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Cancer & Gemini

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For Gemini: The Moon child is far too moody and sensitive for your fickle ways. You are not a homebody like the Crab. You have totally different interests then a Cancer. ( Source: Love Test )

For Cancer: The Twins play too many mind games for your soft and innocent approach to life. Gemini’s flirtatious free-spirited nature is just too hurtful for you to have to deal with. ( Source: Love Test )

Cancer is sensitive at love and Gemini?s roving eye would wound Cancer. Cancer needs security and Gemini will not be tied down. Cancer is moody and Gemini has a sharp tongue. Not a good match. Passionate Cancer fulfills Gemini?s physical needs, and Gemini?s cheerfulness brightens Cancers disposition. Gemini is flirtatious and would wound Cancer?s sensitive nature. Cancer needs security and Gemini hates to be tied down. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Gemini Man & Cancer Woman

The Gemini should be blind, unable to walk and require maximum attention for best results. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

The Gemini lady will want to keep two beaus on her string at all times and Cancer will simply not countenance that. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is not a very good love match for you. You may be strongly drawn to a Gemini boy?s bubbly personality and plentiful charm. However, you are opposites in nature. You are emotional and your feelings run very deep. On the other hand, he takes an intellectual approach to life that will seem cold and distanced to you. Any sparks between you in the physical department will wear off pretty quickly once the difference in your personalities sets in. An unlikely match for love. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Often, things can be wonderful and exciting between Cancer girl and Gemini guy.  The downside of this astro-combo is that you’re both prone to fits of depression and feeling a bit down in the dumps, so it’s important to be a source of comfort (and Ben and Jerry’s) for each other, rather than part of the problem. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Gemini Woman & Cancer Man

It’s too mushy for Gemini — can’t we just go out to the Luv Affair and have a good time? ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match does not have great chances of lasting. You will at first be attracted to the Cancer boy?s deep and passionate nature. He?s a real sweetie on the surface. Unfortunately, you are a big flirt and even though you don?t mean anything by it, he won?t believe you. Cancer boys are unbelievably clingy and they get very suspicious very easily. He?ll accuse you of being interested in other boys and trying to sneak out on him. When he won?t believe your explanations, you?re get tired of this guy fast. Not a good match. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

While you’ll have no problems in the attraction department, Gemini girl may sometimes feel as if she’s more in the know than her Cancer companion.  Cancers need to feel loved and supported, so avoid harmless flirting with other guys unless you’re ready to leave dodge.  Honor thy Cancer (and never say an unkind word about his mom!)  and you’ve got the makings of a partnership of enduring value. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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13 Comments for this entry

  • shannon

    so i am a gemini and he is a cancer. we’ve been dating a year and a half and we’ve pretty much known each other all of our lives. we are in love and i feel like i can sprend the rest of my life with him. we do have hard times, and we definatly view the way we should live our lives differently. but i feel like he wants what i have and being with me will help him. i want to be there for him. the way he his excites me and he makes me happy. i could never possibly be bored with him. and i couldnt see me spending the rest of my life with anyone else. reguarless of what the horoscopes say n- he completes me and i love him with all of my heart (:

  • Jess

    I am a cancer lady and he is a gemini man. I hope this helps for all you cancer ladies infatuated with a gemini for a small source of comfort. We met quite a while ago and seemed to be getting along well, only problem was, he really seemed to push me away when he told me he loved me after about 2 weeks of dating. It was way to fast for my cautious approach, and it hurt our relationship. He became fickle and unloving, he would not do as I asked him, and criticized and judged me consitently thinking I was being childish and unreasonable. It got to the point where we couldn’t go a day without fighting, and I was so hurt and frustraited I became sick and started dating other guys. Well, I don’t know what or how it happened, but I got to the point where I didn’t care about him anymore and put a smile on my face, was kind to him, even when he was being a complete jerk. I went out on my own, hung out with my friends, and waited for him to call me instead of the other way around. This was very important bc I soon found out that the moment I just let go and stopped worrying so much about how unloving he seemed, he turned back into the quirky, silly, happy boy I met and feel in love with. Ladies, be independent and have you own life. I was super worried about him cheating on me for the longest time, but once I let it go it seems our relationship has grown into something. For three months I was on the verge of murder, but after I started branching out and getting involved with my own life, he came back to me as the loving person I once knew. I will always make you smile and laugh. And he will always take care of you, no matter how angry you are with him. He will never leave you in a situation where you are hopeless and helpless. Let him live his life and come back to you. And when he seems distant, well, I always leave him little cute notes or call him, or plan an event that will involve both of us to keep his interest. He will admire your independence if you establish it. Oh, and when he throws a tantrum over stupid little things, just be calm but make sure you get your point across. He’ll understand if you are strong and unmoving, but not emotional about an issue. And if he leaves or shows no interest, no worries!! There are plenty of great guys out there that will love your sensative nature and loving, motherly ways. I don’t see us being long term, but he has developed me into a stronger, more independent person and opened my eyes to the adventurous side of life. The best thing about gemini’s is you will never fall into a boring patturn. You will experiance the thrills of really living with this guy. Don’t expect a proposal, love him for him, and let him come to you. Good luck ladies, I really hope this helps.

  • ashleigh

    I have been with two Gemini guys they are both different in many ways but the way that they lead me on hurt so bad. The most recent guy that i have been with is still in love with me but going out with a nothe woman. we’ve went uot for almost two years and i broke up with him because i could not handle him. I can’t stand at the fact that he did what he did to me but i can move on i say that gemini and cancer could work but i am done with them for a while.

