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Cancer & Aries

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For Aries: The Crab is far too sensitive and slow for your speedy and hot tempered nature. You will have difficulty listening to the Crabs nagging and negativity. This is really a poor match up right from day one. ( Source: Love Test )

For Cancer: This is not a very good combination for you. The Ram’s lack of tact and their hot temper is just too devastating for your sensitive and insecure nature. ( Source: Love Test )

Quick fascination with each other when you first meet but things soon start to deteriorate. Cancer is cautious and Aries leaps without looking. Aries hates being tied down and Cancers heart is where the home is. Aries? sharp tongue wounds sensitive Cancer. The more aggressive Aries is the more defensive Cancer is. Soon Cancer will start to nag and Aries will look for greener pastures. ( Source: Astrology Fun )


Aries Man & Cancer Woman

His Arian volatility will offend the Cancer lady’s sense of domestic decorum and his casual cruelties will break her heart. If her hurt transmutes into a few of those colossal black moods that her sign is famous for, it might put a bit of the fear of God into even him. But it cannot end well …. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

Forget it unless you like feeling limp all the time or thoroughly well steamed. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This is not a very good love match. When a Cancer girl gets involved with an Aries boy, you want to protect him and cherish him. Meanwhile, this type of snuggly closeness makes him feel smothered and trapped. He also has a bad habit of checking out other girls, which will make you feel incredibly jealous. He won?t apologize for his behaviour either and he?ll get irritated if you point out that he?s flirting. He?s too scared of being fenced in. He is not the type of guy who wants to settle into a cozy love nest, and that?s exactly the kind of loving you need. This match won?t last long. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

Cancer girl is about creature comforts, lasting friendships, and feeling cozy.  Aries boy, as precious as he is, is about excitement and change-and that often doesn’t mean catching some tv on the couch! While this can be a relationship of mutual admiration, just remember, you’re two very different people! ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )


Aries Woman & Cancer Man

This poor fellow won’t know what’s happening to him from one day to the next as he passes in & out of purgatory. After a while, he might cease to care. His whirlwind wife, on the other hand, will interpret his kindness as weakness and his moodiness as fragility, either one of which on its own is more than enough to destroy her respect for him. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

Lots of anger and tears followed by intense and fast sex followed by a great meal, daily. ( Source: AquarianAge Romance )

From all the signs an Aries could choose, a match with a Cancer has one of the worst hopes for survival. Yes, you are drawn to him. Yes, there is undeniable physical chemistry between you. But you are complete opposites in personality, and that makes a relationship between you almost impossible to keep alive. He is very possessive and clingy and tends to be mistrustful. You?ll all about having fun and being free. After a short time, his nagging will drive you totally crazy. This match is a bad bet for lasting love. ( Source: Jellybean’s Astro-Soulmate Guide )

There’s no middle ground with you and Mr. Cancer, Aries.  Chances are that at any given moment, he’s either driving you up a wall or driving you crazy.  Cancer is as stubborn and determined as you are, so be ready to roll with the punches and accept it if he tells you he’d rather stay home and watch TRL than hit the mall with you and your friends.  The original homebody, Cancer needs some solitude once and a while. The good news: he’s one of the most loyal guys in the zodiac. ( Source: FUNgirl – Astrology )

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18 Comments for this entry

  • Victoria

    So Arias and Cancer can’t work, huh? These points here are very true:
    Lots of anger and tears followed by intense and fast sex followed by a great meal, daily.
    Arias is passionate, Cancer is moody.This poor fellow won’t know what’s happening to him from one day to the next as he passes in & out of purgatory. After a while, he might cease to care. Cancer guy is loyal , that is true…… but
    I had a relationship with a cancer…it did not last long, because he just how u said it ceased to care…but it didnt really stop, because he would always come back…it was like in that Ur hot and Ur cold song…and I could never say no…because i ws in love…still am for the matter and he could have me back whenever he wants, because he’s perfect for me…i was never ever bored with him…and he was lively and adventerous and an effing amazing lover….AND damn smart. His mind is beautiful. I wish it could work….but it can’t. Just because I love and he doesnt and he doesnt want to be uneven…. o gosh, and also because im from russia and he is from Spain….adn we met in an American college, but now he’s back to Spain and i stayed oin America…and he is 21 and i am 20…and I dont care about people telling me we dont match Inot all say that, but a lot do), i think he is perfect….and i would do anything to make it work….but only if he wanted it too…but he doesnt.

