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Leo & Cancer

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Emotions will boil and everyone will get scalded when the pot bubbles over — can be dangerous! ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Cancer: The Lion needs to be the center of attention, therefore you will often feel quite neglected in this relationship. You have a tendency to nag and that will drive a Leo mate on to greener pastures. ( Source: Love Test )

For Leo: Your powerful desire to be the center of attention along with your vanity is pernicious for the shy, sensitive Crab. Not a choice alliance. ( Source: Love Test )

Leo?s sunny disposition is just what moody Cancer needs. All the opposites balance the areas where they are needed. Good union. Leo possesses the strength insecure Cancer needs. Cancer will have to shower Leo with a lot of flattery and admiration to keep Leo content. Leo is a little too domineering in the bedroom for Cancer but Leo?s sunny disposition is a wonderful antidote for Cancer?s moodiness. All signs you think would be negative only enhance the others downside. All systems go for this pair. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Cancer Man & Leo Woman

This relationship has about a sixty-percent chance of working. It all depends on the personalities involved and how hard your guy is willing to work at the relationship. You want passion and drama in a love relationship. Cancer boys are totally mushy and they are very lovey-dovey with their girlfriends. If he is confident enough to give you the adoration and compliments you require, this can work out. You will be both have to be very sensitive, though, about the other?s sore spots. He is suspicious and you will have to pull him along on your adventures so he can see they?re just about innocent fun. It?s not a perfect match, but it could work with some care and effort. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Yes, Leo girl, sometimes opposites attract, and if ever there was such a case, it’s with Cancer boy.  He’s a homebody that loves mom and creating comfort; you’re ready to go out at the drop of a hat.   You can both be moody at times, but if you understand that no one can be right 100% of the time, you’ll get along famously. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Cancer Woman & Leo Man

This match has very good prospects for turning into lasting love. Leo boys are very generous, both with their things and with their emotions. He?ll give you all the attention and affection you need to feel secure. He will even make you feel special. Leo boys are also very strong and confident and they like to take charge in a relationship, which you will enjoy. It?s great to sit back and be loved while he makes all the decisions! You are loving and given to flattering your boyfriends, and that is exactly the kind of praise and attention that a Leo craves. This is a very good match that has high hopes for becoming a lasting union. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Cancer girl demands loyalty and respect from her partner, and there is no more willing participant than Leo boy.  He’ll do practically anything to make you happy, from fetching a soy latte for you while you do some late night cramming for a test, to hanging with you while you look after a sibling on prime date night.  And all the while, you’ll both have fun. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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  • Lily

    this is really usefull to me i really think it was a good help because me and my brother have had a really bad relationship (not in love terms i mean the top comments)and i just thought it was me but it wasnt. now i feel really self assured.

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