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Leo & Aries

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If you can get past the battle over who has the biggest ego, this can be a real winner for both. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aries: This is a most exhilarating combination. You both share the same likes and dislikes. You are both always on the go, craving excitement, love and fun. This is truly a link made in heaven. ( Source: Love Test )

For Leo: This is a capricious match. Your common interests and lusty passionate nature bring about outrageous social and sexual encounters. ( Source: Love Test )

Both are egotistical and need attention so this would be a fight for who gets the most. If neither takes the other seriously this could work out for both are dynamic energetic creatures. Leo is generous and good hearted. Aries is open to life. If they can compromise this could be a good union. Both are very romantic. It can be a good mating but needs work and compromise. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Aries Man & Leo Woman

 This is tied with Leo and Sagittarius as your number-one soulmate love match. Together, a Leo boy and Leo girl can be an unbeatable romantic team. You have incredible physical chemistry and you will be drawn to each other physically. It?s true that you both love to be the center of attention, but it will be a lot of fun learning to share the spotlight! He loves to charge ahead and explore, and you?ll always willing to be admired by new people in new places. You will also be very flattering towards each other, trading praise and compliments constantly. A soulmate match made in heaven. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Drama and excitement reign supreme when Leo girl teams up with Aries boy.   Both fire signs, this relationship is fed by a flurry of activity and fun.   This Astro-combo is so powerfully potent that you won’t want to waste a moment on down time?instead, you’ll inspire each other to take new risks, like Snowboarding or extreme sports. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Aries Woman & Leo Man

This is tied with Sagittarius as the number-one best match for Aries. Leo can truly be your soulmate. You are both confident, outgoing and love to charge ahead into the unknown. You will have an incredible time charging there together! The romantic chemistry between you two is fiery and can be long-lasting. Leo can really sweep an Aries off her feet. You will love his very romantic and generous nature, and he will love your sense of adventure and your intelligent mind. What will really seal the bond between you is his hidden vulnerability, which will bring out your cuddly and caring side. A soulmate match! ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Between the two of you, there’s enough energy to light up the stage at a Kid Rock concert.  Mr. Leo wants adventure, drama, and excitement and a girlfriend who knows what she wants.   He’s found it with you, Aries.   Leo will ask for loyalty and massive displays of love, but the good news is, he won’t ask for anything he isn’t willing to give back to you in spades. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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14 Comments for this entry

  • Stacye

    Hello, im so excited that i found this websight. After 5 years of bad relationships and let downs i was really starting to wonder if there was somthing wrong with me? that was untill i met my Leo! im an Aries! My Leo is so intuned to me and i him! its amazing, we finish eachothers thoughts and its almost like we feed off eachother! Crazy i know but its true! We truly believe in our signs and that it dose mandate who your compatible with. Granet hes 8 years my senior, but that dosent matter. I know what i want, he knows what he wants and were both just backing oneother fully. its auch an amazing match. I know i have found my solemate again. Thank you so much for making this web sight!

  • Javier

    Very true.. This is a great match. But like they said, there is compromise needed. The Aries needs to pay attention to the Leo for this to work since the Aries will tend to be very self centered.

  • georgina

    well..it didn’t work for us. I am aries and he is leo. we met fellin love and when it was good it was good but I couldn’t feed his massive ego on a daily life basis so we eneded up splitting. I still love him and him me but we couldn’t find a balance. His weaknesses and need to be on pedestal at all time frustrated me and in the end I lost respect for his lack of understanding and at times his bitchiness. but then I believe hat people are hat they are because of life experience and not the sign they are born under man maketh the man..I found him too weak to guide me and show support when needed, a lot of resentment built up which in the end destroyed us both.but don’t be put off by this blog..at the end of the day it really depends on age and understanding.I need a strong man to guide me not domineer me.

  • Jhessail

    I think this is completly true. Everything that it says matches what me and my boyfriend are. I think he is 100% no doubt my soul mate. He means everything to me. This just mad everything so clear and now i understand. Everthing this says that he would be like is ture. He is so sweet to me. We do have such an amazing relationship and i am glad i am with him!

    Firey Aries loves her Firey Leo. =)

  • Lilian

    wow~ this is sooo true. I’m the leo and he’s the aries. I knew this guy when i couldnt even make my first sentence and coincidently when i traveled again to my childhood neighborhood and met up with him it was magic. I never believed in love at first sight! We have nothing in common yet we understand each other so well. Funny thing is that my best friend is a saggitarious and i see you mention something about love between them but for this relatioship its different ^__^. thanks!

