orders and neither will Scorpio. Lots of tempers fly with this union. Low tolerance level for this pair. Both are selfish and want to make the decisions. Scorpio is secretive and brooding and Aries open and impulsive. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Aries Man & Scorpio Woman

Mr Bluff & Bluster learns some discipline from the Lady with the Whip. If they can hold back from going too far, they might run long. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match is not a very good one for you. You may be drawn to the Aries boy because of his confidence and his strong physical presence. He can seem very exciting and attractive to the Scorpio girl, who longs for a deep passion. Unfortunately, there is a basic clash in personalities between you two. You both have a strong need to control everything. You like to do things your way (the right way), and he has his own, different and strong opinions about all those same things. He’ll try to pull you along with him, and you’ll push your heels into the ground and say “excuse me, I have an opinion here!” If you try to make this relationship work, you’ll get exhausted fast, because you’ll be way too busy fighting to really fall in love. This is a mismatch that is very unlikely to work out. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Aries boy can’t get enough of you or your mysterious ways, Scorpio girl, and everyone likes to be wanted and adored. Problems may arise, however, if and when jealousy and possessiveness enter the picture. If you can respect each other and keep your emotions in check, this can be a fun and exciting match. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Aries Woman & Scorpio Man

You probably won?t find your soulmate in a Scorpio. It is true that you can be drawn to each other by strong physical chemistry. Unfortunately, your warm feelings towards each other probably won?t last longer than the first date. You like to be in control of things, and Scorpio boys are totally paranoid about letting their romantic partners be in control. This will cause lots of fights over who is “right” in every situation, from which movie to see, to who your friends should be. You?ll get sick of Scorpio?s need to battle out every little difference of opinion. Scorpio guys also take quite a while to warm up, while you?re always raring to go. You deserve a happier, less turbulent match than this one. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Who has hand in this relationship? Sorry, Miss Aries . . . but it’s Scorpio. But this isn’t a bad thing.  You love the mystery and intensity of your Scorpio boy, and with him; you’ll never be bored.  Just remain aware that once and a while, he might become slightly jealous of your wonderful self, so cut him a break or tell him the truth if he starts to get insecure.  Not everyone can be calm in the midst of a babe of your magnitude. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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3 Comments for this entry

  • Zayna

    Im a scorpio woman dating an Aries boy 6 months now! the readings are preety accurate, the physical chemistry is explosive ! Yes its true we both have very strong opionions but so far we have been able to talk about things, not sure what would happen in marriage and if we lived together. Have to say this is an exciting relationship even with the challenges. I am attracted to him for the reasons stated, he is hot looking and i guess he is attracted to me because i give him lots of love and affection (oh and sexy as he says!)

  • Tami

    Aries woman/with scorpio man, I think it all depends on other sign influences, I fell for an Ox/scorpio and I am an Aries snake. Long hours in bed slow passionate and we were able to enjoy outdoor sports together as well. I have a Tuarus rising which I think gives a little more stability. I have known many aries/scorpio relationships and the make the very best of friends. Every aries I have evr met has had a relationship of sorts with a scorpio. Scorpio with a strong influence(maybe double scorpio) are quite insecure, that is why they can be jealous,(you know the scorpion hides under rocks in the day and comes out at night) I think extra measures in keeping the scorpio secure will keep their love. If they think you have really done something that deserves their mistrust, they can break away forever weather unfounded or not. Aries being honest has a better time keeping trust as long as there are not outside influences. Aries can hide their true self from strangers and mild aquaintances which can cause untrue gossip to leak to the scorpio.Aries is true to scorpio no matter what others see.

  • sweetiepie

    i’ve Been best friends with my scorpio man for 5yrs now. i fell in love with him the day i met him and looked directly into his eyes.. im an arian woman and we’ve had our share of dramatic scenes. we’ve been through it seems everthing together and he’s always had my back no matter what. we’ve had sex alot but never talked about a relationship directly.. he brushes it off. but he always says he’s not ready but constantly talks about his ex’s and new women to me!! it pisses me off, the arguments get so heated we stop talking for weeks sometimes even months… we always cling back together like maganets, he visits from out of town and its great, he’s very open and sweet wen he wants to be but at times the rage scares the fuck outta me. how do i deal with it??? i have a son with a man who has never been in the picture my scorpio friend buys my son everything he can think of, really great with him.. i totally trust him, maybe even more than some family members. he wants to take him outta town..i said yes and he’s so excited.. point is now im alittle scared, shold i tell him and will he be upset beacuse im doubting my trust?? what should i do??

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