  • Teneille

    AWWW thats so sweet Shannon! I feel the same way about my cancer. He can be so sweet at times but so self-centerd, I dont know how to deal with him when he gets upset about stupid stuff. He hold grudges for a long time and will go out the way to be mean and unreasonable.Right now we have a problem with spending time,he is always out with his friends and he thinks since he come home every night its okay.I get so fedup with that he makes me want to go elseware for att.but i love him so much i wont ,i just get so mad and then he comes home and kiss me and makes me feel like the best thing in the world.I hate him for that!

  • Robin

    I agree with Shannon. I am the gemini and he is the cancer also and I we didn’t know each other before we met. But I feel like he is the one that I’m am supposed to be with. I fell hard and fast and he has been there for me through a lot. Everyone has their hard times regardless of signs… and I have to say I have never been happier!

  • Lia

    I’m the Cancer, he’s the Gemini. I right off knew that we were two complete opposites, and told him that it wouldn’t work because we’re so far off from each other. I kept doubting us, and telling him he belonged with someone else.

    He’s the one that kept telling me we do belong together, he accepts that I’m different from him, and that he loves me matter what. He’s the one that says we should get married, though I was the one that never wanted to, which he was fine with, but he talked me into the idea, as I talked him into wanting a family. My moods are hard on him, but he’s stronger than I ever knew. He loves me dearly, and we’ve been going out for a little over a year now, and we’re both dreamers. He’s very sweet, and he came around to understanding what hurts me, and he learned not to do it anymore, and apologized when he did. It can work. We sort of balance off one another.

  • kiwi

    i’m the cancer, she’s the gemini. i met her 7 months ago and it seems like i’ve known her from the first day i was born. we laugh about what the horoscopes say, i know it’s right but we’re just so perfect it’s hard to believe we’d never work out.

  • confused

    i met a gemini and i fell hard and fast but iam afraid he breaks my heart i mean he hardly calls but he takes time 2 meet me i guess he is busy sometimes i feel like he dont likes me thats because iam insecure i have bothered him alot wit that, thinking that he will run away but he is still there i love him alot he is not rushing anything i guess i jus have to cool myself and trust him and if we are meant 2 be things will work out i pray

  • Jessie

    I’m the Cancer lady and he’s the Gemini guy. We meat about 4 months ago at a friends house. At first he didn’t say a word to me but kept staring at me with intense looks. I though to myself ” why is he just staring like that”. Well to make a long story short we went out on our first date and I found out that he was 7 years younger then I was, and that he was gonna go to school in Clear Water in a couple of months and how after that he was gonna move to Conneticut. I thought to myself this is the type of guy that puts all his cards on the table!!! I’m just not used to that all maybe, this wount work out. However, after we broke the ice he was the most wonderful breath of fresh air I’ve had in a long time. We fell so HARD over each other that he told me he loved me with in the first two weeks. After that he was so diffrent with me, he wasn’t as loving or sweet to me as he was befor and he kept a distance between us as well. Needless to say I was puzzled. After a couple more weeks he tells that he’s gonna move sooner then he though originally and that he dosent wanna get closer to me. However, he tells me that he wants to still hang out and it dosent have to be physical anymore. I said that was not gonna work out cause when we’re together we have this connection that we literally have to ripe each other clothes off!!! He was not happy that I told him we could not be friends anymore. He turns to me and said well can I call you like once a week to see how your doing at least. I agreed to that cause I still wanna be his friend. Maybe, he’ll come back maybe he wount but I have to admit we had something special for a little while and I’ll always cherish the time we had together. I miss him already:(

  • Y

    I’m a gemini Girl and he is Cancer and I love him so much but on the contrary
    I’m very suspecious because he is very attractive to all girls and he Loves girls so much and get bored easily
    he knows all my keys and he knows how to Turn me on
    I see no one but him and Love no one but him
    it has been 6 years now and am totally possessed by him
    each time I decide to leave him , I just can’t ! with only one kiss I surrender
    he is my baby

  • kldragon

    I am a married cancer and he is alo a married gemini. He is a French and I am Chinese. We work in the same company. He had been chasing me and asking me to be his girl friend for more than 1 month before I accepted him. When I get to know him more, I began to love him more and more! I have never fall in love so deep with a guy before! I love him more than anyone. I am not sure if I could leave my family for him. I even told him I am willing to start a family with him as his wife is 10 years older than him and she can’t conceive. I would love to have a baby with him, but he does not have the same idea. He still love his wife, and he also love me. I can feel his love which is true….

  • fresca

    hey..guys…i am this gemini girl and i like this cancer guy, v just met few days ago, and the way he speaks and shows his care is so amazing that i just cant stop thinkin abt him..but just like every horoscope say’s, v have to have patience with them no matter wht, im just waiting for him to ffeel tht i may b the right girl for him…but i just cant show somethin tht cud impres him..guys please help me out..!!

  • Miss Zara 16

    this is so SUCK, my ex, gemini man is still keep catching me until now! he left me without reasons, i found out he went with another women so i just accepted and move on but now he comeback, he begging me to stay. i never give him chance because i don’t want to be hurt anymore but he keep himself around me – in fact i know he will enable to leave every single women around him just because of me especially his official girl.

    i am cancer woman – truly cancer woman and there’s no other men can take them eyes on me including HIM! serve you right!

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