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Leo & Taurus

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Lots of fascination and lots of show. Taurus can earn it and Leo just loves to wear it. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Taurus: This is not only an unlikely connection but one that is built on deception. If your financial position is good you will attract the Lion however, this partner will want the freedom to roam. ( Source: Love Test )

For Leo: This is an ill-fated connection, your extravagance and desire to party are antagonizing to the prudent Bull. This relationship is not likely to start up in the first place, and not likely to last if you do make it to first base. ( Source: Love Test )

Taurus needs appreciation and Leo needs worship but neither will get what they need from the other. Leo is extravagant and Taurus is thrifty. Taurus needs order and Leo needs larger than life existence. They are sexually compatible but the rest will wear thin. Neither will give an inch. Taurus is thrifty and Leo is a spendthrift. Too many personality conflicts here. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Taurus Man & Leo Woman

The Taurus man will love his wife because she *is* his wife and he will give her the same love he gives all his other possessions … but he also likes to keep both hands on the purse strings. She won’t complain if he keeps his hands on the purse strings, so long as they are there to keep the purse open. He will grow alarmed when he sees more and more of his money disappear into her wardrobe and scattered for her entertainment and may just decide to tighten the purse strings around her neck … ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match does not have high hopes for lasting or becoming real love. Taurus boys have a strong need to always get their own way. That won?t go over too well with you, especially when he gets so focused on his little fixations that he forgets to compliment you and stops wanting to go out. He is also a real homebody with a real need for structure, and you are a social and friendly person who likes to get out there and shake things up. He won?t be happy with your typical Leo dramatics. Your personality differences will crush any romantic feelings you may start with. A poor match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Leo girl, you and your Taurus boy can match each other point-for-point in the devotion and dedication departments. However, when you want to tear the town up, your boy may want to stay home and cuddle up with some good videos and even better food.  Just remember to exercise patience with him, because not everyone is as electric as you. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Taurus Woman & Leo Man

Relationships between Taurus girls and Leo boys rarely work out in the long run. Your signs are often drawn to each other physically, and things can work on that level for a short while. You?ll feel bad, though, when he abandons you for the spotlight that he craves. If it?s a choice between being with you and being at the center of the excitement, he?ll choose the excitement. Leo boys also need a lot of attention and compliments, and you?ll get tired of stroking his ego when you?re not getting the same from him in return. This match is not likely to last. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

You’re two very different beasts?and in order to make this relationship work, you’ve both gotta be flexible. Taurus is straightforward and to the point, and Mr. Leo is pretty used to getting his way.  If you can agree to disagree, this can be a satisfying?and enlightening?love match. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Sensitizer

    Yea, This is so real and true. I m a leo girl and i have a Taurus boyfriend. We’ve been dating for some years now. I’ve realized that we are only one when it comes to sex and i need more than that. We break up all the time then makeup. I never get to understand him i dont care how hard i try. Its so frustrating and heartbreaking. I need some help. He’s like a disease i cant seem to get rid of. I love him but its not working for me.

  • confussed

    I’m a leo girl, and i love my taurus friend whose a boy. we’re like those people who are really really flirty but we’re friends. this thing is so true. he’s a guy who does’nt seem like a long relationship guy, but who knows? i could be wrong. I really like him, a bunch of people say we should hook up. we both know we like eachother. but we are both stuck. since we’ve built up a realtionship as strong as this, if we were to loose it, it would be really really depressing i would seriously be really depressed. he means a lot to me.

  • chellylove

    this is both true and untrue at the same time! girls dont give up hope 🙂 my boyfriend is a complete taurus, but hes also been there for me a lot! we love each other in more than physical ways, we liked each other just from talking on the phone (somone hooked us up.) if you have a lot in common and ur willing to exercise patience and be understanding, he will try to return the favor. hes broken my heart, and ive broken his, but in the end we manage to get closer. the only thing i dont like is when we’re apart. so dont believe this one hundred percent, just try, when theres a will theres a way.

  • RealLEOGIRL!

    Since I had a Taurus for over three years, and I’m currently dating another Taurus… this is not all that off. Any relationship takes work. However, Taurus and Leo just take a little extra work. But, thats not a bad thing if you really want it. Leo has to become financially independent in order for Taurus to RESPECT her. TRUST ME! If you have a Taurus that is on point with life, then he will only expect his beautiful Lion to represent him well too. I know it sucks because as a Leo we just want to be adored and catered to. However, a little give and take with this will be fine. Leo ladies if you have a good leader as a bull… well then let him lead!

  • Hopeless07

    I agree with senstizer I have taurus but he is also a cusp between aries and taurus but I see both in him although we are only one in the bedroom it seems we butt heads alot and are always making up and breaking up it sucks I care alot but I don’t know if its worth it he pretty stubborn

  • jsfdwe

    i wish this not true because the boy i like is a leo boy :((

  • Taurus loving a Leo

    I really like this guy that’s a Leo, and yes, we fight, but I like him very much. Some of this is actually true and happened before, but we are to young to be having sex. Even if I had a choice, I would not try to touch him or the opposite. So… Should I go for it, or move on? (We’re not even dating, but we’re in the same group at school)

  • Slinky Tiger

    I am a Leo woman with Taurus man. We’ve been together for over 3 years. At the first year relationship started getting more tensions and friction almost made as both stubborn but for me within the reasons of course.
    I could say, it’s a hard work need a lot of efforts to make it work. At this point, I don’t believe in making so much efforts to make it work in the relationship,when there is no much to start it with. but I believe that it has to come naturally works out and merging into shape as relationship. I still don’t feel 100% that he is my soul mate, but at the moment we get on well but not sure that relationship would last and would go from here. I think the attraction is already wear off from my side, but i stay loyal to my man. I found that,this relationship is the most boring/mundane one I’ve ever encountered.
    Maybe I’m used to dynamic duos in the past, that I am yearning this days.
    By the way I am very creative and artistic, I create electronic sounds, art paintings etc but honestly there are no much comment to talk about. He doesn’t talk much, and i need to listen to other people story too beside talking….i get to the point that i am sick of entertaining all the time! 🙁

    I found Taurus man can be very ignorant, snobby, and romance/passion killer! (ie; talking about the unknown girl he met the other day, and how friendly she was) can’t get worst than that kind of approach during an intimacy!
    for me hell no thing!! it’s a big turn off

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