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Cancer & Cancer

by on Feb.19, 2009, under Horoscope Compatibility>Western>Cancer

Why is it so black in here? Well, this is what happens when two Cancers both sink into their colossal black moods at the same time. Not very pretty, is it? ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

Thoroughly steamy to thoroughly soused — this can last and last ’cause it’s so damn comfy. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

Together you are far too negative for this union to work. Emotional problems will exist throughout the entire relationship. Neither one of you has the ability to see the positive side to the relationship. ( Source: Love Test )

This match may seem to be a good idea at first, but it won?t be strong enough to last. Pairing with a Cancer boy will be comfortable in the beginning, because it?s sometimes nice to be with someone who is similar in nature. However, you are both very sensitive and you need a lot of reassurance- and you won?t be able to give it to each other. It?s easy for feelings to get hurt on both sides in this relationship. This is a match that?s better left unmade. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

When Cancer girl and Cancer boy team up, it’s not always smooth sailing.  While  you may care deeply for each other and share plenty of wonderful moments, you’re both ultimately ruled by your emotions, which can make for an unstable dating life. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

Too much in common to make a go of it. Too sensitive to put up with each other. Look elsewhere. Both need too much attention and neither can give as much as the other needs. Both are too sensitive , demanding and too dependent. They are however matched in the bedroom department but that is not enough to build a relationship on. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

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12 Comments for this entry

  • Latesha

    OMG!! you are so right I just thought I found the love of my life that was also a cancer male, everything that was said up above is so true and sad becauce it took me alot of heart ache and time to figure out why we just couldnt work after 3 trys… Thanks alot….

  • Jenn

    ohhh GAHHHH

    not good not good >____<

    hopefully i can make this relationship work out.

    gahh asdfghjkl;

  • heather

    OMG! this is insane and creepy! i was soo in love with this guy! were both cancer. Ha ha like it said bedroom stuff right on! But we were soo emotional and Ugh! its was a terrible match. But sad part is….. i’d try to make it work again! why i have no idea!

  • Mateos

    This is so dumb! Dont give up or believe in this, or it will become a reality. If you feel comfortable, dont give it so much spin because it will drive you comfortable. Cancers require a lot of attention and like to give a lot of attention.. What better match! Ive dated the signs that supposedly were the perfect match, and they didnt work out. So, my advice… use this for entretainment purposes.

  • Lori

    I have been with my cancer man for going on 11 yrs. lol

  • baby love

    i dated a cancer and it was the best love ive ever experienced. i still miss her

  • lilu

    I too had a really strong, passionate bond. Constant fights. He was easily hurt, just as I and we never figured out how to see the other’s point of view and give them what they need. Also, mine was really proud – almost impossible to deal with when he drew back..dont know if any of this is true of others, but thought id share w/u guys my story. 🙁

  • Cancer_Lady

    I am a cancer lady and being older (46) helps make wisdom become a strength in this kind of a union. It is simple if you realize from the beginning that you are with someone very VERY similar to yourself. As long as you are comfortable with yourself and realize when you are going to need more attention, you will also be able to determine when you have to pour more to them too.

    Compliments and keeping the LOVE CUP nearly full daily are super important. Never let the cancer man’s heart be left without fortification. Pretty simple to keep these people happy with accepting the things they don’t accept about their own life’s assets.

    Really bad idea to encourage behaviors in them that you don’t like and that do them no good. Simple to turn it around with conscience thought about where they are really trying to be. We cancers have a lot of time in our own minds.

    That time can confuse us, if we do not feel safe enough to share it with our lover. However, if you share it with them, remember they might be fighting with the same temptations or short comings as you are and were unsure how to share it with you in the first place. So be tender with them and stay strong about them being tender with you too.

    Not sure if this will make sense, but it works for me. I always say to my Cancer Man, “It is what it is and time is the factor.” This is because in time the cancer is won over if you are not pushy. Crabs retreat when startled and if you chase them, they will hide and eventually get completely away from you.

    Most cancers I know believe it is better to be left alone than have someone who would rather trap them than cohabitat without getting into their space. I hate a pushy person and will shove them out my door at all costs. I am definitely fine with being alone if I have to deal with someone forcing me to communicate when I don’t want to or someone who is in my face or space all the time.

    I truly believe that two Cancers are possible of being the love all others envy and try to become in a relationship, but it takes two very smart and in tune cancers to get there.

    Remember–Horoscopes are another point of view and should be considered another form of entertainment, no matter how much they ring true. It would be completely foolish to believe there is nothing to the power of creation and the times of year we are born though. Naturally people born of the same sign are likeminded.

    Good luck! Cancers ROCK. Our families are great, usually.

  • Sun shine Nova

    I just ventured on to the cancer side. I am a cancer and when i left him along he came to me! I am just letting time take its course,and i know that i woould enjoy every moment with hime cause i dont have to do to much just be myself!!!

  • cancer guy

    I’m currently dating a female cancer, five years older than me. I have an extremely strong physical and mental attraction to her. She appears to be so closed on me that she refuses to show emotion. She’s distant, and wants her space all the time.

    I’d say Cancer + Cancer is still a great match, and I’m not going to let this one discourage me. I’ll try for a bit more, then move on. Kind of sad too, I really like her, but she has made a 180 on herself, and doesn’t show any sign of being a cancer.


  • 3rd decan Scorpio

    Give respect and don’t expect once you have another likeminded encounters. It gives you strenght and protectiveness..it’s worthy. Just pray and read Seventh-Day Adventist bible everyday. You will succeed.

    My few friends are 1st decan Cancerians. They were good at keeping each other with respect..

    -I’m a Cancerian Scorpion. ~3rd decan Scorpion~
    Seventh-Day Adventist..

  • Jen

    I just resently started hanging out wit a male cancer. Yes it is insane on how much we have in common but yet we still don’t have everything in common. He is so so interesting to me, has so much to say and I could really listen to him for hours on in!! But it’s funny how he brought this very thing up and basically read it to me saying it could never ever work:(.. Yes only time will tell and all I kno is when we r together I have a really great time with him ( and yes that includes more then just the bedroom)!! It is what it is and yes time will only tell.

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