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How long will Brangelina last?

by on Mar.14, 2006, under Horoscope Compatibility

“How long is that going to last?” Michael Douglas is asking. My prediction: “It is going to last a long time.” Their relationship started not too long ago. But they are a very good match in Chinese astrology. If not because they are a bad match in Western astrology, it can last forever. In Chinese astrology, Angelina Jolie is definitely a better match with Brad Pitt than Jennifer Aniston. And that is what really counts.

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Alison

    Does it mean that if the chinese astrology matches but the western astrology is the opposite, then the relationship will not last forever.

  • dark faith

    thats good i like them i want angelina to be happy everyone trows too much berval crap at her and judge their relationship

  • fatima usman

    i love angelina with all my heart and soul , weather it las or not is ok angelina can move on is not the end of her life , but i know i do pray to mother mary let it last, jennifer aniston wanted her carerer more than family why blaming angelina , jennifer wanted only sex no kids , ange wanted family , go girl i love you angelina , may blessing of almighty lord be with you , for helping those childred given them good life will see you

  • zaharau bratcher

    o, yes they relationship will last by grace of god , after all when god give you something you dont know how to hold it some one will help you , jennifer did not know her duty has woman , a man need , sex , childred , respect , her friends sex is not good enough , my angelina give good one he want it , why complain , get another lazy guy to be with jennifer leave my angelina alone , we fans are fed of complain about agelina , leave her alone .he has devorce why following his parent all around .we shall help angeline weather in any way .

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