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Virgo & Cancer

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Lots of good attraction here and the neighbours will think that you are a really nice couple. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: This partnership lacks excitement, to say the least, however that doesn’t usually matter to either you or your mate. Security and the home are much more important to both you and the practical Virgoan. ( Source: Love Test )

For Virgo: Somewhat dull. You both tend to avoid getting involved in activities outside your own environment. Neither of you bother to end the relationship even if it isn’t working. This union is a critical and nagging match that results in lowered self-esteem for both of you. ( Source: Love Test )

Personalities mesh well. Cancer understands Virgo?s fussy ways. Each is anxious to please the other. This could work out fine. Cancer may have to warm up Virgo a little but there is fire under all that ice. Cancer and Viragos money goals are the same. Cancer understands Virgo?s fussy ways, and steady Virgo helps balance viable Cancer. Both are anxious to please each other. Both like money and domestic comforts. Both are affectionate but both are also very critical. Each draws the other out of their shell. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Cancer Man & Virgo Woman

A quiet-living couple who will snuggle up real close and whisper secret thoughts to each other. For the Virgo lady, preferably in her ear, the only place seemly enough for such thoughts to go …. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is a good match that can definitely lead to real, lasting love. With a Cancer boy, both you and he will feel more passionate and confident than you do with most other signs. His mushy, cuddly love style makes you feel nice and secure. You won?t have to worry about this boy straying- when he falls in love, he stays in love! You will both have to watch your mouths a bit- you both have a tendency to be over-critical. If you can keep your picky comments to yourselves, though, this relationship has a real chance to turn into the “real thing.” It?s a very good love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Wow! What a match. In addition to being a great potential relationship, Virgo girl and Cancer boy will probably have the kind of friendship that will last for years and years. Even if you don’t walk down the aisle together, you’ll share a common understanding that will transcend time and space. What better foundation could there be? ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Cancer Woman & Virgo Man

This match is very good for you and can definitely lead to lasting love. You have a lot of things in common with the Virgo boy, like your love for order and routine. Security is very important to you and you will find that in this relationship. You also have good chemistry in the romance department. You will draw out the passionate side in each other that you both keep hidden away most of the time. Because your needs are similar, you respect what each other want from a relationship. You will feel fulfilled emotionally in this pairing and fights about either one of you flirting will be few. A good love match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Can you say perfection? When Cancer girl teams up with Virgo boy, friends and family have a magnet for good times and group activities. Backyard BBQ’s, movie nights, and Sunday dinners?. you’re the belles of the ball. Everyone wants to be near the warmth and good vibes that you have for each other. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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12 Comments for this entry

  • falon

    I can somewhat agree with this horoscope, except for the part about family and friends as a magnet to our good aura. Instead as a woman my virgo and I constantly bicker. He’s so icy it tears apart from the person I am to warm him up. I am a very emotional and sensitive cancer, I love to cuddle and show MUCH affection. But on the other hand, my virgo seems opposite, very kept to himself unless he wants to kid around. He takes my caring for “clinginess” and says it draws him away from me. I feel like our bickering, stubbornness, and never being ablet o come to an agreement is whats tearing us apart.
    Falon Renee

  • loved :)

    my boyfriend and i are 100% happy… me being a cancer woman , i could get alittle emotional but my virgo man always knows how to cheer me up and make me feel better.. this relationship is very long lasting because a virgo man needs to be needed and a cancer woman is pretty needy so its perfect. My boyfriend proposed to me 2 days ago… and i feel like the happiest woman in the world. this match WORKS!!

  • Destiny

    I just recently started dating a Virgo boy. I like him a lot because it is somewhat a challenge being with someone so analytical but we’ve had some incredible conversations. My parents were actually a Cancer/ Virgo couple too (dad being a cancer and my mom being a virgo)

    I guess this kinda excites me.

  • lovelorn:(

    how lucky are cansers who’s virgoes love them back… but not me:( my virgo hates me for the love i gave him…… he doesn’t care about me!!! my heart is dying of love…

  • matt

    i kina agree with this. i am a cancer and she is a virgo. she only seemed intrested in me when we where together alone. i like that part but i would like her to show some affection to me in public to let people know that we are a couple. with her its i love you one day and then its just not working for us the next day. i feel so used by her but i cant let her go. she is so amazing and i love her so much. i hope that one day she relizes that i am her best match and she will never meet some one who cares about her more.

  • sweets

    all good its true what they say we all cancer.

  • Kat

    I am going thru a hard break with my Cancer Lover. Communication is always an issue, we misunderstood each other quit often.
    As a Virgo, I’d learned Cancer is very sensitive and I regret not taken into consideration of his feelings.

    He is a Wonderful Man and A Great Lover.

  • Product1

    falon maybe she is not influenced by the virgo?

    I have a friend who told me that he is an virgo but his character didnt like any virgo, because virgo will take care every single word what they say and try too protect or coverup the other people arround like (micheal jackson). When i use the data of the traditional 13 sign, i found he is a lion not a virgo, and thats true because lion influenced have no secret, like the apple is damage they will say that point is damage never take care of the other people feel and everything must be open and clear and like too dominate or leading someone.

    If this is not correct you should watch the 13 sign because not all people influenced by the 12 sign:

    Sagittarius Dec 18 – Jan 18
    Capricornus Jan 19 – Feb 15
    Aquarius Feb 16 – Mar 11
    Pisces Mar 12 – Apr 18
    Aries Apr 19 – May 13
    Taurus May 14 – Jun 19
    Gemini Jun 20 – Jul 20
    Cancer Jul 21 – Aug 9
    Leo Aug 10 – Sep 15
    Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 30
    Libra Oct 31 – Nov 22
    Scorpius Nov 23 – Nov 29
    Ophiuchus Nov 30 – Dec 17

  • deanna

    i am a virgo in love wit a cancer an i love every minute of it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sammy

    i have found that cancers and september virgos work better than august virgos and cancers. for some reason august virgos are extremely moody and that clashes with cancers moodiness.

  • Abegel

    Cancer woman here, in a relationship with a Virgo man who is 13 years older. In a long distance romance at the moment, but it isn’t a hindrance for us. We love and trust each other so much. He is been very protective and sweet to me. I love to hear him say I know you are my destiny. We are eagerly looking forward to our togetherness til death. I feel so happy and contented.

  • Nancy

    I am a Cancer woman and I’m talking to a Virgo man right now. (he’s 6yrs older than me) Yes, true he always knows what to say to cheer me up too. This years resolution he asked me what do I have in mind, i told him than i asked him whats his, and he said “to make me fall in love with him” lol but i don’ t know where our relationship is going to go. all i know is i like hin a lot. we were friends before, and through out all my other relationships i can always count on him to cheer me up. and he says he’s willing to pick up the phone whenever i call. even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. which i’ve done before. and i know he’ll do his best to comofort me even talking for hours and than 4 hrs of sleep come the next morning to see me.but for a fact i realized that as a cancer girl, yes we are really sensitive, its not what you say to us that hurts us, its how you say it. =) i hope our relationship turns out good.

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