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Libra & Gemini

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One of you has got to have money to make this work — or you are both BC Tel operators. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Gemini: Magnetic union, however not long lasting. The Scales find it difficult to live in the turmoil and melodrama that you thrive on. This relationship is usually short, hot and sweet. ( Source: Love Test )

For Libra: Intellectual connection. This relationship is much better left as a friendship. You both need a great deal of freedom to experience other people. If you both agree on ground rules right from day one it can last. ( Source: Love Test )

Intellectually suited. They are likely to agree on everything. Social people. They are a perfect match except that they both like to spend money. They both like parties, the social life and are fun loving. Neither is jealous or demanding. Both love to experiment. If they can control each others like for spending things will sail smoothly. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Gemini Man & Libra Woman

This is tied with Aquarius as your number-one soulmate love match. A Gemini boy is an ideal partner for a Libra girl. The chemistry between you will be sizzling and your kissing sessions will be filled with fireworks! You will be excited by his outgoing, sociable personality and you’ll find him a very charming guy. You two will have amazing conversations together, because you both have intelligent minds and you’re well-matched intellectually. This relationship can make you both feel confident and wonderful in all departments. The only problem: you both have a lot of trouble making decisions. If you can live with that, though, you’ll do very well with a Gemini boy. A soulmate match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Thrilling and passionate! Both air signs, Libra girl is both inspired and captivated by Gemini boy, who is never at a loss for words (or deeds) of love.  It’s a true case of mutual attraction at its finest, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Gemini Woman & Libra Man

This is tied with Aquarius as the number one soulmate match for you. You and the Libra boy can make beautiful music together, as they say. He is experimental, creative and wild. You are outgoing, spontaneous and you love to try new things. Together you make an electric love match. Libra boys are also incredibly romantic, and they?re one of the few male signs who actually love celebrating Valentine?s Day! He?ll remember your birthday, flatter you endlessly and make you feel adored. You will excite him with your endless search for fun. Your kissing chemistry is out of this world. Just watch out for your wallets- you both love to spend money. But besides that, you two are just about a perfect match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Oh, Gemini! Talk about electricity! This relationship has the potential to be more addictive than a Brad Pitt movie.  You and your Libra boyfriend will tear up the town, and share plenty of quiet and tender moments, too.  What’s the downside in this cosmic pairing? Not getting enough rest! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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4 Comments for this entry

  • M~

    OMG !! this so true I love my Libra boyfriend and I’m a gemini we are so much alike its scarey.The chemisty is insane and hot!!But we do have a deeper connetion as well.He makes me feel like the only women in the world.I love him like crazy!!

  • Patti

    I am a Gemini girl and I am currently dating a libra guy. We do agree on pretty much everything but I think its because we both are go w the flow so there’s not much room for disagreements. I think the only thing I would change is his flirtatious vibe around girls. If I say something he corrects it but it still bugs me to gave to b that naggy girl friend. I really hate to b that but I don’t do it so neither should he. Oh that’s sumthing too! We both are pretty equal and fair in pretty much everything emotionaly, financially and physically. I love him a lot and he is a grrreat guy:)

  • Failed

    I think this is true..my Libra man and i used to be totally in love! But because of the argument and our temper, we were not together anymore. i guess its because we’re both selfish. i gotta admit tho…he’s a great guy and our love was GEWD. =)

  • Madison

    Wow the 1st ones were so true 4 me. Im a libra girl and i have a gemini boyfriend he’s the most amazing guy i’ve ever been with. We agree on everything. We both love having fun. And whenever he’s around me nothing is boring. <3

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