  • Anna

    so this isnt completly true i am a cancer female and i have been with and aries male for 3 years now. Yes he has a flirting problem but we are married and expecting a baby. the main thing you need in this relationship is compromise if you both can do that than this can work.

  • Kathy

    Sadly – I have found this true. I was with an Aries male for 5 yrs. It was an uneven relationship the last couple of years and I ended up being used. He promised wonderful things, broke my heart and has a clear conscience (his statement). I was told it was all my fault. I tried to make it work – but that takes 2 committed people.

  • Emmy

    I agree with 98% of what it says about the two signs. Aries are DEFINITELY short tempered & quick tongued. And Cancer waaay too sensitive for an aries. I do however feel that when the two people involved are committed to making it work and compromise (a lot) this can work. I’m a cancer and my husband if 8 years is an aries. We have two children and are MOST of the time happily married. My sensitivity does annoy him and his short temper hurts & puts me on the defensive a lot. BUT by just communicating to him what is going on (he hurts me= I will not be happy) we are working on it. It’s a battle BUT well worth it because his positives outweigh his negatives (most of the time).

  • kazzie

    Okay… so when i read this it scared the crap out of me. I’m also with a very caring and loving bf that is an Aries and I am a cancer. We’ve been together for almost 4months now but knew each other for a little over 6months. I’d admit he is very flirty but I am too, who isn’t. He does have a temper problem where he gets angry too easily which he is knows and is working on it. I to have a moody problem which lead to a temper problem but with COMPROMISING this relationship of ours works. We know we love each other and are welling to work hard at it. Another thing we are both very snuggly and cuddly… not just me… matter of fact he’s more cuddly and snuggly than me… geeessshhh i swear sometimes i need my space and a breather… Also, you have to take into consideration the different time of the month and of that day of which you were born too… not just the signs..

  • SARA

    OK so I am a aries married to a cancer and the roles are so opposite it makes my mind blow the only truth to aries vs cancer is that he does things that drive me crazy I mean I really think I’m losing my mind. But He does everything an aries male would do but he’s a cancer born july 18th 1982. He gets aggitated staying at home and watching tv always wanting to do things with friends and be out in General. I catch him looking at girls and he has a crazy temper and quick to boot. He does not like to cuddle totally opossite. I am a cancer woman trapped in a Aries body and I love to cuddle and stay home of course not all the time and I am extremmely loyal but my temper flares up just as his so this info blows my mind.

  • Onyah Stucku

    I am a cancer woman and have been dating a aries man for three years. I am aware that there are some issues, but I do believe with understanding and communication, things could work out. Recently he has been researching the signs, and I hope he will be more sensitive to my needs. I love him, and if we don’t last it has to do with us, and not the stars..I believe love can conquer all.

  • TT

    I hope Cancer vs Aries is really a bad combination. So do consider it seriously before tieing the final knot. A lot of quarells in between a few romantic moods is like a miserable life all through. Beware my dear Aries/Cancer combo lovers!!!

  • Myra

    OK, take it from someone that is truly realistic about relationships. I am a “True” Aries woman, and have in the past and am currently dating a Cancer man. The “Key” word is “Dating”. I am clear that this match is certainly not made in heaven more like a place much warmer and a little further south. It always starts out right, which ones don’t, but shortly thereafter the Cancer’s clingy nature comes forth and I eventually find myself smothered and bored. I noticed that most of the responses were from Cancer women dating or married to Aries men, I am certain that it may be differnt because Cancer women are the nurturing types and don’t let go easily, maybe that’s why it works for them.

