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Is he the one for you to settle down with?

by on Mar.30, 2007, under Horoscope Compatibility

If you want to settle down while your men are not ready, here are some reasons why they do not want to settle down with you or are not ready to settle down with you yet.

1. People with signs that belong to different elements have different world views and focus. They see things differently. They value different things. For example, some people care more about social status and have more respect for authority while others are more interested in social justice. Some people pursue wealth while others pursue freedom. If your signs are not compatible, you may be pursuing different things or value different things in life.

2. People with signs that belong to different elements have different approach to relationships. If your signs are not matching, you may be trying to get to the same goal in different ways. And this could be a problem. In relationships, in order for you to reach the same goal, your approach need to be compatible. For example, some men like to be challenged. They like to pursue and win. They like to compete with other men for the same woman. If you give yourself to them unconditionally, game is over. That is no fun for them. To get them to settle down with you, you can not pursue them openly. You need to make them feel that they are winning when they get you to settle down with them.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Harley

    Sometimes, a person may be following the wrong rules of compatibility because of how close to another sign they were born. If you are born within a week of another sign, it may be that one is reading compatibility with signs they may not be compatible because more of them falls within the other sign. I am a Libra, but based on everything I read from multiple sites, I have found I am more of a Scorpio than a Libra. If a person does not have enough SELF-understanding of how they fall, they may never match up correctly as in my case…

  • glenys

    Well, I think this is so true. Once u give in game is over. I will take this advice and see where it leads.

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