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Libra & Leo

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Absolute and total fascination between the two once the whole ego thing is understood. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance)

For Leo: Libra’s sophistication and your flair constitute an entertaining coalition, unless a financial deficit prevails. You can both be quite extravagant and wasteful. ( Source: Love Test)

For Libra: This is a good union, similar lifestyles, both hooked on sex. The Lion’s dazzle, and your refined nature balances out quite nicely. Together you make an extremely nice looking couple. ( Source: Love Test)

Libra is indecisive and Leo is take charge. Both are extravagant and love beautiful things. Each will try to get the most attention. This is a good pairing. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Leo Man & Libra Woman

This match has high hopes of lasting and becoming real love. You are both outgoing, social people who adore drama and excitement. You both love being the star of the show, and you’ll have a great time going out together. You love beautiful things, and he is generous with his money. You love laughing, trying new things and having fun, and his zest for life will guarantee that you’re always amused and never bored. Your physical chemistry will sparkle. Leo boys also love to take charge of things, and that’s great for you because you hate having to make decisions. He also loves shopping for clothes! He does need a lot of praise, but if you don’t mind giving it to him he’ll pay you back with lots of compliments. All in all, a wonderful love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide)

Libra girl, with Leo boy you have a worthy candidate for partnership.  He knows how to dress, treats you with respect and admiration, and will never forget how lucky he is to have you on his arm.  The only potential pratfall of this relationship: in time he may become a bit possessive, so if  you don’t like clingy, have a one-to-one that spells out your concerns. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology)

Leo Woman & Libra Man

This match has very good possibilities for lasting love. Your creative sides will work well together, as the Libra boy has a true flair for the dramatic. He is also the most romantic of all the male zodiac signs. A Libra boy will make a big deal about Valentine’s Day and you can expect him to come up with all sorts of creative ways to let you know he cares. He will put you at center stage, and you will love it. Your generous, affectionate nature also matches well with his strong need for attention. Truthfully, you are both attention addicts, but you should be able to satisfy each other’s needs. You also share a strong physical chemistry that makes that side of your relationship sizzle. A great love match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide)

Leo girl and Libra boy don’t just walk into a room, they OWN it.  Between your collective good looks and social charms, you’re a true power pairing.  Your best strength as a team lies in your ability to communicate with each other on virtually any topic. It’s a rare relationship gift, so treasure and protect it. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology)

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7 Comments for this entry

  • Hazel

    i just might be in love with a libra…looking good…im a leo…like duh…

  • libra lady

    I recently met a Leo man. I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. A lot of the above is very true and yet we’ve only been seeing each other for just over a month now & My only concerns is that the attention he craves is from the ladies. And he’s very flirty with them. But yet he still always makes it clear when he’s beside me who he’s with…. Think that’s just about understanding that ego thing? I hope so..

  • Leon

    Heck, no! Pisces guys are the most romantic. 😉

  • BerstutsMat

    list more!

  • Leo Woman

    being a leo I have a need to be close to people yet I enjoy my freedom. Leos keep people at arms length. Libra is relaxed, congenial and indecisive. They flourish in harmonious settings, so they like to have the freedom to flow in whatever the direction the harmony is flowing in. Which means that if you are with this person and you want to be happy and fulfilled with them and want them to remain focused and fulfilled on you. You must be in a position to offer un biased objectivety and permeate consistant harmony and creativety and you must also be gentle and detached about presenting it. Otherwise the moment your libra person becomes tense or the least bit bound or confined they are off in search of what it was you stoped providing. Remember Leo; You know that you become furocious when your individuality or your territory or space is threatened. You require freedom to be. So do they. Except the Libra people are not regal and strong willed in the same capacity that we are. They’re like butterflies, they’re beautiful, creative and intelligent, but, very, very fragile. BE CAREFUL with them. They are capable of perserverance, however they do not function long under consistant pressure…

  • gauri mishra

    ya its true libra male leo female have a good compatibility

  • sassybitch812

    this explains me and my boyfriends relationship down to a t. i love my boyfriend soo much and he is a leo and ima luccy libra… words cant express the kinda chemistry we have i feel like ive found the right one!!!!

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