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Libra & Cancer

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They love to stare at each other but for some reason they will never reach out and touch — best as a dream. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: Your mood swings are far too upsetting for the Scales. Libra needs harmony and a variety of entertainment which really isn’t your style or your intent. You create melodrama at an emotional level and would prefer to stay at home where it’s safe and secure. ( Source: Love Test )

For Libra: This is not the best match. The moody Crab is just too difficult for you to handle. You need to surround yourself with positive individuals who will create a harmonious environment. ( Source: Love Test )

Libra would not go for Cancers moods. Both love a beautiful home but Libra needs parties and Cancer can do without. Not too good. Both operate on different levels. Cancer is emotional and Libra is intellectual. Libra doesn’t understand Cancer’s moods and Cancer doesn’t understand Libra’s detached emotions. Cancer is too possessive, and Libra too airy. Both love a beautiful home. Libra can’t give Cancer the emotional response it needs. Cancer is money oriented and Libra is extravagant. Libra loves the social life and Cancer loves home and hearth. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Cancer Man & Libra Woman

This match is not meant to be. You may go into this relationship with high hopes, but you are bound to disappoint each other in almost every way. He thinks saving money is very important; you love to shop. He has a practical approach to everything; you are flexible and easygoing, preferring to take things as they come. He is pessimistic; you are optimistic. He is a master at hiding his emotions from everyone including you; you die without tons of attention and affection. There’s not even much romantic chemistry to bond you two together. You’ll both be unhappy in a relationship together. It’s a match that’s better left unmade. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Romance will reign supreme in this relationship. It’s the stuff that fantasies are made of! However, once the movie’s over, Libra, you may find yourself slightly annoyed by Cancer’s possessiveness and need to know where and what you’re doing 24-and-7. It’s only with careful communication that this relationship has a chance for success. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Cancer Woman & Libra Man

This match is pretty much doomed from the start. You want emotion and lots of communication. Meanwhile, he is looking for someone to provide an intellectual connection. So he’ll be trying to talk about the universe, when all you want to do is kiss! That will be very frustrating. Because of the many differences in your basic natures, you won’t really “get” what each other is all about. It’s almost impossible to establish a real connection in this match. Not a great love match for you. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

What starts out with a bang may, unfortunately, end with a sputter. Things are glorious in the beginning, with plenty of affection and attraction. Problem is, Cancer girl has a much different thought process than Libra boy, and that’s when the trouble begins. She wants coziness and commitment, and that may scare Mr. Libra, who is more likely to act with his head rather than his heart… ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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18 Comments for this entry

  • Milo 22

    Hello it has been said here on this site that a cancer man and a libra women are not a good match”
    well have you thought that if both are born on the
    cusp of gemini/cancer & virgo/libra……..?
    I think that you should rethink your perdiction!!!!


    I am cancer and never dated a single lady but liked 4 girls in 9 years .suprisingly they all are libras. Do anyone know how to hang out with libra being a cancer?though not a good combo i cannot help myself thinking about them snce i’m obsessed toget love

  • shannon

    This is true I am a libra girl and was married to a cancer for 5 years. My lack of emotional response led to violent outbursts from him. Definitely an “no no” match. Everything they said is true in my case.

  • jackieelynn

    I am a girl cancer and I am dating a boy libra..
    and this whole thing has scared the crap out of me because we are very much in love with each other and are pretty much inseparable. We love each others company
    and just love doing everything together. Yes, we have our little fights but nothing too bad and I mean…every relationship has its ups and downs. So I hope we end up working out :/

  • Maya

    I am the Libra Women… and I have to say!

    OMG! this is so true… I feel as I am living this, the good part is that we have been married for 7 good years and hope it will stay that way… but to be honest I can say that a libra and cancer do not mix…

  • edna

    this is soooooooo not true , iam alibra woman inlove w| amale cancer , now yes he does have alot qoinq on but itz nothinq icant deal w| , ihave put up w| alot of stuff in my life && w| all the love ihave , ican put up w| him , ibelieve we were made for each other , so im qonna prove yhu quyz wronq !

  • Luann

    Cancer woman married to libra man for 40 yrs. I loved him
    so much but little by little that love chipped away due tohis infidelity
    since before we married-I did know it but he lied to convice
    me not to leave. Now I just do what I want(no infidelity).
    And live without love -not sex- that I crave.

  • luvmycancerman

    I am a libra girl and I just started dating my cancer and so far its really good. He is sweet and romantic….

  • Dezzi

    i think that you are moste definatly wrond im a cancer girl and my boyfriend is a libra and i love him he does tend to want to be doing other activities and makes me feal less important but the second i tell him that he turnes what ever it is off and puts all his attention on me. he tends to be a little needy of my attention and alwase likes me with him and as a cancer i hardly ever leave his side and love spending all my time with him<3 i think were perfection

  • Zayna

    I think the person who talks about cusps is very true, check your cusps and your moon signs as cancer with gemini moon sign may well get on very well with libra with leo moon sign.

  • augmento

    cancer/rooster married to libra/ox for 6 years now. It has been quite the emotional roller coaster but with both of us committed to each other and true love neither of us willing to get off. We know each other better and our love is stronger than it was in the start.

  • De

    I have currently fell in love with a Cancer man. We hit it off immediately…however, he family obligations to his to his son and son’s mother. It has caused us to separate. OMG….he was the closest to being the perfect guy that fulfilled my emotional needs as a Libra. I felt so spiritually closed to him. I really thought he was the one…I hope things work out with us. If not, I will be searching to meet another Cancer lover. He was wonderful….

  • mhsyed

    I am libra (male) married to a Cancer girl, she was very beautiful and sexy at the start our relationship was fine but after one month of our marriage she started making troubles with me i contstly tried to fullfil her needs and during that time we had 2 kids but she kept on her chidish behaviour. In the mean time after the birth of 2nd child i got a chnce to study abroad i left my family back at home for 1 yr and came to Sweden for studies. while my Cancer wife got involved with several men which i revealed by hacking her email account, in which i saw shameful emails. When i asked her why did she do that she said it was her right. so we end up in a mess…

  • Carolyn


  • darlene

    Omg this is such bs my man is a libra and i’m a cancer and we couldnt b happier so this its all whatever

  • Cancer86

    I’m a Cancer man who was in a relationship with a Libra woman. This site was quite accurate. 🙂 We started out wonderfully. We knew each other very well. She was my best friend. I’ve always felt spiritually and mentally enlightened when I’m with her. But it didn’t work out. It’s too bad.

  • TRue Cancer

    What BULLSHIT ! I have the MOST amazing relationship with a Libra man. We love each other like crazy. He is the love of my life. Im SO glad I found him ! dont listen to this bullshit. Im glad i did NOT

  • Rini

    I am a cancer woman who’s been with my libra man for two years, though we’ve known each other for four. We have our ups and downs just like any other relationship. What it really comes down to is how well you communicate and respect each other. The stars only dictate so much. YOU control what you do with the virtues and weakness you have. Don’t let a generalized horoscope make you categorize and compartmentalize people into types as every person is unique in their way of relating to others. No two librans (or members of any other sign) are exactly the same. Additionally, you have the ability to develop good habits and modify bad ones. It’s all in your hands.

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