  • Flo

    Im a leo girl, and already tried a male leo. Ive been studying astrology for 2years now and everything should have been PERFECT ! His moon is in pisces and mine is in taurus (another great connection), my venus is in cancer and his is in pisces (match made in heaven)? BUT i need to much attention. I thought he would understand since i always put my needs aside to show him more and feed his ego! But he is constantly on the move, so am i BUT i needed more of him. I would be the one to start opening up and never got the same in return. Aries need to be taught how to love, they like to know where they stand and they love to be pleased.. SO DO LEOS !! I dont know im still on the fact that this could have been all i ever wanted but we dont talk as much, and i dont think he would ever give me half as much attention as i want. And he never really strokes my ego. He does compliment me alot which i like, but i need more of a deep emotional connection. I like to know im being thought of on a daily basis ! AND BOY do both a leo and an aries have pride. Sometimes i can feel we both held back. But like someone else wrote, when its good its VERY GOOD especially in BED !! but seriously both signs need to learn to put the other person before themselfs, ( very challenging sometimes impossible).

  • JT

    I’m a Aries and i just ended my relationship wit a Leo about four months ago…me and him had been dating off n on for about a year…me bein into the signs i kno who im compatible wit(Leo bein the Best)…but when it was Good it was Damn Good…the deep talks,the lovin,kissin,touchin,rubbin.. it was HOT!….but when it was bad…it was tragic…the yelling, the screaming, the crying,the fighting. There was never a dull moment in the relationship i can tell u that. Everything was extreme…weather it was Good or Bad…EVERYTHING WAS TO THE EXTREME. We both wanted to run the relationship and we all kno there can only be one Boss. So i try not to show the Zodiac signs too much respect cuz supposedly Leo is my Best Match…but i will say this…aside from all the drama me n my leo had …we were the best of friends…and always will be…;)

  • Akchtonin

    Im a leo man, who was with a aries woman. At first it was like this relationship was meant to be… But ill tell you right now, It was the biggest emotional rollercoaster that i could have ever been invovled with. Seeing as my aries was always fighting to be in charge, where as im the man and im a leo ,you know where thats going. I cant say it wasnt fun, the sex was intense , our love was intense, But our fights were also intense. I really believe that my relationship HAd the biggest potential in the world , but this particular aries woman was very stubborn and not open to the brighter things in life.. all in all i think that its true what this site has to say…. But a piece of advice… Really look and feel for your person before you choose to take off on that road. (when i say look and feel i dont mean physically.) if your able to understand that you’ll go a long way!!!

  • Ariana

    really I just started talking to this leo guy and yes im an awesome fiery aries girl! I haven’t never met someone that I can talk to and feel soooooo comfortable telling everything to. I do see he does have a big ego and so do I so I hope things work out. I just broke up with a capricorn and wow that was hell! so aries gals no capricorns!! im excited to get to know this leo guy more. leo guys are very good at compliments too and man I love it because I compliment him too and I got some good advice to not over do the compliments to your leo dude…so wish me luck!!!
    aries gal + leo dude= BOOM!! fireworks

  • fly girl...

    this is soo true Iam a aries with a leo man… we was freinds for so many years and I never know he had a crush on me… till today in time so when i gave him a chance I dont regreat it at all… but Iam not sure If I want it to get deeper then what it is… crazy but true… I even think he has fallen.. from hes actions…

  • Skittle

    This is really true. I’m aries women and have been dating a leo man for almost two weeks. He makes me real happy and we have so much things in common. We both have egos and love attention. We both like to be the boss but I make it clear that I am and he is okay with that. He is just the boss during sex. I see this relationship going somewhere. And its funny how a saggttirius is the best match for me and he is my bestfriend
    Aries and Leos are meant to be

  • sabrina

    It is pretty insane how accurate this is spelled out. My leo and I have known eachother 6 years and have finally decided to get married!!! It hasnt always been easy, what with me being an Aries, i was always getting off track and moving on to different things throughout the years. But now that we are together, we will never leave eachother, he is my soul mate through and through. We read eachothers emotions better than our families, and always put eachother first. Dont know how we manage it but it is effortless. I love him so much and cant wait to be his bride!
    Aries & Leo 4ever

  • Megz

    Hello, I don’t even know if this site is still running as far as comments are concerned. I am a Aries woman who found a perfect soulmated match in a Cancer. There are times yes our bad sides come out but because hes understanding and loyal we always make it out together and stronger.
    However ever since i was 11 i had a best friend he lives in england we had a romance once for about a month. There have been times after that however that he would tell me he loved me and lord knows i still loved him. However we have remained best friends even though sometimes my heart still aches for him. I have come to accept the fact that my dreams of what we could have been will just be that dreams. So for you Aries remember even if you don’t end up with your Leo..there is still someone out there for you..And if you do end up with your leo despite all the rollercoasters you two will ride. Hold on tight because they will mark you as you will them and there will be a unhealed wound left if one of you let go. I wish everyone luck in finding happiness and love..I have.

  • cash

    I found my aries. I’m a leo. It was the best experiences of my life being with her. It felt like every night we went out, it was amazaing.

    We had amazing sex. Emotional and intense. That is how we were together. Passionate. As a leo it is hard to share the throne, but if you were to share it with one be a aries. Passionate people have a drive.

    A love like that is priceless. So try to slow the relationship down when you can and be patient.

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