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Virgo & Virgo

by on Feb.20, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western>Virgo

Why is it so dark in here? Well, late in the courtship, when trying to evaluate whether they should tie the knot, they made the mistake of asking each other to draw up a list of Pros and Cons … Well, before the Sun rose the next day, they had shredded each other to bits and this is all that is left of them … ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

You could start a corporation devoted to cleaning up the world — but don’t marry each other. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

You are quite likely to agree on most subjects. Virgo’s are work, security and cleanliness oriented. When two of you get together in this capacity, unusual sexual pleasures can unfold. ( Source: Love Test )

This is a very good match that has high hopes for turning into a lasting love. You bring out the best qualities in each other?s personalities. You are both very loyal and will stand by each other in times of trouble. You can also trust each other not to mess around with other people, as you bring out each other?s loyalty and fidelity. You will also have a special bond with the Virgo boy, who understands and shares your sensitive nature. The only trouble spot is that you are both very picky and you will have to resist your instincts for finding all of each other?s faults. If both concentrate on the positive, though, you?ve got a great chance for turning this into a long-term happy relationship. A very good match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

When Virgo girl teams up with Virgo boy, the power to get things done is great, but so is the potential for major stress-outs. The two of you are so alike it isn’t even funny; the problem is you may worry about the same things at the same time, which takes away from fun.  If you work together and try and create a “no drama” zone, things could work out beautifully. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Good if they can curb the desire to be perfectionists. All other areas are completely compatible. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

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6 Comments for this entry

  • Unkown

    So yea any Virgos out there take my word for it go find urself another virgo for a long lasting humor and sexual relationship , not sure bout friends but for a luver it is awesome indeed,

    “”You are quite likely to agree on most subjects. Virgo’s are work, security and cleanliness oriented. When two of you get together in this capacity, unusual sexual pleasures can unfold””

    “”Enjoy Thank You”””

  • nikki

    OMG this is so true. I’m a virgo and my boyfriend is a virgo. We have been together for about two years. Its so crazy having a lover that you get along with so well. We understand each other so well. Sometimes we even blurt out the same things, like we are reading each other minds. This is one of the greatest things that has happend to me. Thanks to Allah!!

  • jerelynn

    me and my boyfriend was born on the same day month and year. super freaking people out. we think of things in the same way. and we know each other character very well but like what above written dont ever list down cons and pros cus you will have a headache solving all

  • oon

    i have never had a virgo man, but once had a friend who was born the same date and month as me. we were all crazy people, and do the same acts. before i read the star sign advice, i used to wonder, why me and that man always think the same. it was a wonder, becos we understood each other, now i think i should go and look for him since i read this

  • Lovely Roxy

    I was seeing a virgo…and everything seem perfect and great and it was awesome….but then he just one random day told me he lost interest in me and was seeing someone else…but then the worst part is he lied to me everytime i asked him if he went into a relationship with another girl and he said no…later i found out it was a lie…….so in reality i dont think this is true… he lied to me, used me and left me prego… and disappeared on me after i told him.

    so i dont think this can go for all virgo couples.

  • Alejandra

    yea!!! i always knew dat my boyfrend was rite for me. Especially after reading dis. its funii cuz all of dis is true…we always hve fun when we r around each other n deres always a smile on our faces…lo sabia!!!…=]

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