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Libra & Taurus

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Taurus is dazzled and as long as the presents keep coming Libra will definitely be pleased. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Taurus: Compromise is necessity if you want this union to work. Your Libran mate will be far too indecisive for you and you lack the sophistication that the Scales demand in a partner. ( Source: Love Test )

For Libra: Not too bad as you both value the finer things in life. The Bull’s possessiveness can bring about some problems for you however if the price is right you’ll put up with a little control. ( Source: Love Test )

Libra was born to charm and titillate. Steady Taurus balances Libra?s indecisiveness. Both like to collect beautiful things but they don?t share the same ideas on money. Both have sensual natures, but each expresses the qualities differently. Libra has a casual and fickle attitude toward love and Taurus is possessive and neither trait goes well with the other. This may be a good romance but not a long lasting pairing. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Taurus Man & Libra Woman

This match doesn’t have high hopes for success. You might initially be drawn to a Taurus boy for his curious, sensitive side. You both share a love of music, film and art that can form a bond between you. However, after that you are pretty much different in every way. You are social and you love getting together to go out with a big group of friends. Meanwhile, he is very possessive and he’ll get jealous of the time you spend with other people, even your best girlfriend. You’ll find his whining about this very tiresome. He will also be very jealous with you and he’ll take your innocent flirtations way too seriously. He’ll never feel secure with you, and you’ll never feel understood. Give this match a pass. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

What Libra girl and Taurus boy have in common is a great love of quality, but similar shopping tastes do not a great relationship make. This is not to say this can’t be a workable relationship-just as long as you keep your cool when Taurus is in one of his moods. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Taurus Woman & Libra Man

The pairing of a Taurus girl and a Libra boy can make for a great short-term fling. However, it will probably not be a true love match. A relationship between you can start out amazingly strong. You are both highly romantic and creative in demonstrating that you like each other, and that can keep things going for a short while. Later, though, you?ll start feeling insecure when he insists on keeping things casual. Libra boys hate to be tied down and they are terrible flirts, constantly testing their powers of attraction on any girl who walks by them. That will make you clingy, and that?s when he will take off. Enjoy a short-term fling, but don?t get too serious about a Libra or you?ll probably get hurt. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

If there’s a guy falling at your feet, amazed by your strength and determination, it’s probably a Libra guy. This can be a great relationship, Taurus, but you may start to find that your Libran boyfriend can be too flighty for your taste.  In any event, this relationship is one in which you’ll both learn a lot of lessons about each other and the world, so enjoy it while it lasts? ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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8 Comments for this entry

  • egypt Alston

    i think this is the perfect match of all time!

  • Pravesh

    Well , what can i say..in fact my girlfriend is a Taurus and am a Libra…
    After 3 years relationship , always ups and down all the time..and my only conclusion..It’s not gona work..compatibility problems??
    But , I still love her.

  • Josh Higgs

    I honestly dont think that this is the greatest match of all time, but I do think that if a Libran guy(such as myself) wants to make this relationship work, it would. For example, I have a friend who is a Taurean and she amazes me, and the only reason why we arent together is cuz I dont want to mess what we have going on. Its all preference I think.

  • Holly

    This is deffinatly not true.

  • weena

    It all depends on your planets, houses, ascending…and just your personality in general. My husband is Libra, I’m Taurus and we get along perfectly.

  • Prys

    I think this is completely wrong. My boyfriend (taurus)and I(libra) have been goign out for over a year with little problems. It works out way better than this claims to.

  • haru

    i don’t agree. i am a taurus and my boyfriend is a libra and we have an amazing relationship. the first bit was rocky but it’s been amazing this past year. If anything, he is more clingy than I am

  • Foxxy

    Married 18 years to my husband Taurus it has not been the easiest relationship but its been a good relationship

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