  • Chels

    well i’ve been friends with an aries man for two years now and im going really, really slow and we’ve became really great friends. we do flirt and there is some chemistry. not onl that but we understand eachother. and to be honest i am a cancer girl and im more quick tempered and fiery than he is. so i think that since this is going slow and building from friendship we will start to be able to see peoples bad habits and learn from them so you learn what to expect. Because in reality it has to do with the heart and not the astrology signs.

  • aries

    Um. Idk, I actually don’t believe in anything such as this.If two people love each other they can be together no matter what the horoscope said. Dude guys is a horoscope…. U really think this is true?, things can work out for everyone, for me. I think of every single zodiacs can be a perfect match. Is pretty much depend on the person u love. Like the horoscope said I’m an Aries boy, and my perfect match are Sagittarius,Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini. Right? well wrong, I went out with this girl that’s a Aquarius, and guess what? she didn’t care about me at all, she was like cheated behind my back. And this is true, she couldn’t tell me that herself so she asked my friends to tell me that. I’m no good with relationship I guess, I am too shy talking to the one I love. So I’m trying to make my shyness thing disappear, but its hard. I don’t know why am I so shy about, I mean like I thought of some smooth moves and things to say. But once I get to see the person I love, I can’t say anything!! This is the only things that’s making me mad in my life…

  • katie

    I’m an young aries woman in a relationship with a cancer guy. we love each other but it definitely take work. true to nature i can be unknowingly blunt sometimes and ive learned to think before i speak – we have had huge arguments due to the quick tempered/sensitive combo. however, us spending time together has made him more open to adventurous things. i think if the arian and the cancerian are willing, and with time – since they are complete opposites- there are lots of things they can learn from one another. its true, more fights equals more crazy makeup sex.

  • asha

    crazy make-up sex, hell yeaa!

  • Kenya

    Believe in love and not what stars tell you. Though stars can give you signs of some of the characteristics that a person may have love conquers over all of that!

  • riya

    I was in love with a aries man and still in love with him. He was completely into me at the beginning and as u all said differences started creeping in. But somewhere down the heart i would like to believe he still cares and loves me just the way i do:(

    He has stopped calling me and its just making me sad day by day. I guess its over from his side but how can he break my heart. Being a cancerian i will love him like nobody else can! I dnt knw wats is lacking in me:(

  • emmanuel

    thissss shit is crazyy dead on! at first it was love at first site and now its hell. i wish it all could work out but i donno. this girl is too crazy in a good way but bad too. the sex ooooo my goodness amazing! and thers always a great meal after. i donno. its all making me crazy!

  • deshon

    well this i dnt find true im a aries boy and im 15 years old and im dating my GF and shes 16 years old and shes a cancer we have both been dating for 6years and we dnt have a promble at all she does get alittle moody and have her little tempers go off but i dnt mind but i make her feel better she is cuddly and loving…and sensetive but i got used to it we dnt argue at all if she has a promble sometime she will want to talk about other times she wont and i dnt have a promble and i love her to death im am shy…loyal attractive but ive never cheated on her and never will and she knows it…but come on aries and cancer do match u just gotta find that 1 person that you kno you r gonna be with…for the rest of ur life

  • missy

    so im an aries.
    yes my temper will sometimes drive him crazy, but he is as bad as i am.
    i have issues and i hate “talking about it”, in contrast to him who feels like “i dont trust him enough to tell him”.
    we love each other very much, but we both have charming personalities and a simple conversation with the opposite sex can become into an “you were flirting with him/her” thing.

    we are both adventurous and loving people. caring deeply for one another.
    i would say the only thing that gets in our way is that we dont BOTH have trouble showing it to others thinking its on purpose when it really isnt that big of deal…

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